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FAQ about Bose® Lifestyle® T20, V25, V35 Systems

Bose® has launched three new Lifestyle® systems -- the Lifestyle® T20 Home Theater System, Lifestyle® v25 Home Entertainment System and Lifestyle® V35 Home Entertainment System -- that feature digital 5.1 surround sound (including HD audio), Unify™ Technology, ADAPTiQ® audio calibration, 6 high-definition (HD) inputs including 4 HDMI, video upscaling and many other impressive features. The new Lifestyle® systems feature a sleek, low-profile control console with convenient front panel access and either Direct/Reflecting® or Jewel Cube® speaker arrays. Keep reading to find our more details and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the new Lifestyle® systems!   1. What sets the Bose® Lifestyle® T20, Bose® Lifestyle® V25 and Bose® Lifestyle® V35 home theater systems apart from other home entertainment systems? T-Class™ and V-Class® systems deliver amazing sound in an easy-to-use, fully-integrated system. Your movies, video games, sports, music and favorite TV shows will look better and sound better than ever - but without the hassle of traditional home theater systems. In fact, the setup and use of your new Bose® Lifestyle® system is so easy you may not even need the instruction manual! Never before has a home theater system been so simple to set up and use, with visual and audible cues to make the process faster and less confusing, and similar ease of use if you wish to add or remove components later. And with 6 high definition (HD) input sources, you'll be hard pressed to run out of connections. 2. How are the new Bose® Lifestyle® systems different from each other? How are they the same?     Speakers Music Remote Control Media Console Perfect for V35 Jewel Cube® AM/FM tuner, iPod/iPhone dock, Bose® Link Advanced, 2-line LCD display Low-profile, dark color Movie and music lovers who want the smallest, most advanced speakers; who upgrade to new technology when available; want easy setup and use V25 Direct/Reflecting® AM/FM tuner, iPod/iPhone dock, Bose® Link Advanced, 2-line LCD display Low-profile, dark color Movie and music lovers who frequently update technology and want easy setup and use T20 Direct/Reflecting® Bose® Link Basic Low-profile, light color Movie lovers who frequently update technology and want easy setup and use All three systems feature the new Bose® Unify™ Technology, which helps make setup and use much easier than other complete home theater systems. All three systems also feature ADAPTiQ®, a built-in audio calibration program that allows the system to tune itself to maximize performance based on your room's acoustic properties. Finally, the three systems all offer Videostage® 5 decoding circuitry, video upscaling (even to 1080p over HDMI), Digital Dynamic Range® compression circuitry and active stabilization. 3. What is the Bose® Unify™ intelligent integration system and how does it work? Put simply, Unify™ Technology is a built-in assistant that guides you through the setup and use of your new Lifestyle® home entertainment system. It helps you decide which connections to use, what to call them, assists in selecting audio and video sources, and even programs remotes! Unify™ will sense new connections and help you make sure they're connected properly, and if you remove a component it will detect that too and remove that source from the on-screen menu. Unify™ also determines remote control codes by deciphering the unique "signature" of your remotes, then uses its internal database to tell the main Bose® remote control what it will be controlling. 4. Why doesn't the Lifestyle® T20 have a radio or iPod/iPhone dock? The T20 is designed to be a home theater system, whereas the V25 and V35 are home entertainment systems. The Bose® Lifestyle® T20 system is meant for people who want to just watch movies or other A/V devices like satellite, cable boxes, etc. The Bose® Lifestyle® V25/V35 are meant to provide all possible sources and connections, enabling single-room or whole-house audio. The iPod/iPhone dock is only available for the V25 and V35 systems. So if you're big into movies but not radio, the T20 is a good choice. But if your iPhone never leaves your side and you enjoy listening to the local news, the V25 and V35 systems are a better choice. 5. Will my iPod model work with my new Bose® Lifestyle® V25 or Bose® Lifestyle® V35? The included iPod dock is "Made for iPod" certified. If your iPod can play video it will work with your new system. 6. Will my iPhone model work with my new Bose® Lifestyle® V25 or Bose® Lifestyle® V35? Yes. The included iPhone dock is being tested to become "Works with iPhone" to avoid the prompt for airplane mode to further enhance the experience. 7. Where is the front display on my media console? The Bose® Lifestyle® V25, Bose® Lifestyle® V35 and Bose® Lifestyle® T20 no longer have their own displays because they transmit the information to your HDTV as an on-screen display. Thus, your TV becomes the central point to make adjustments, modify settings, select sources and otherwise interact with the Bose® Lifestyle® systems. And since you don't have to see the front of the console for control, they can be hidden or placed in A/V furniture. 8. Can I use my Bose® Lifestyle® V35, V25 or T20 for multi-zone or whole-house audio? Can I use my Bose® Personal® Music Center II Remote Control with the V25/V35? The Bose® Lifestyle® V25 and Bose® Lifestyle® V35 home entertainment systems can be used with or without Bose® Lifestyle® 48/38 systems for expanded audio. However, the Bose® Lifestyle® T20 must be connected to a Bose® Lifestyle® 48/38 system using a Bose® Link cable connection. The PCM II Remote Control will not work with the new Bose® Lifestyle® systems. Only the included remote or the optional RC-35S Zone II Remote Control will work. 9. Do the Bose® Lifestyle® systems support high definition (HD) audio from Blu-ray Discs? Yes. The consoles can decode Dolby Digital TrueHD and uncompressed multichannel PCM from Blu-ray Disc Players. DTS-MA (master audio) contains only the 5.1 "core." It is recommended that you set your Blu-ray player to output PCM for both Dolby TruHD and DTS-MA to maximize the audio signal. 10. Can the Bose® Lifestyle® V25/V35/T20 upscale video? Yes. When using HDMI cables, video signals can be upscaled to full 1080p. 11. Why are there USB ports on the consoles? The USB jacks are for viewing pictures from a USB stick (also called a thumb drive or jump drive) and allow the unit's software to be updated using the USB stick provided with the system. The updates are downloaded from the internet, transferred to the USB stick, then installed in the Bose® Lifestyle® system. 12. Do the new Bose® Lifestyle® systems have ethernet jacks so I can connect them to the internet? No. None of the new Bose® Lifestyle® systems feature an ethernet port (RJ-45), but there are many third-party (non-Bose®) devices that can interface with the system to enable streaming content from the internet or files stored in your computer to be played through your Bose® Lifestyle® system. 13. Can I order the speakers in colors other than black? No. The speakers for all three systems are black. 14. Can the media consoles, subwoofer and speaker arrays be switched to make my own custom system? No. The consoles, Acoustimass® subwoofer and speakers are designed as complete units. This means that each system is meant to operate at its optimum performance with the pre-packaged components. Mixing other speakers, subwoofers or components is not recommended and will likely void the product's warranty.

