Bose® Introduces its Lifestyle® V20 and V30 Home Theater Systems

The Bose Corporation has unveiled their brand new home theater systems the Bose Lifestyle® V20 and Lifestyle® V30 . Bose created the new Lifestyle® systems for consumers with existing DVD players other components like: Blu Ray or HD-DVD Players, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, HD Cable/Satellite boxes and iPod Docks. The Lifestyle® V20 and V30 share most of the same features as the Lifestyle® 48, 38, 35 and 28 systems with a few major upgrades.


One of the biggest changes from the traditional Lifestyle® Systems is the addition of two HDMI inputs that are able to accept a full 1080p High Definition signal. The Lifestyle® V20 and V30 have a total of 4 total video inputs all with the option of using Composite Video , S-Video and Component Video along with the two that can use HDMI . With this setup, users will have the option of viewing High Definition on all four video inputs (if component and HDMI are used in each). Bose has also included 5 audio inputs all with the ability to use Analog Audio and Fiber Optic Audio , with one input that can use a Digital Coaxial connection. The additions of HDMI and more fiber optic inputs will give users the ability to maximize their home theater experience with extremely sharp 5.1 digital surround sound and High Definition Video.

Back Panel of the Bose Lifestyle® V20 and V30


Digital Display PanelThe appearance of the Bose Lifestyle® V20 and V30 are significantly different from the original Lifestyle® systems as well. The media console is very sleek and much smaller than the typical bulky home theater receiver. It is also able to be hidden away due to the addition of an elegant Digital Display Panel. The Digital Display Panel is 3 inches high and just under 9 inches wide which allows the user to set it on a shelf or on top of an Entertainment Cabinet. The tiny display allows you to store the rest of your home theater system and its components out of sight because the remote control works through the display not the media console itself. The way Bose has set up the actual display on the display panel is very similar to the way you see it on current Lifestyle® models.

One Button Simplicity

The Lifestyle® V20 and V30 systems act as more traditional receivers because they have both audio and now video inputs on the back panel. This gives the V20 and V30 the ability to control both video and audio inputs as one unit with a single remote control. Once you have your other components programed into your Lifestyle® Remote, all it takes is the touch of a button to get the right video and audio sources to play together. This eliminates the need to use several remotes or to change the TV input to match your audio source.

Video Upscaling

This is another great feature of the V20 and V30 Home Theater Systems. The Lifestyle® V20 and V30 will also upscale the video quality of your components to the highest resolution that your TV can display, all the way up to 1080p. This feature will drastically improve the users viewing experience.

Vintage Bose

Bose still utilizes many of its patented technologies in the new V20 and V30 Home Theater Systems. Here are some of the well known Bose technologies and electronics devices that they have incorporated:

  • AdaptIQ
  • BoseLink
  • Jewell Cube Speakers (Lifestyle V30)
  • Direct Reflecting Speakers (Lifestyle V20)
  • Acoustimass Module
  • AM/FM Stereo
  • TV Power Sensor
  • One Year Limited Warranty

The Bose Lifestyle® V30 and V20 systems give the consumer a user friendly, customizable home theater system with amazing theater quality sound and picture. You can enjoy a complete high definition experience that is second to none and not have to worry about how it looks in the room because it can be stored out of sight. Bose really hit one out of the park on this one, this system has all the capabilities of a high-end receiver but can automatically maximize the picture and sound by itself giving you one incredible home theater experience.

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  1. I have just placed an order for a V20, does the center speaker come with a wall bracket or not?

  2. Guys:

    Great forums and answers! Thanks. I hope you can help with mine? I have Acoustimass 6.1 system and I’ve promised my wife I’ll get rid of the ugly wires currently tacked to the walls and install through ceilings and walls to hide the wires. Need to know what accessories (connectors, wires, etc.) I will need to purchase to safely extend the original speaker wire through walls and ceilings.

  3. Electronics Guru on said:


    Thanks for the kudos! I can’t give you every item you’ll need because I’m not aware of your room setup, the type of construction, distances, etc. But I can point you to what we sell that will make everybody happy and keep your system simple and sounding great.

