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Bose Releases Four New Products

This morning, Bose® unveiled four new products. All of these products are available for purchase today at Your Electronic Warehouse. Bose® SoundLink® On-Ear Bluetooth® Headphones are the first on-ear Bluetooth® headphones from Bose®. At only 5.5 ounces, these wireless headphones travel well and the rechargeable battery is good for up to 15 hours of premium listening. A 15-minute quick charge can get you an additional 2 hours! The headphones contain two microphones so it can be used as a Bluetooth® headset for making phone calls as well. The two-microphone system limits noise from wind and other ambient noises so that the person on the other end of the line hears you as clearly as you can hear them. And Adaptive Audio Adjustment technology "automatically changes volume based on speech level and ambient noise, letting you move from a quiet building to a busy street without missing a word." Bose® SoundDock® XT Speaker is the newest addition to the SoundDock® line up and includes support for docking iPods and iPhones with Lightning connectors (including the recently announced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus). The SoundDock® XT comes in Yellow and Dark Grey. Bose® Solo 15 TV Sound System is a one-piece sounds system designed to fit beneath an HDTV up to approximately 46". The system includes a programmable universal remote but Bose® says you won't be forced to constantly adjust the volume because of the clear sound and proprietary technology that went into the system. A small knob on the back of the device allows a user to set the bass level as well. Bose® CineMate® 15 Home Theater Speaker System provides a new entry into the Bose® sound bar home theater line up. The 12-inch wide sound bar connects directly to a TV and the bass delivering Acoustimass® module can be placed up to 3 meters away. This two piece home theater system delivers room-filling sound without sacrificing quality or clarity. The system also includes a programmable universal remote. Click any of the product names above to see the full product page on YEW. Additional images can be seen on our Facebook Page. Check back with YEW for more product announcements from Bose in the coming weeks.

Standing Strong Amongst the Giants

Ranked #2 on a list of 15 e-commerce mobile websites, which includes such giants as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart.com, Sears, Barnes & Noble, Target, and eight others, is giving Your Electronic Warehouse something to smile about today. For the week starting Oct 18, 2010, only Barnes & Noble had a better score than Your Electronic Warehouse on the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index. The Mobile Commerce Performance Index, published by Internet Retailer, is a third party index compiled by Keynote Systems, who monitors and reports on Internet website performance as well as Mobile website performance. This index is comprised of selected retailers, chosen by Internet Retailer from their annual Top 500 list, to provide an industry benchmark for mobile site performance. The Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index ranks mobile sites on the average response times, success rates and download speeds to the homepage using three of today's most popular smartphones and service providers. Over the past several weeks Your Electronic Warehouse has been hanging out in the middle of the pack, averaging about the 7 spot. A shot up to #2 is a sign of great things to come from Your Electronic Warehouse. Mobile commerce is the future, and to be ahead of the curve is the key. Your Electronic Warehouse is proof that even the little guys can get a chance to shine now and then.

