Bose Headphones’ Compatibility with the Apple iPhone

Due to the unique headphone connection on the Apple iPhone, current Bose headphones will require a special adapter from Apple when used with the iPhone. Bose is currently developing an adapter that will be made available to existing Bose headphone owners in the Fall of 2007.

Bose engineers are currently developing a solution that will allow Bose headphones to seamlessly connect with the iPhone without requiring a special headphone adapter. This change has been rolled into Bose’s headphone production during the Fall of 2007. The Update In-Ear Headphones are now fully compatible with the Apple iPhone.

When purchasing Bose headphones, it is important to submit your warranty information card so that you can receive future Bose product updates and enhancements.

11 comments on “Bose Headphones’ Compatibility with the Apple iPhone

  1. Sharon Murray on said:

    My Hubby has been in the Construction business, running heavy equipment for 38 years. Now his hearing is REALLY BAD. When he has the TV on, it is so loud that nobody in the house can stand it. This is a real strain on our marriage.
    I need to know if you offer Headphones that he can use with the TV so he can control what HE hears, and we can control what the rest of the family hears??? Please Help!!

    Going Deaf, and Crazy!

  2. Your Electronic Warehouse on said:

    I think I have a product that will help your situation. First you need to check if your TV has a fixed audio output because if it doesn’t, this setup won’t work. If your TV has a fixed audio output, I suggest the Pioneer SE-DIR800C Wireless Headphones. You can plug the wireless transmitter into the fixed audio output so it will transmit to your husband’s headphones while the rest of your family can listen to the sound coming from the TV.

  3. There seems to be a problem with apple iphone fit. Is there a problem also with the apple ipod? I want to purchase these ear phones for my son’s ipod.

  4. Your Electronic Warehouse on said:

    All Bose headphones will work with the Apple iPod. The new Updated Bose headphones will work with all iPods and the iPhone.

  5. Judy Septon on said:

    I am looking for over the ear head phones that will work with TV so husband can hear the programs without the sound being to loud for the rest of the family members. I am looking at Bose over the ear headphones. In reading the descriptions they never mention working with TV. Thanks for yur help.

  6. Your Electronic Warehouse on said:

    Any of our headphones will work on a TV with a headphone jack, but if your TV has a fixed audio output I have a great solution for you. The Pioneer SE-DIR800C Wireless Headphones have a wireless transmitter that you would plug into the fixed audio output on your TV. It would transmit the TV sound to the headphones and through the TV’s regular speakers. Your husband would be able to listen to the TV on the headphones at the volume he needs, while the rest of your family watches at the volume they desire. If your TV does not have a fixed audio output then the Bose Over-Ear Headphones are a good choice but your husband would be the only one able to hear the TV when they are plugged in.

  7. Hi, I’m looking at the on ear headphones, is there a problem with the plug in for use with a new I-pod touch fullscreen?

  8. Your Electronic Warehouse on said:

    The new Bose On-Ear and In-Ear headphones will work with the iPod Touch. The problem was with the iPhone, but Bose has fixed that in both models also. Here is a link to the Bose On Ear Headphones if you are interested in buying.

  9. Joseph on said:

    I’m a big fan of Bose earphones. Though I switched to Beats by Dre when it came out in the market.

    Joseph Johnson
    Tampa, FL

  10. Katherine Sykes on said:

    Great blog. Useful information.

  11. Hank Jones on said:

    I think Apple should’ve just developed the iPhone to adapt to any kind of plug such as a usb, mic and headset ports. Making a feature exclusive to only Apple gadgets and accessories can be a disadvantage for the iPhone, especially now that its competitors and revealing high end gadgets similar to it.
    Hank Jones

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