    1. Monster CP 16-2 CL CI Pro Speaker Cable. The cable is rated for in-wall use and is very common for your type of installation. You can buy it by the foot — just be sure to get a little extra. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

    2. Bose Speaker Plate. The speaker plate is where your in-wall speaker wires will terminate. This keeps the installation looking sleek and professional, and is made to hook up with #3.

    3. Bose Home Theater Speaker Cable. This special cable runs between the Acoustimass Module and the in-wall speaker plate. It comes in a short (3ft) or long (7ft) length depending on placement.

    A few pieces of advice: get or borrow a good cable pull device; use single runs instead of relying on splices; always give yourself a little extra in case you encounter obstacles or need to trim; if you’re doing really long runs (like 80+ ft.) use a heavier gauge wire.

    Hope this helps, and good luck! Running wires in-wall/ceiling is a great choice because it makes the room look “clean” and your buddies will be impressed. As always, call if you have questions. Our go-to custom install guy is Frank.

  4. Stephen Wray on said:

    Just bought the V30 and am delighted with everything; well done Bose! However, is there a way of controlling the Sony PS3 play, stop, etc. functions (which I assume are wireless only??) using the Bose remote?

  5. Jeff Fite on said:

    I have a Lifestyle V20 system and the main cable that connects the sub unit to the main box is not long enough for my room setup. Is there a way to extend this cable or purchase a longer one?

  6. Electronics Guru on said:


    I’m glad you’re happy with the V30!

    The short answer to your question is “no”. The PS3 uses Bluetooth technology for wireless control. Bose uses RF remotes operating at a single frequency. Put simply, the two don’t work together. There are some expensive kits that allow for IR universal remotes, but that would be pointless since you want to use the RF-powered Bose remote.

    My suggestion: pick up Sony’s Bluetooth remote — the standard/universal kind. Last time I saw one on the shelves it was around $45 and has the standard layout, buttons, size and weight of universal remotes.

  7. Electronics Guru on said:


    The main system cable is, unfortunately, not something that can be bought in longer lengths. If you want to make long cable runs Bose makes in-wall cables, wall plates and interconnect cables. I don’t have the specifics of your room setup so I can’t suggest a specific plan. The systems are typically placed in a traditional home theater setup, with speakers and components arranged as instructed in the manual. Other setups have the processing and display components in one location and the speakers and bass module in another.

    Your situation is perfect for custom, in-wall solutions. For more help with your setup call and talk to Frank at 1-866-224-6171. Frank my best custom installation guy and knows Bose units and special setups inside and out.

  8. My home is pre-wired home theater system speakers. We are interested in buying the Bose V20 system but have heard that Bose uses special cables and connections. What is the best way to use the V20 with existing wiring? We really want the Bose!

  9. Electronics Guru on said:


    If I understand you correctly you should be able to use the Bose Speaker Wire Adapter Kit ( to connect your V20 system to the existing wiring. The kit will allow the existing wiring to terminate at the wall plate and be connected to the Acoustimass Base Module using the provided system cable.

    This setup will allow you to use the pre-installed wiring and the Bose V20. If I have misunderstood something, of if you need more assistance, feel free to message again or call!

  10. Bernei on said:

    I have AM-16 and my friend offered to sell me his Jewel Cube Speakers. Do the Jewel Cubes work with the AM-16?

  11. Electronics Guru on said:


    I would NOT recommend it. Each Bose system is designed as a complete unit, with amps, equalizers and settings matched between sub and speakers. While you may get them to work, they may not function properly or may be damaged — or the bass module might be damaged.

    Put simply, The AM16 is packaged with the Direct/Reflecting speaker arrays for a reason. I say no. Your experience might prove otherwise and you’re welcome to try, but at your own risk and expense.

  12. Bernei on said:

    Thanks so much. I have other question. Can the AM6 use direct/reflecting speakers?

  13. Bernei on said:

    I want to put Bose outdoor speakers 151SE at a pool terrace using zone 2 on my Lifestyle v30.

  14. Electronics Guru on said:


    Thanks for staying with me! Again, I would not recommend mixing speakers. The AM6 comes with single speakers and is for small-room applications.

  15. Electronics Guru on said:


    You can certainly add outdoor speakers to the V30. For best performance add a Bose SA-2 or Bose SA-3 amp and an outdoor volume control. Additional zones on receivers are designed to be used with external amplifiers, especially if you’re using outdoor speakers — they need more volume because of all the competing noise and they’re usually far from the receiver.