Table-top radios: Bose Wave vs. Boston Acoustics Horizon Duo-i

st1\:* { BEHAVIOR: url(#ieooui) }Everyone knows the iPod revolutionized the music industry - not to mention the way we experience and think about music - but the same problem remains: how to maximize the listening experience. Many people spend their day with tiny earbuds tinning away, others plug their iPods into large stereos and blast themselves with sound. But what if you also like listening to the radio, or want an alarm clock for your bedstand? Wouldn't it be nice to have a radio that sounds amazing and also accepted your iPod, providing a simple dock-and-play experience that respects the music through quality components and innovative designs? If you want a true music system, one that integrates the iPod, radio, and alarm functions, then I recommend the Boston Acoustics Horizon Duo-i .It's no secret that listening to music is incredibly personal, but there are ways to determine the value of a product. For me the Duo-i represents the epitome of radio-iPod convergence: it's simple, attractive, full of features, and is priced just right. To help convey my enthusiasm I created a comparison between the Duo-i and the Bose Wave Music System. A few quick nudges before you begin...the price of the Duo-i is significantly less, it has a built-in dock, and has more options than the Wave, such as an RCA line-out (L/R) with the option to be fixed or varied. ---- Tabletop Stereo Radio ---- Bose Wave Music System Boston Acoustics Horizon Duo-i Price $499.00 $199.99 iPod Compatible Yes (requires $129.00 dock) Yes (dock built-in; charges iPod) Radio Presets 6 FM / 6 AM 10 FM / 5 AM Auxiliary Input 1 in (on back) 2 in (1/8" front, RCA back) Headphone Jack 1 (back) 1 (front) Video Output No Yes (composite) CD Player Yes No Interface All functions controlled by remote Remote or on-radio knobs Alarm Yes Yes (touch-sensitive outer rim functions as the snooze bar) Primary Use Home/Office Home/Office Weight 8.7 pounds 8.2 pounds Dimensions 4.2 H x 14.6 W x 8.6 D (inches) 5.5 H x 12 7/8 W x 8 D (inches) Color Choices 3 - body 2 - body; 9 - grille Recent Awards n/a iLounge.com 2008 Best of the Year Award iPod Dock  Back Let's crunch some numbers. The Duo-i emerges as the clear winner - there's just no beating its overall value. Even if you just considered the price and iPod compatibility, the Duo-i is comes out on top. But you also have to take into account that the Wave radio dock will be another $129.00, which means your Wave "system" will be $628.00 to the Duo-i cost of just $199.99! So in the end you can save $428.01 by choosing the Boston system! But let's not stop there. The Duo-i has more inputs, more outputs, and offers dual controls (remote and on-radio knobs). This means that you'll be able to get more use out of the Boston system without the hassle of always having to find your remote...and then having it not work because of interference or dead batteries. And perhaps most important, the Duo-i has a built-in dock that charges as you listen. No more fumbling for cables , packing extra docks , or worrying about awkward silences at parties - just enjoy! By now it's pretty obvious that I'm a big fan of the Boston Acoustics Horizon Duo-i . Bose makes great products that sound great (check out some of the products we sell ), but for the person with an iPod the Wave system just doesn't make sense. With money being tight and the holidays just around the corner, the Duo-i is a gift with impact, and one that reflects your effort to make smart choices. Or if you buy one for yourself, you can feel confident that you'll be getting the most out of your music without breaking the bank. One last thing - it sounds great!
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