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Last week, Bose® launched the SoundLink, a wireless speaker that connects to your mobile phone or any Bluetooth® device. The SoundLink is about the size of a large hardcover book and weights about the same, only 2.8 pounds. It is truly compact enough to go with you whenever and wherever. Ladies, who love oversized carry bags, or men with messenger bags and backpacks, this is your instant must-have-for-the-party accessory.


The SoundLink combines Bose® proprietary technology, delivering low notes for a full-range listening experience. The sleek, modern design features a black aluminum grille and brushed chrome end caps. It has an integrated cover made of durable Slate Gray nylon, which protects it during transport. It’s easy to put the speaker in your bag and take it with you to a destination – to the park, the beach, apartment rooftop or anywhere you go. Plus, the cover unfolds into a stand. The automatic sleep-mode feature powers down the speaker when you close the cover.

Additional covers are available to personalize your SoundLink in Burgundy or Tan quality leather and Red or Purple nylon to match you style. The leather retails for 49.95 and the nylon for 29.95. The same prices as an Apple® iPad® cover. SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker with cover


30-foot wireless range lets you keep your phone or other device with you and place the SoundLink speaker where you want. Convenient controls for power and volume are located on speaker itself; other functions controlled by your mobile phone or other Bluetooth device. No remote needed or feared to be lost!

It’s simple to pair the SoundLink to your smartphone. Turn on the speaker, go to Bluetooth settings on your phone and select the SoundLink from the menu. You may link up to 6 Bluetooth® devices and they’ll automatically be stored in its memory.

Only one little hiccup we found…if you want to add another or 7th Bluetooth® device, it does not automatically kick out the first or oldest listed. In that event you do have press the reset button. Thus, all your previously saved devices will be lost.

Helpful to note, there is a USB port for software updates ongoing Bluetooth® device compatibility.


You can keep the party going for hours with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery; at normal volume, up to eight hours of battery-life or at maximum volume for up to four according to Bose®. And the speaker has an auxiliary input for use with other devices. It’s a great alternative to headphones, and more of music sharing experience.

Our staffers were impressed with the quality sound, spontaneous mobility and elegant durability of the SoundLink. Personally, my favorite use of the SoundLink is for the possibility of casual outdoor parties and last-minute get-togethers with friends and family. No worries about wires, just my mobile and SoundLink speaker helps set the mood quickly and easily.

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