  16. bernei on said:

    I downloaded the manuals for Lifestyle V class (v30, v20 and v10) are same manual. So the v10 can also use a jewel cube speaker?

  17. Electronics Guru on said:


    Thanks for another good question.

    The V-series systems are bunched together because they are very similar and serve the same purpose: to provide a home theater experience that integrates with your current DVD/DVR/satellite players.

    If you look closely you will see that each unit uses different speakers. The V10 uses single cube speakers; V20 uses direct/reflecting; V30 uses jewel cube speakers. And each system is slightly different in other ways, too.

    So again, the units are designed to work as a complete package — receiver and speakers — and probably shouldn’t be mixed. Just like with other complete sets, mixing and tinkering is done at your own risk and isn’t suggested by the manufacturer.

  18. I’m having trouble pairing my Bose remote to my non-Bose system components. Is there any trick to it?

  19. Electronics Guru on said:


    The Bose remote — I’m assuming the RF (radio frequency) remote for Lifestyle or V-series systems — is designed to work through the Bose unit. In other words, the Bose remote does not directly control the other devices. Instead, the radio frequency is converted to IR (infrared) in the Bose unit, which is sent out from the unit to control other devices.

    This is why Bose supplies an IR emitter cable to extend the signal so it has line-of-sight to your other components. So, to use your Bose remote you have to make sure your Bose system is on and setup properly, and that your other components are able to “talk” with the Bose IR emitter.

    Here are a couple links that explain setting up the Bose remote:

    Using your remote to control connected audio/video devices

    Other remote codes to try for controlling connected devices

    I hope this helps!

  20. Christopher Fleniken on said:

    Recently purchased a Bose V30 home theater system and am in the process of figuring out installation. I have 16 ga. wiring ran in the walls, read about the AC-2 adapters (which I have ordered already) to install on the speaker end of the wire, but what about the other end that inputs into the Bose powered speaker unit, it is a coaxial connection. Is there another adapter or will I have to create a coaxial ending? Thank you for you help and support.

  21. Electronics Guru on said:

    Christopher Fleniken:

    The speaker connections at the bass module are RCA terminations, with a special cable running from the bass module to the V30 receiver. A great way to complete a custom installation is to use the Bose Speaker Wire Adapter Kit.

    The Bose Speaker Wire Adapter Kit includes a wall plate and cable. Your in-wall wiring will terminate into the wall plate, and the included cable bundle snaps into the wall outlet on one end and RCA ends plug into the bass module on the other.

    Your other option is to buy RCA connectors and terminate the in-wall wires so they plug into the bass module. As always I encourage you to call our specialists at 1-866-224-6171. They can walk you through setup step-by-step and make recommendations on accessories you might need. Hope this helps!

  22. Øystein Lorentzen on said:

    I have a V30 system. Love it, but want to drive my big JBL speakers when I listen to music. These are very easily driven. Can I use an SA-3 amplifier to this?

  23. Electronics Guru on said:


    What exactly are “big JBL” speakers? The SA-3 amp is rated for 2-channel stereo for 100-watts per channel, 6ohms are higher. We’ve used the SA-3 for a wide variety of speakers. Give us a call to make sure, and we can help you with any issues or questions you have.

  24. Hello, I’ve a PS3 and the V30 system connected with HDMI. The problem is that I have no sound. All menu options for sound are set on the PS3. Do you recognize the problem? Thanks.


  25. Electronics Guru on said:


    What are the settings on your PS3? I would try switching the PCM/bitstream setting first as that would be the main culprit in my mind. From there I would make sure your HDMI is properly seated in the jacks. If none of those things work try running an optical cable from the PS3 to the Bose. If there’s sound then it was likely a setting on the PS3 that was causing problems or a malfunction of the HDMI cable. By the way, the PS3 is defaulted for multi-port audio output, but if you change sound settings if will be limited to the active output.

    Hope this helps!

  26. I recently purchased a home theater V10 and i cant seem to find a way to set the default HDMI to 1080P. everytime i turn it on it is in 720P and i have to switch it to 1080P. when i turn it off it says saving settings but then i have to do it everytime. is there a way to keep it on 1080P constantly?

