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Bose Releases Four New Products

This morning, Bose® unveiled four new products. All of these products are available for purchase today at Your Electronic Warehouse. Bose® SoundLink® On-Ear Bluetooth® Headphones are the first on-ear Bluetooth® headphones from Bose®. At only 5.5 ounces, these wireless headphones travel well and the rechargeable battery is good for up to 15 hours of premium listening. A 15-minute quick charge can get you an additional 2 hours! The headphones contain two microphones so it can be used as a Bluetooth® headset for making phone calls as well. The two-microphone system limits noise from wind and other ambient noises so that the person on the other end of the line hears you as clearly as you can hear them. And Adaptive Audio Adjustment technology "automatically changes volume based on speech level and ambient noise, letting you move from a quiet building to a busy street without missing a word." Bose® SoundDock® XT Speaker is the newest addition to the SoundDock® line up and includes support for docking iPods and iPhones with Lightning connectors (including the recently announced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus). The SoundDock® XT comes in Yellow and Dark Grey. Bose® Solo 15 TV Sound System is a one-piece sounds system designed to fit beneath an HDTV up to approximately 46". The system includes a programmable universal remote but Bose® says you won't be forced to constantly adjust the volume because of the clear sound and proprietary technology that went into the system. A small knob on the back of the device allows a user to set the bass level as well. Bose® CineMate® 15 Home Theater Speaker System provides a new entry into the Bose® sound bar home theater line up. The 12-inch wide sound bar connects directly to a TV and the bass delivering Acoustimass® module can be placed up to 3 meters away. This two piece home theater system delivers room-filling sound without sacrificing quality or clarity. The system also includes a programmable universal remote. Click any of the product names above to see the full product page on YEW. Additional images can be seen on our Facebook Page. Check back with YEW for more product announcements from Bose in the coming weeks.

Go Anywhere Audio: The New Bose® SoundLink® Mini

The new SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth Speaker from Bose delivers legendary Bose® sound from a speaker barely larger than your smartphone. This ultra-portable, compact speaker fits in the palm of your hand, yet features the full, rich sound you’ve come to expect from the company whose name is synonymous with quality audio. The SoundLink® Mini speaker weighs just a pound and a half, and with a 7 by 2 inch footprint, it tucks easily away in backpack, briefcase, or even a purse. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers up to seven hours of play on a single charge, and the included charging cradle allows you to play the SoundLink Mini while charging. The SoundLink Mini pairs with your smart phone, iPad®, or any Bluetooth device, giving you wireless, dock-free connectivity wherever you go. The speaker will work within 30 feet of your paired Bluetooth device. It also remembers your last six devices, so re-connecting is simple and convenient. But portability and connectivity are only a small part of the Bose SoundLink Mini; as with everything Bose, quality audio is the end game. And as with all Bose products, full, rich sound is the starting point of design from which all else flows. So when the folks at Bose come out with any new product, you can rely on the fact that it will produce a full range of performance. The Mini is no exception. Proprietary Bose speaker technology produces exceptional clarity and a robust range of sound—including deep lows—that are almost unimaginable in a speaker of such diminutive dimensions. Bose made portable listening for the SoundLink Mini even more convenient by offering a Mini speaker car charger as part of additional sold-separately accessories, making this bundle the perfect companion for road trips or friendly get-togethers. Additional accessories include a SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker Travel Bag, that serves as a protective case for both the SoundLink Mini and its wall charger, as well as an exciting selection of soft covers to protect the SoundLink Mini while handling and listening. The soft covers are available in blue, green or orange, allowing for a customized appearance to your SoundLink Mini speaker while proving protection to the aluminum body from scratches or abrasions. The travel bag or soft case may be purchased as a package with the SoundLink Mini, or each sold-separately. We’ve come to expect nothing less from Bose, and with the SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker, you’ll have full rich sound that goes anywhere you do. You can find the SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker and accessories online at 4ElectronicWarehouse.com.