Win Your Entire Order From Your Electronic Warehouse and eBillMe

Have you been holding off on buying a new 3D TV or maybe a new home theater system to go along with a new TV purchase? Have you been trying to cut your credit card usage and going more towards a cash only payment method? If you answered "Yes" to either one of those questions, or even both for that matter, then Your Electronic Warehouse is here to help. See why below. Now is the Time To Buy That Big Ticket Item Your Electronic Warehouse has partnered with online payment service eBillMe to bring their customers the "Hey Big Spender" promotion. The "Hey Big Spender" promo is a contest where one lucky eBillMe customer will win their entire purchase, up to $5,000. The premise is simple, every time you place an order with Your Electronic Warehouse, or any of their sister companies, you will be entered into the "Hey Big Spender" promo. The customer with the largest single order amount at the end of the promo wins. It's that simple. So if you have been thinking about purchasing that new Home Theater System or even an 82" 3D TV, now is the time to make that big purchase. The more you spend the better chance you have to get that purchase completely free. And what makes this promo even better, use eBillMe and shop debt free. How? Continue reading. Not Using Credit Cards Makes It Difficult To Shop Online Your Electronic Warehouse has partnered with eBillMe in order to offer our customers a new way to pay with cash for their online purchases. What is the advantage of paying with cash? No more credit card interest. Paying by cash helps you get out of debt. There are two different methods of online cash payment. First, check out using eBillMe and send us payment using online bill-pay directly from you banks online portal. Unlike online checks, we don't need any personal information for this, no check routing numbers, no account numbers, you control everything on your end, just like when you pay your electric bill online. The other way to do this is to select eBillMe at check out and then choose the walk-in method of payment. eBillMe has 1,000s of walk-in payment centers around the country where you can take your cash payment to pay for your online purchase. So if you don't do online banking (then you need to start, everyone is doing it these days) then this option makes the most sense. The great thing about this payment type is it allows customers who don't use or want credit cards to still be able to shop online securely. So whether you have had an epiphany in your financial situation and cut up all your credit cards, or have been holding off that big screen TV of your dreams purchase, you no longer have to worry. Your Electronic Warehouse and eBillMe's "Hey Big Spender" promo is here to relieve that stress. And hey, your whole purchase could be free if you dream big enough.

Your Electronic Warehouse Wins BizRate Circle of Excellence Award

Quincy, IL 09/22/09 -- Your Electronic Warehouse was named by BizRate® Research, a leading consumer feedback network, a winner of its tenth annual BizRate® Circle of Excellence. The award recognizes top online retailers that provided outstanding customer experiences throughout the year, as rated by their customers. Your Electronic Warehouse Chosen by Buyers  BizRate® Research evaluates customer satisfaction at each of the over 5,000 retailers within the BizRate Network. Online stores earning the prestigious Circle of Excellence award were rated by their buyers at a significantly higher level than the Network average across seven key satisfaction metrics: Overall satisfaction at the point of sale Product selection Ease of finding what the customer is looking for Repurchase intent after order receipt Product met expectations after order receipt On-time delivery Customer support BizRate® Circle of Excellence 10th Anniversary The BizRate® Circle of Excellence celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, making this year's announcement an especially memorable one. "Back in 1999, we launched the Circle of Excellence to allow the very best retailers to earn special recognition for their exceptional performance in the area of customer service. At that same time, we also believed that the Circle of Excellence denomination would empower online consumers by highlighting retailers with whom they should feel extremely confident about shopping." said Bill Glass, President of Shopzilla, Inc., the parent company for BizRate.com. "Since its inception, the importance of the Circle of Excellence has continued to grow, and today it is truly the hallmark of customer satisfaction success in online retail. After ten years, we are more committed than ever to providing retailers with the invaluable ability to listen to and understand their customers' needs via our point-of-sale feedback platform. Furthermore, we are thrilled to offer them the opportunity to be recognized for their superior performance in delivering on those customer needs as Circle of Excellence winners." About Your Electronic Warehouse Your Electronic Warehouse is a consumer electronics store that is a division of 1st in Video-Music World, Inc. The parent company, 1st in Video-Music World, started in 1975 as Music World, a bricks-and-mortar stereo equipment store in Quincy, Illinois. In 1994, 1st in Video-Music world opened its new mega store and took up the name Your Electronic Warehouse. Three years later, Your Electronic Warehouse took its business online as 4ElectronicWarehouse.com and over the last ten years has developed into an Internet Retailer Top 500 company. Your Electronic Warehouse is an authorized dealer for every brand they carry, including: Bose®, Yamaha, Pioneer, Pioneer Elite, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Monster Cable, Boston Acoustics, DIRECTV, Shure, Niles and many more premium electronics brands. Your Electronic Warehouse carries a wide variety of products, including: high definition televisions (HDTVs), home theater receivers, speakers, GPS, custom length Monster Cable, mounting brackets, radios, and iPhone/iPod accessories. About BizRate® Research BizRate Research assists retailers in listening to their customers and starts a dialogue between retailers and customers with the end goal of growing consumer loyalty to the retailer. BizRate Research provides tools and reports to over 5,000 retailers to enlighten them about the customer experience and make them aware of the "why" in what consumers think and do. For over 10 years, BizRate's consumer feedback and ratings platform amplifies the consumers' voice in a way that is fast and measurable, resulting in insights, action, and consumer loyalty. About Shopzilla, Inc. Shopzilla, Inc. is one of the largest and most comprehensive online shopping networks on the web. Through its leading comparison shopping sites, BizRate.com(R) and Shopzilla.com(R), Shopzilla helps shoppers find the best value for virtually anything they want to buy from thousands of online retailers. Based in Los Angeles, Shopzilla operates sites in the U.S., U.K., France and Germany. The company is owned by Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc., which include national lifestyle TV networks such as HGTV, The Food Network, Fine Living and more.