  27. Electronics Guru on said:


    The manual states that the V10 transmits HDMI video at 720p by default. It also will not send video at higher resolutions than your HDTV can support. The video resolution can only be set when the V10 is connected to an HDTV through the HDMI out.

    A couple questions: 1. do you have a 1080p HDTV?, and 2. is it connected to the TV directly via HDMI?

    Keep in mind that the Bose V10 transmits video according to the preferred resolution of the TV, again, according to the manual.

    If you continue to have problems call and talk with one of our specialists at 1-866-224-6171 or call Bose at 1-800-278-1281.

  28. Øystein Lorentzen on said:

    Thank you for your prompt response. Then there will be no problem with my JBLs. Have ordered a SA-3. Next question is: I want to make a configuration with music in multiple rooms. (SA-3 or SA-2 in each room) However, I wish to control all the rooms from my main room. In my main room I want to be able to watch TV, DVD, surf the internet or listen to music while it only be music to the other rooms. Do I need multiple remotes to do this, or can I do it with one remote control? Or can this possibly be configured using one HarmonyOne IR controller or equivalent?

  29. Electronics Guru on said:


    There shouldn’t be an issue; the Bose expansion amps are installed all the time and function great.

    I would recommend purchasing a Bose RC-18S remote control to control your SA-3. The remote will give you the ability to adjust volume, power off/on the amp and change audio sources. It will work with the default, supplied remote just fine.

    You can use the main remote for all system functions, but if you’re in the other room you’ll want a remote control. Otherwise you’ll be running back and forth all the time. The RC-18 is inexpensive and blends well with a wide range of room styles and decor.

    As always, feel free to call and talk with one of our specialists at 1-866-224-6171.

  30. Hugo on said:

    I have a V30 system and connect to PS3 via HDMI. The problem is that while I turn on the V30 and the hiss coming out of the speakers. When I played the music with PS3, it’s no sound and a slight hiss coming again. I tried to unplug all the source and remained the media center and speakers in Acoustimass, it stills hiss. Do you recognize the problem or any advice.


  31. Electronics Guru on said:


    Hissing from speakers is usually attributed to having the system turned up too high with no input source selected. Without additional details I can’t be much help, but I’ll try my best.

    Have you checked the HDMI connection? It has to be properly seated or no signal will be passed. Also, try a different HDMI cable to make sure the one you’re using isn’t defective. Also, you can change the output settings on the PS3 — not all configurations and formats are supported, and some “play nicer” with other components better than others.

    Another thing to check is that the correct audio source has been selected and that the disc is actually playing (or the music from the harddrive is active). Check to see that the speakers are connected.

    If you have checked all of those things and are still experiencing the hissing noise I suggest you call Bose support directly. Their number is 1-800-278-1281. They can work with you over the phone to run troubleshooting checklists and determine if there’s a problem with the Bose system itself or one of the connected components.

  32. Jacques on said:

    I have my Mini Mac setup as a mediacentre connected to my Lifestyle V30 on the CALB/SAT port. I use a TeleAdapt Mini Displayport +USB cable between Mac and Lifestyle. This means USB AUDIO output and Mac video output are combined into HDMI. The HDMI goes in the Lifestyle. Everything works just perfect, except that I do not get sound if my TV (Pioneer Plasma 508, on the Lifestyle HDMI output) is switched off. I usually just select a playlist and do not need my TV to be switched on all the time and I also use IPod as a remote to the mini mac, so to keep the 50″ Plasma playing is really a waste of money and energy!

    Any clue to how this can be avoided?
    Thanks for your help!

  33. Electronics Guru on said:


    As I suspected, the Bose technical help pages state that the HDMI in and outs are linked, so HDCP handshakes are interrupted when the TV is turned off. Thus, if the HDMI connected is compromised part or none of the source content will play. This happens because the HDMI technology is designed to work with the connected components to transmit identity and security information. When the TV is shutoff that circuit is essentially broken.

    Bose recommends doing one of two things: leaving the TV on or using an alternate input. I suggest using an analog or digital audio connection apart from the DisplayPort/USB setup. That way the audio is passed along regardless of the TV’s power status, and there is no HDCP attempted. Deciding which option to use depends on the cost of buying new cables (if you don’t have them) versus the cost of running your TV, and whether you’ll want to have the always-available display via your current setup or the just-audio setup as Bose suggests.

