Bose® Introduces its Lifestyle® V20 and V30 Home Theater Systems

The Bose Corporation has unveiled their brand new home theater systems the Bose Lifestyle® V20 and Lifestyle® V30 . Bose created the new Lifestyle® systems for consumers with existing DVD players other components like: Blu Ray or HD-DVD Players, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, HD Cable/Satellite boxes and iPod Docks. The Lifestyle® V20 and V30 share most of the same features as the Lifestyle® 48, 38, 35 and 28 systems with a few major upgrades.


One of the biggest changes from the traditional Lifestyle® Systems is the addition of two HDMI inputs that are able to accept a full 1080p High Definition signal. The Lifestyle® V20 and V30 have a total of 4 total video inputs all with the option of using Composite Video , S-Video and Component Video along with the two that can use HDMI . With this setup, users will have the option of viewing High Definition on all four video inputs (if component and HDMI are used in each). Bose has also included 5 audio inputs all with the ability to use Analog Audio and Fiber Optic Audio , with one input that can use a Digital Coaxial connection. The additions of HDMI and more fiber optic inputs will give users the ability to maximize their home theater experience with extremely sharp 5.1 digital surround sound and High Definition Video.

Back Panel of the Bose Lifestyle® V20 and V30


Digital Display PanelThe appearance of the Bose Lifestyle® V20 and V30 are significantly different from the original Lifestyle® systems as well. The media console is very sleek and much smaller than the typical bulky home theater receiver. It is also able to be hidden away due to the addition of an elegant Digital Display Panel. The Digital Display Panel is 3 inches high and just under 9 inches wide which allows the user to set it on a shelf or on top of an Entertainment Cabinet. The tiny display allows you to store the rest of your home theater system and its components out of sight because the remote control works through the display not the media console itself. The way Bose has set up the actual display on the display panel is very similar to the way you see it on current Lifestyle® models.

One Button Simplicity

The Lifestyle® V20 and V30 systems act as more traditional receivers because they have both audio and now video inputs on the back panel. This gives the V20 and V30 the ability to control both video and audio inputs as one unit with a single remote control. Once you have your other components programed into your Lifestyle® Remote, all it takes is the touch of a button to get the right video and audio sources to play together. This eliminates the need to use several remotes or to change the TV input to match your audio source.

Video Upscaling

This is another great feature of the V20 and V30 Home Theater Systems. The Lifestyle® V20 and V30 will also upscale the video quality of your components to the highest resolution that your TV can display, all the way up to 1080p. This feature will drastically improve the users viewing experience.

Vintage Bose

Bose still utilizes many of its patented technologies in the new V20 and V30 Home Theater Systems. Here are some of the well known Bose technologies and electronics devices that they have incorporated:

  • AdaptIQ
  • BoseLink
  • Jewell Cube Speakers (Lifestyle V30)
  • Direct Reflecting Speakers (Lifestyle V20)
  • Acoustimass Module
  • AM/FM Stereo
  • TV Power Sensor
  • One Year Limited Warranty

The Bose Lifestyle® V30 and V20 systems give the consumer a user friendly, customizable home theater system with amazing theater quality sound and picture. You can enjoy a complete high definition experience that is second to none and not have to worry about how it looks in the room because it can be stored out of sight. Bose really hit one out of the park on this one, this system has all the capabilities of a high-end receiver but can automatically maximize the picture and sound by itself giving you one incredible home theater experience.

163 comments on “Bose® Introduces its Lifestyle® V20 and V30 Home Theater Systems

  1. Electronics Guru on said:

    Sam (150):

    Assuming you will have the necessary power adapters/converters and there are no issues with cable formats, then yes, it should work.

  2. ziyaad on said:

    I recently bought a Bose Lifestyle V30 home cinema system. Would like to know if I can connect it to my PC to have even better sound?

  3. Electronics Guru on said:

    Ziyaad (152):

    Yes, the V30 is able to receive many incoming connections, including those from computers. How you connect the computer to the V30 will depend on what kind of sound you what: basic stereo needs just a mini-jack to RCA cable, whereas digital surround will need special cables and adapter(s). This is assuming your computer can output digital.

    For example, my Macbook Pro’s headphone port doubles as a digital audio out. I use a fiber optic adapter so I can run a fiber optic cable from my computer to my Bose Lifestyle system. If I wanted just stereo sound I could easily use a cable that splits from a single mini-jack plug into a L/R RCA end. Unless you’re listening to super high quality audio or playing movies from your computer, hassling with the digital cables and switching your computer’s settings are probably overkill. But it comes down to personal preference.