Your Electronic Warehouse Ranks among the Top 50 Fastest Growing E-Retailers

Quincy, IL / Business Wire/June 19, 2007 – In the 2007 edition of Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide, Your Electronic Warehouse has been ranked the 27th Fastest Growing E-Retailer. The Fastest Growing E-Retailers are ranked by their overall sales growth from the previous year. Other companies that share this honor include: Aeropostale Inc, Under Armour Inc, the National Hockey League, Zale Corp and Blockbuster Inc. Internet Retailer ranked Your Electronic Warehouse as number 435 marking the second consecutive year they have made the list. The company improved 46 spots from the previous year’s 481. Your Electronic Warehouse was also ranked number 51 in the Computers/Electronics category along with companies such as: Crutchfield, Best Buy and Circuit City. “YourElectronicWarehouse.com grew year over year by 82%. It’s an excellent example of a Top 500 retailer that’s growing because it knows its niche, who its customers are and what they want,” says Internet Retailer editor-in-chief Kurt Peters. Internet Retailer’s Top 500 guide ranks the top 500 web retailers based on their 2006 online sales. The Top 500 members accounted for 60% of all internet sales in 2006. About Your Electronic Warehouse Your Electronic Warehouse, a division of 1st in Video - Music World, Inc, was started over 30 years ago as a brick and mortar consumer electronics store and is now an Internet Top 500 retailer. Your Electronic Warehouse (www.4ElectronicWarehouse.com) is an Internet authorized dealer of every product they sell, including Bose, Monster Cable, Yamaha, Niles Audio, Pioneer and Weber. With experienced custom installers as trained customer service representatives, customers receive the highest levels of service and product support before and after the sale. 1st in Video-Music World Inc. operates www.1stInVideoMusicWorld.com, www.4ElectronicWarehouse.com, www.DiscountGolfWorld.com and www.4DiscountTravel.com --END-- Press Contact: Justin Meats 1-866-224-6171 x414 justin@4electronicwarehouse.com

Your Electronic Warehouse is honored as Monster Cable's E-Commerce Retailer of the Year

