Choosing the Correct Size Ear Tip for the Bose In-Ear Headphones

Unlike some products that need to be pushed into the ear canal to perform as intended, Bose® in-ear headphones are designed to rest comfortably in the concha, the bowl of the ear just outside the ear canal. Because of this, they may feel different at first from what listeners are accustomed to. The soft silicone ear tip barely contacts the opening to the ear canal; it provides just enough contact to secure the headphones in place comfortably without forming a tight, isolating seal.

Bose® in-ear headphones are packaged with medium-sized silicone ear tips installed; small- and large-sized ear tips are also included in the package.

The headphones should be pushed into the ear far enough to establish a secure fit but not so far that they become uncomfortable. Some users may find that the small or large sizes provide a more appropriate fit. It is also possible that some listeners may prefer different sizes of ear tips for each ear.

Larger sizes of ear tips may be preferable if listeners plan to use them during certain activities, such as exercise. One size larger ear tip may offer a little more contact with the ear, enhancing stability.

We encourage each user to experiment with the different ear-tip sizes until finding the combination that works best for them.

Changing the ear tips on the Bose® in-ear headphones

  1. Gently remove the existing ear tip by peeling up from its large rounded side.
  2. Align the triangle on the replacement ear tip with the triangle on the headphone.
  3. Press the ear tip securely into place until you feel it latch. The large rounded side of the ear tip should completely cover the triangle on the headphone.

11 comments on “Choosing the Correct Size Ear Tip for the Bose In-Ear Headphones

  1. Hi, where do I purchase the Bose silicon tip for my triport headphone. I lost one?
    Thanks, diane

  2. Your Electronic Warehouse on said:

    As a Bose in-ear headphone owner, you can order a complete set of new ear tips and a new stability enhancement accessory free of charge. Call Bose at 1-800-819-7032 to order your new set of tips.

  3. hey, do you have any idea on where I can get replacement earbuds for the bose earphones (in ear) I lost one of my large ones and I use the large? I don’t know if you have to buy the whole set or if you can just buy one size but I searched everywhere and came up with nothing…

  4. Your Electronic Warehouse on said:

    Additional tips can be ordered free from Bose online or by calling 1-800-819-7032.

  5. Vickie on said:

    Where can I buy the replacement ear tips.

  6. Your Electronic Warehouse on said:

    Call Bose Customer Support at 1-800-999-2673, they will send you new ones for free.

  7. Byron on said:

    I lost my silicone ear tips for my Bose in-ear headphones, were can i get replacements?

  8. Preson on said:

    Does anyone have experience with using the stability kit? Does it keep the earphones in place while jogging?

  9. Electronics Guru on said:


    The stability accessories are designed to reduce the pull on the cords, thereby reducing the likelihood of the earbuds being dislodged from the ear canal. The lanyard and clip both keep the cables from bouncing excessively and also keeps them closer to the body so they don’t snag as much. The tips can be changed to a larger size to provide a tighter fit for activities involving bouncing, rapid movements and changes of direction, or to even create more sound isolation.

  10. Blake on said:

    Unfortunately…no more free ear tip replacements. I just called Bose and they said that the new tips are better and now they cost $6.99. Bummer.

  11. JT Cooper on said:

    Maybe I just have tender ears, but do you ever get used to wearing these? I think I have been pushing them into my ears too far.

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