    Keep in mind that you may be able to set up a custom profile on your plasma just for the Mac connection, one that would be very dark (low brightness) and/or uses a screensaver. This will help save a little money/use less energy than the standard settings for watching movies, etc.

    As always, feel free to call in and talk to one of our specialists. If you’re still having problems and want to contact Bose, their technical assistance number is 1-800-278-1281.

  34. Hi,
    I have a Bose V-20 hooked up to Uverse motorola set top box and PS3 using HDMI cable and optical cable for audio. Picture and audio are good under normal circumstances. But if I use the DVR feature to rewind/fast forward the tv program, then the bose looses both audio and video., the tv screen flickers for a couple of seconds before it can show the image. The same happens for audio. This ruins the experience, especially while watching a recorded program. On the other hand, watching movie through PS3 has no such issues.
    If i connect the cable using composite cable, then it works fine. I tried with multiple HDMI cable, including the one that came with Bose. All behave the same way. Please help.

  35. Electronics Guru on said:


    Unfortunately the nature of DVRs is to cause their users headaches! Unlike your PS3 that uses an actual disc, the DVRs have the information stored on a harddrive, which requires much more processing than a standard disc. So as you skip through the DVR’d content it’s likely that the unit just can’t keep up, so the picture and audio momentarily drops out.

    Another factor is that HDMI-connected devices use HDCP to protect copyrighted material. There are “handshakes” that have to occur whenever the HDMI connection is broken. So if you fast forward and the unit drops the connection — even for an instant — the handshake process has to start over, which can cause a delay in audio/video.

    It’s also a likely possibility that your DVR isn’t getting information fast enough through its connection. That is, regular streams display fine but as you request content that’s out of the ordinary — such as part of the show before or after the current streaming point — there will probably be momentary lapses in audio/video. It’s the result of all the pieces of the system (your unit, the provider’s system, the distance between them all, etc.) not being in perfect synchronization.

    You can try running component video cables to eliminate any handshake issues. But if it’s something related to the settop box processing problems or connection issues to your provider then there’s not much to do except consider switching services.

  36. Pam B. on said:

    I have a Bose Lifestyle 20-25 with 4 speakers mounted near the ceiling, and wired thru the wall, installed professionally in 1999. I have it working with my new LG HDTV, which has an optical audio out, thru an adapter of the LG and red/white into the Bose.

    I am interested in upgrading my system, but would like to avoid 1) replacing the speakers and wiring, if possible. Thank you for your response.


  37. BenF on said:

    Hi there,
    I am seriously considering purchasing a V20 or V30 system. I currently own a Lifestyle 8 System. Are there any components that I could re-use with these new systems (eg. speakers and/or sub) or do I need to start from scratch and sell off the older 8 series? Thanks!

  38. Electronics Guru on said:


    The V20 and V30 Lifestyle systems are sold as complete home theater units, meaning you get all the components included. Bose designs the systems to function with those specific components, with settings calibrated for that particular setup. Thus, if you purchase a V20 or V30 you will best off to sell your old system and start new.

  39. Electronics Guru on said:

    Pam B:

    Please contact our sales department for upgrade options: 1-866-224-6171. Upgrading might be possible based on your current system and Bose inventory. The easiest and quickest way is to talk on the phone to get details about your system and choosing the upgrade based on personal preferences and room type.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon!

  40. Lukas on said:

    Hi there,
    Gone thru all of this page and want to tell you IT’S GREAT JOB YOU ARE DOING!!!

    I recently bought BoseV30 and I would like to connect my Macbook(with out HDMI) with it so I could watch movies and listen music. Would you pls advise me how to connect as I do not see any input for PC or laptop on Mediacentre.

  41. Electronics Guru on said:


    There are many places online to find adapters that plug in to your Macbook. If you have an older version you’ll need one that converts your DVI output to HDMI; if you have a new Macbook you’ll need a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.

    Either way there are small adapters or full cables to do the job. Keep in mind that you will have to run an audio cable to your TV or receiver, as the video out will not include the audio stream. This can be done by running a fiber optic cable in or once again getting an adapter to run a coax cable or even RCA stereo cables. The headphone jack on all Macs doubles as a fiber optic out if you have the adapter, again available online.