LAS VEGAS, NV/BUSINESS WIRE/January 10, 2007 --- On January 9, 2007, Your Electronic Warehouse received the Most Monsterous E-Commerce Retailer of the Year Award from Monster Cable Products, Inc. The award was presented at the Monster Retailer Awards Program during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, honoring the most monsterous retailers of 2006. The awards ceremony was followed by a world-class concert performed by music legends George Benson and Al Jarreau. To be considered for the E-Commerce Retailer Award, Monster looks at the retailer’s leadership in providing a quality online experience to the end customer. Key factors include: ease of navigation, strong Monster product presentation, the best Monster product mapping and the Most Monsterous consumer experience. Other nominees included Amazon.com, Crutchfield, and Huppin’s One Call. Your Electronic Warehouse showed over a 400% sales growth with Monster Cable Products in 2006. The growth in sales can be attributed in part to Your Electronic Warehouse’s expanded product line, customer service representatives who are experienced custom installers, and a nationwide installation service that allows Monster products to be custom installed with other high-end electronic devices. Your Electronic Warehouse is also the only online retailer that allows customers to calculate and purchase most cables in any custom length. The expanded line of Monster products sold by Your Electronic Warehouse includes Monster Cable, Monster Power, Monster Performance Car, Monster Cable Pro MI, Monster Mobile, Monster Custom Install, Monster Computer, Monster Photo, Monster Central Control, IlluminEssence Lighting Systems, Monster Music, Monster THX, and M-Design. This is only the second year Monster Cable has presented the E-Commerce Retailer of the Year. Last year’s recipient was Amazon.com. About Your Electronic Warehouse Your Electronic Warehouse, a division of 1st in Video - Music World, Inc, was started over 30 years ago as a small, brick and mortar consumer electronics store and is now one of Internet Retailer’s Top 500 web retailers. Your Electronic Warehouse (www.4ElectronicWarehouse.com) is an Internet authorized dealer of every product they sell, including Bose, Monster Cable, Yamaha, Niles Audio, Pioneer and Weber. With experienced custom installers as trained customer service representatives, customers receive the highest levels of service and product support before and after the sale. 1st in Video-Music World Inc. operates 4ElectronicWarehouse.com, DiscountGolfWorld.com and 4DiscountTravel.com About Monster Cable Products Inc. Monster Cable Products, Inc. (www.MonsterCable.com) is the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance cables for professional, home, and car use as well as computers and computer games. Monster Cable is an indispensable component for recording studios, sound professionals, musicians, custom installers, music lovers, audiophiles, and home theater enthusiasts. Monster’s audio cables have high performance sound characteristics that increase the clarity, dynamics and power of the audio signals that travel through them. -END-

Your Electronic Warehouse Included in Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide

QUINCY, IL/BUSINESS WIRE/July 13, 2006 – Your Electronic Warehouse has recently been ranked number 53 in Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide in the Computer/Electronics category. Your Electronic Warehouse appears along side other well-known consumer electronics companies such as Amazon.com, Best Buy, Radio Shack and Crutchfield. Internet Retailer’s Top 500 guide, now in its third year, ranks the top 500 web retailers based upon their 2005 online sales. The Top 500 retailers account for more than two-thirds of all online retail business. This marks the first year that Your Electronic Warehouse has been listed in the Top 500 Guide. “We were really close to being listed in last year’s guide, and are very excited to have made it into the Top 500 this year”, says Justin Meats, IT Director. “As a small business, it has always been our goal to directly compete with some of the largest retailers in the country.” This year, Your Electronic Warehouse comes in at number 53 in their category of Computer/Electronics and number 481 overall in the Top 500. Your Electronic Warehouse’s website has evolved over the past 9 years from a small, information-only website to a fully functional retail site with over 1500 SKUs. Their website caters to the do-it-your-self costumer with product lines such as Bose Speakers, Bose Lifestyle Systems, Yamaha Receivers, Pioneer Plasmas, custom made-to-order Monster Cables and whole-house audio systems from Niles and Bose. Your Electronic Warehouse is an internet authorized dealer for every product that they sell and they work very closely with their manufacturers to insure that customers receive the highest level of support before, during and after placing their order. About Your Electronic Warehouse Your Electronic Warehouse, a division of 1st in Video - Music World, Inc, was started over 30 years ago as a small brick and mortar consumer electronics store and is now one of Internet Retailer’s Top 500 web retailers. Your Electronic Warehouse (4ElectronicWarehouse.com) is an Internet authorized dealer of every product they sell, including Bose, Monster Cable, Yamaha, Niles Audio, Pioneer and Weber. With exceptional product knowledge and a high standard of customer service, Your Electronic Warehouse holds itself to a high level of standards, making sure customers are treated to a great online buying experience and exceptional service. 1st in Video-Music World Inc. operates 4ElectronicWarehouse.com, DiscountGolfWorld.com, InternetPartners.com and 4DiscountTravel.com About Internet Retailer Published by Chicago-based Vertical Web Media LLC, Internet Retailer is a monthly national business magazine and web site that serve the retailing community. It focuses on the Internet's vital role in a wide array of retailing activities, including web merchandising, supply chain management and multi-channel integration. Its 37,000 subscribers are senior executives primarily from retail chains, independent stores and catalogs. Internet Retailer's circulation represents the largest multi-channel readership base of any retailing magazine. The magazine also publishes the most widely read e-mail newsletter in retailing, IRNewsLink, which is distributed four times a week to 35,000 opt-in subscribers, and The Top 500 Guide, the definitive ranking and analysis of America's 500 largest e-retailers based on their annual sales on the web. For complete details or to order the Top 500 Guide, visit http://www.internetretailer.com/top500/. -END-