    Since I don’t know the specifics of your system or the desired outcome (movies, radio, etc.) I would recommend asking a friend who knows about this sort of thing, or take your computer to a local electronics/computer store to find out exactly what your system can do. Of course if you can do this on your own it may save you time and money.

  4. ziyaad on said:

    Thanks.. If a use a pc with a latest sound card will i b able to get even better sound than my lifestyle v30 alone??

  5. Electronics Guru on said:

    ziyaad (154):

    Not necessarily. There are hundreds of different sound cards produced in the last few years that are capable of outputting great sound, so it’s not just the most recent to pay attention to. That being said, usually you get the best technology with recent systems. Again, without specifics I can’t be much help…and we don’t deal with computers on this site.

    But in terms of “better” sound (how are you defining this?) I think if you have a quality digital source you’re going to be happy. The differences in sound aren’t that apparent unless you make big changes, such as: going from stereo to surround sound, or FM radio to HD audio from Blu-ray. Those are major differences, but even then the way you have your sound system configured may make a bigger difference than the source itself.

  6. lion58 on said:

    I have a question on my V20 which I had for two years with no sound problems. Now, the audio system all of a sudden switches non-stop between digital 5.1 and 5.0 and 2.0. Is there something wrong with the system or is there a way I can make it stop and stay on Digital 5.1?

  7. Electronics Guru on said:

    lion58 (156):

    For the fastest and most specific help, please call 1-866-224-6171. Our tech guys are wizards at figuring things out!

    But there are a few things to consider:

    1. Have you changed anything recently, such as adding or removing components, or maybe moving the location of the electronics? Those things can loosen cables and otherwise cause problems if not hooked back up correctly.

    2. Have you checked to make sure all the cables are securely fastened and that the source content is indeed in digital surround sound? Also check for damaged cables.

    3. Reset your system. If you have made changes over the years they may be causing problems. Not likely but possible. Resetting the system is a common cure-all for many problems.

    4. Check your source. Are you playing a DVD or watching satellite…or some other source? Sometimes the source can be defective (such as a scratched disc) or have signal problems (like satellites during storms). If the incoming signal is not 100% perfect you will have drop-outs and other odd things happen. Also note that some content switches between audio types depending on what’s being displayed: DVD menus are usually 2.1 but the movie is 5.1, while some TV shows may lack a dedicated bass channel (the .5).

    Those are some things to check. If all else fails contact Bose technical support. They are the ultimate source of knowledge and can possibly arrange service if necessary. Their number is 1-800-278-1281.

  8. Kristina on said:


    We recently purchased the Bose Lifestyle V30 system. All is working great except that we can’t get any sound out of our XBOX 360. I’ve hooked 360 video/audio cables to the TV, then I have a optical audio output from the TV to the Bose System – got the picture (by changing the TV input but no sound. Next, I tried using connection the 360 via the VCR ports in the back of the BOSE. Again, got the picture again, but no sound. Any suggestions?

  9. Electronics Guru on said:

    Kristina (158):

    I’m going to assume that the issue is because the audio signal is not assigned. This means that even though you have the cables connected, the TV and/or the Bose unit doesn’t know where to look for sound. In fact, they may not even be looking. Thus, a trip to the menu is in store. Make sure to select the right audio out on the TV. Do the same with the Bose unit by pressing the system button then whatever connection you have…coax, fiber optic, etc. Assign it accordingly.

    If you’re still having problems you can call and talk to one of our guys at 1-866-224-6171 or Bose Tech Support at 1-800-278-1281.

  10. Freddy on said:

    How can I see the firmware on my Bose lifestyle v30 using the display. The volume on it won’t go up more that 10; it used to go up to 100. I tried to change the code for the remote. Did I change the config that I do not have volume at all now?

  11. Electronics Guru on said:


    I would suggest contacting Bose. They can walk you through the individual steps needed to reset your system or make changes to the unit. Plus, if it needs to be repaired they can setup the exchange over the phone.

  12. What is the difference between V25 & V35 in terms of speakers?
    V25 uses direct/reflecting
    V35 uses jewel cube speakers
    Are the jewel cube speakers just smaller in dimensions than direct/reflecting speakers? Or is there more to it in terms of better sound quality as well?

  13. Eelctronics Guru on said:


    You pretty much answered the question yourself. The difference is only in the speakers. The Bose Lifestyle V25 uses the standard direct/reflect cubes, and the Bose Lifestyle V35 uses the smaller Jewel Cubes. The Jewel Cubes does offer an advantage over the standard speaker since it is made of Titanium.

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