  42. Mike Balog on said:

    I have a Lifestyle V30 system. The volume is very low when I plug my headsets (Sony or Bose QC headsets) into the side panel headset jack. The volume is control apparently has been limited. I get hardly any increase past a setting of 20. Is there any way to increase the headset volume more? I don’t want to put a booster amplifier between the V30 and headset. Thanks.

  43. Electronics Guru on said:

    Mike Balog:

    There is no separate adjustment for headphones. If you are not getting volume increases beyond 20 then there is likely something wrong with the unit. But a few things to check first:

    1. Do the headphones have their own volume controls? Some headphones have in-line (on the cord) volume adjustments. If that is set low it may interfere with the Bose unit’s volume level.

    2. Do you get higher volumes when the headphones are unplugged — playing sound through the main speakers?

    3. Try resetting the system. Sometimes electronics get a mind of their own, or a certain combination of settings may inhibit loudness.

    If everything checks out and you’re still having problems, contact Bose technical support. They will be able to provide more specific help and authorize warranty service if required.

  44. Hi,

    I have a Bose v20 system and am experiencing a few problems similar to post #81. When switching between input sources, the video resolution shrinks. When i go into [settings] and [video] and the change it from ‘adjustable’ to ‘fixed’, the picture returns to normal. However, the system will not stay in ‘fixed’ it returns back to ‘adjustable’. My T.V. is full HD and supports 1080.

    The second problem is the sound. I originally had the common problem of the psp not outputting 5.1 but fixed this after speaking to Bose. However, i am still not getting 5.1 from my computer which is connected to the Bose. It is a brand new Dell computer with an independent sound card capable of 5.1.

    I have updated the Bose system and also the T.V. I have even exchanged the Bose for a new one. Getting fed up with having to change the resolution when i change channels every time.

    Any ideas ?

  45. Electronics Guru on said:

    Des (144):

    The video resolution problem is something that I can’t help you with. Aside from changing the settings and doing the troubleshooting suggestions, there’s nothing new I can add. If you’ve talked with Bose I would say that it is a problem without a solution. My recommendation would be to contact Bose and try again, or maybe convince them to exchange your current system for a different Bose system, such as the new T-Series or V-Series systems.

    As far as the computer audio goes, you have to set the computer to output digital audio. I’m not exactly sure of the steps, but there are support/help features included in Windows that will walk you through setting up your computer to output 5.1 digital audio. Typically you run a fiber optic cable from the digital out port (using a tip adapter). Likewise, on the Bose system you have to use an audio input that support digital surround sound.

  46. Charles Adams on said:

    We just bought a V20 because we like all of the HDMI inputs. We used 4 top of the line M Series Monster Cable HDMIs to connect a Verizon Fios HD DVR, a PS3, and an Xbox 360 Elite into the Bose and one of the HDMIs from the Bose to a Sony Vega HDTV. The problem is we have a 1/4 second delay when we switch to the Xbox 360 which get us killed in gaming. How do we get rid of the delay (it doesn’t show up when using the DVR)? Is there some kind of incompatibility between Xbox 360 HDMI?

  47. Electronics Guru on said:

    Charles Adams (146):

    There should be no problem with compatibility, and with the cables you have I would suspect the problem is something else. Most likely it’s a hardware issue with the Xbox.

    Have you tried switching HDMIs on the V20 to rule out a faulty HDMI? If the DVR is plugged into the Xbox HDMI and experiences the same delay then the V20 is probably the issue. But if the delay is just with the Xbox then there may be a processing issue with the video card and/or processor in the Xbox. Is the unit well ventilated? Is the software up to date? You might try running component video cables (if available) from the Xbox to V20 — that will allow HD video to pass but avoid many of the problems of HDMI. You’ll have to run separate audio cables, but it might fix the delay.

    Try those things. If nothing works you can contact Bose tech support and request warranty service, but I would exhaust other possibilities first.

  48. Lukas on said:

    The media center unit of Bose Lifestyle V30 and V20 is the same or different?

  49. Electronics Guru on said:

    Lukas (148):

    Yes, the media center is the same.

  50. I bought Lifestyle v20 in the US to take it to India. Will it work? The lady in the outlet mall said that it will work.

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