4ElectronicWarehouse.com is the First Retalier to Offer Custom Length Monster Cable Online

QUINCY, IL/BUSINESS WIRE/January 13, 2006 --- Online Customers Can Buy Custom Length Cables Right Off Their Website Your Electronic Warehouse, a leader in online consumer electronics sales and marketing, in cooperation with Monster Cable, the industry leader in high performance cabling, is announcing that they are the first to offer customers an online point-and-click way to buy custom-length Monster Cable products. Customers at www.4electronicwarehouse.com now have the option of buying factory-terminated Monster Cable in any length they need. With the complexity of today’s home entertainment systems, it is important to use the proper cables when installing equipment in order to get the maximum performance from the system. A problem arises when, depending on the location of the equipment, many of the standard cable lengths will not work. The equipment may be stacked too close together for 1-meter cables causing a large bundle behind the equipment. Possibly, equipment may be too far away causing multiple cables to be connected together. Both scenarios are not ideal or recommended. Your Electronic Warehouse is committed to giving its customers simple and easy solutions to their home entertainment problems. To that end, 4electronicwarehouse.com has developed an online custom cable calculator that instantly returns a price for a custom length of cable. Virtually every cable Monster Cable makes can be ordered to a custom length. Custom cables are made to specific length specifications and are hand-soldered by Monster Cable to give you the best performance with the lowest signal loss possible. For more information concerning custom Monster Cables visit www.4electronicwarehouse.com or call 1-866-224-6171. Your Electronic Warehouse has been in business for over 30 years. Starting as a small brick and mortar store in Quincy, Ill., 4electronicwarehouse.com is now one of the leading online direct-to-consumer resellers of consumer electronics. Your Electronic Warehouse is an Internet authorized dealer of every product they sell, including Bose, Monster Cable, Yamaha, Niles Audio, Onkyo, Pioneer and Weber. With exceptional product knowledge and a high rate of customer satisfaction, the sales team at 4electronicwarehouse.com hold themselves to a high level of standards, making sure customers are treated to a great online buying experience and exceptional service. Monster is known to thousands of audio, video, car, photo, computer, movie and music enthusiasts as the company that makes their other products work better. Starting in a San Francisco garage 25 years ago, Noel Lee, The Head Monster, created the first Monster Cable to get better sound from stereo speakers. He created an instant following with recording engineers and professional musicians with many of today’s hottest CDs be-ing mixed and mastered in studios completely wired with Monster Cable and powered by Monster Power. The Monster brand now encompasses over 4,000 items including speakers, subwoofers, furniture, camera bags, cell phone headsets, PowerCells™, power line conditioners, voltage stabilizers, surge protectors and every kind of cable imaginable…all with a single focus: to help enthusiasts “Get All The Performance They Paid For™” from their favorite electronics. Explore the world of Monster at www.MonsterCable.com. ### Press Contact: Nathan Holthaus Your Electronic Warehouse Tel: 1-866-224-6161 Email: nathan@4electronicwarehouse.com
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