New Yamaha AVENTAGE Receivers

The new home theater receiver line called “AVENTAGE” (pronounced Ah-Ven-Taj) was recently announced by Yamaha and will be shipping in August and September. The lineup of five 7.2 receivers includes the RX-A700, RX-A800, RX-A1000, RX-A2000 and RX-A3000. The new receivers are the result of a meticulous design process focused of refining, re-engineering and ultimately creating new receivers from the ground-up. Nothing was overlooked: circuitry, construction, custom components, reproduction qualities and even eco-friendly power consumption. The receivers all feature 3D compatible v1.4 HDMI , Bluetooth and iPhone support, HD audio decoding and multi-zone output for audio and video. Keep reading to learn more! Continue reading

Monster Vision Max 3D Universal RF Shutter Glasses Coming Soon!

Monster Cable announced they are releasing a “universal 3D eyewear shutter system” called MonsterVISION MAX3D that uses RF (radio frequency) signals instead of IR (infrared) or white light synchronization. According to Monster, there will be three ways to go 3D: a full set that includes glasses and transmitter kit for $249, a single pair of glasses for $169, or just the transmitter for $59. Keep reading for more details! Continue reading

FAQ: Will PS3 Play 3D on DLP HDTV?

Will the Playstation 3 (PS3) play 3D (three dimensional) content on a DLP HDTV, such as Mitsubishi 3D Ready TVs?

  • As of April 22, 2010, Sony released update 3.30, which enabled the PS3 to play 3D games. Not 3D movies, just games. Unfortunately there were no 3D games — at least not full titles, just demos — ready at launch. As of this writing (June 15, 2010) Sony has not yet released an update to the PS3′s Blu-ray player that will enable it to play 3D Blu-ray movies.

When is the PS3 3D Movie update coming?

  • Nobody knows for sure except Sony, and they’re not saying anything! Numerous public events, online forums and industry rumors put the launch later this summer, probably around the same time as Sony’s new Bravia line hits stores, or perhaps closer to the fall right before the holiday shopping season ramps up.

What formats will the PS3 support? Will they do checkerboard so I can use my Mitsubishi 3D Ready DLP?

  • Currently there is no technical information available. It’s hard to say if the PS3 will produce the required checkerboard format, but many people hope the answer is “yes”. But if one considers how many people already own 3D ready TVs that use the checkerboard format, and the ability to update the PS3, it’s probably a fair bet that the unit will support all the formats.

Why do people have to upgrade TVs and not a newer version of PS3?

  • The Playstation gaming system is primarily software based, meaning that software updates and firmware updates keep the machine at the cutting edge of technology. Since the machine’s internal components don’t have to be physically changed, you can keep the same PS3 and just run updates. If you already own a 3D Ready HDTV you will probably not have to upgrade, but it all depends on how the industry moves. It’s just like the Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD battle, only with 3D there may be several formats that survive instead of just one.

FAQ about Bose® Lifestyle® T20, V25, V35 Systems

Bose® has launched three new Lifestyle® systems — the Lifestyle® T20 Home Theater System, Lifestyle® v25 Home Entertainment System and Lifestyle® V35 Home Entertainment System – that feature digital 5.1 surround sound (including HD audio), Unify™ Technology, ADAPTiQ® audio calibration, 6 high-definition (HD) inputs including 4 HDMI, video upscaling and many other impressive features. The new Lifestyle® systems feature a sleek, low-profile control console with convenient front panel access and either Direct/Reflecting® or Jewel Cube® speaker arrays. Keep reading to find our more details and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the new Lifestyle® systems! Continue reading

Monster ControlTalk Headphones Cell Phone Compatibility Table

Monster® ControlTalk™ headphones allow you to control your cell phone’s media functions without having to interact directly with your phone. ControlTalk headphones feature an in-line control button for adjusting volume, switching tracks, accepting calls and other actions usually found just on the phone. Keep reading to view the table and find out if your Monster ControlTalk headphones work with your cellphone. Continue reading

Add Boston Acoustics Wireless Subwoofers for More Bass

As we spend more time at home watching on-demand movies, Blu-ray and enjoying internet content through our home theaterspeople want more bass. But adding additional subwoofers means running cables — expensive cables that look bad, trip you if not installed right, or may have to be installed inside your walls! But there is a new and better way to enjoy more bass: Boston Acoustic Wireless Subwoofers. Keep reading for details about how easy it is to add more bass by using wireless subwoofers. Continue reading

Sonos Wireless Multi-Room/Whole-House Music System

Visit our showroom to see the Sonos Multi-Room Music System powered by SonosNet 2.0 wireless mesh network technology. The revolutionary Sonos system is a true wireless system, with each main system component only requiring a power cord. Browse your iTunes library, skip tracks on Pandora, and stream thousands of songs quickly and easily with touchscreen remote controls, the free iPhone/iPod Touch app, or the free desktop manager. The more ZonePlayers and Bridges you add the better your system gets, enabling independent source, track and volume controls; the zones can also be linked together for seamless audio playback throughout your home or venue. Continue reading

New Bose SoundDock 10, SoundLink and Bluetooth Dock Available for Purchase

Bose® recently launched several new products to get the most from your Apple iPhone/iPod and iTunes music library: SoundDock® 10 Digital Music System a speaker dock that plays music and transmits video from tethered devices, SoundLink® Wireless Music System which plays streamed music from computers and the SoundDock® 10 Bluetooth Dock, which allows Bluetooth enabled devices to transmit music wirelessly to the SoundDock 10. If you love music and have a computer and digital music device then you need to check out these new products from Bose. Product descriptions and main features listed below, with links to product pages where you can buy online and receive free shipping! Continue reading