Bose® Releases its New SoundDock® Portable Digital Music System

Within the past week, Bose Corporation released its second generation SoundDock, the Bose, SoundDock, Portable Digital Music System. This portable SoundDock features all the technology of the original SoundDock with some added convenience features that make it even more versatile than before. The SoundDock Portable can either be plugged into an outlet or can run on a lithium-ion battery that allows you to take it wherever you like. The new portable SoundDock is also smaller than the original SoundDock so it is easier to travel with. An additional SoundDock Portable Battery and a SoundDock Portable Travel Case are also available for purchase.

Other nice features of the portable SoundDock include a rotating dock that slides into the main enclosure and a handle located in the back to make it easier to travel with. One of the best features on the SoundDock Portable is the auxiliary input located on the back which allows external devices to plug into it. Bose has also upgraded the sound system on the SoundDock Portable by using an integrated system of speakers, amplifiers and equalizers. The SoundDock Portable’s system allows for better acoustic performance and provides consistent acoustic quality without the worry or inconvenience of complex component adjustments.

The Bose SoundDock Portable is also fully compatible with the Apple iPhone. The SoundDock Portable is designed to work with the iPhone so that the iPhone will not ask to go into airplane mode when docking with the SoundDock Portable. You can simply plug and play any iPhone with no compatibility issues.


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