Must Have Headphones - Studio Beats by Dr. Dre

Similar to the Solo HD Beats by Dr. Dre, the Studio Beats are the over-the-ear, bigger version in the Beats By Dre lineup. These headphones provide extremely high quality sound, incredible noise cancellation, and great bass reproduction. Although there are pros and cons to these headphones, they are an incredible piece of technology for any musician, traveler, or music lover. Included in the box of the Studio Beats is the actual headphones, a high-quality Monster headphone cable which does not tangle, a 1/8” to ¼” adapter (a great addition for musicians), a touring case, two AAA batteries, a Monster Clean Cloth with advanced Aegis Microbe Shield technology, and  the Monster iSoniTalk cable--for the iPhone, Blackberry and other music phones.  Also included in the box is the instruction manual on how to use the headphones. The touring case is extremely easy to transport.  Made of hard shell plastic, it protects your Studio Beats from impairment during travel. Another nice feature of the headphones is the three spongy pads--two located on the ear cups and one on the headband for added comfort. Overall, the construction of the headphones is superior to other standard headphones. The Studio Beats are mainly made of plastic material, but have a luxury, high-quality feel. There are a few drawbacks to the Studio Beats, including the requirement for two AAA batteries, fingerprint-prone finish, and the sound leakage. The Studio headphones require AAA batteries to work, and the estimated battery life ranges anywhere from two to three weeks. The shiny finish is fingerprint prone, but Monster took this into consideration when making the headphones. They have included a cleaning cloth for an easy dusting.  If the cleaning cloth doesn't satisfy your needs, you can purchase the Monster HDTV cleaning kit to help the headphones recapture their brand new look. The sound leakage is a con shared by nearly every headphone on the market.  Most people are annoyed when they are able to hear somebody else’s music. A quick fix to this is to not use them in public or don’t have your volume maxed out. A few bonus features of the Studio Beats headphones are the detachable cable, the mute button, and the extreme comfort. The detachable cable allows you to move around--whether working or playing--without worrying about your cord getting caught on something and yanking the headphones off your head. You don’t want to risk breaking these (although there are warranty options if the headphones happen to malfunction or break--read below)!  The mute button on the right ear cup is a great feature.  With this feature, you don’t have to search around for your iPod/MP3 player to stop the music to talk to somebody.  Simply push the mute button and the music is muted!  The extreme comfort of the Studio headphones is perfect for the music lovers who like to listen to music for hours at a time. . The super plush ear cups stay comfortable, as does the cushion on the headband. There will never be a need to stop your enjoyment because your headphones start to give you ear pain. There are also six new limited edition colors which are available to Your Electronic Warehouse to sell on November 16, 2011. The new colors include pink, orange, purple, green (not available to Your Electronic Warehouse), blue, and silver. The selling price for each pair of headphones is $299. The price for the Silver headphones are $349. The Studio Beats are a Limited Edition headphone for Holiday 2011, make sure you get yours quick! These headphones are a must have for the audiophile and are a great investment! These headphones have a one year limited warranty, which includes a one time replacement of the headset.

The Bose® Lifestyle VS-2 Video Enhancer® is A Must for All Lifestyle Owners

Bose® Lifestyle® Home Entertainment Systems are world renowned for their superior technology, top-quality sound and simplicity. With the introduction of the Bose Lifestyle® VS-2 Video Enhancer , Bose Lifestyle® Systems will also be known as some of the most versatile home theater systems on the market. The VS-2 gives Lifestyle® owners 2 HDMI connections, Automatic Video Upscaling capability and One-Button remote control simplicity. The addition of the Bose Lifestyle® VS-2 Video Enhancer takes Lifestyle® Home Entertainment Systems into the next generation of High Definition Home Theater. When connected to the VS-2, the Lifestyle® has the ability to control both the Audio and Video inputs rather than just the audio. This feature makes the Lifestyle® act more like a traditional home theater receiver. The VS-2 Video Enhancer works seamlessly with all Lifestyle® DVD home entertainment systems except for Lifestyle® 18, 28 and 35 Series I systems. HDMI Inputs Two HDMI inputs have been added to the VS-2 Video Enhancer to give the user the option of connecting a High Definition Cable/Satellite Box, Blu-Ray Disc player or any other component that uses HDMI to your Lifestyle® Home Entertainment System. HDMI gives you high definition video and digital audio all in one cable. HDMI is the future of high definition and will give you the best possible viewing and listening experience. *If your cable or satellite picture is there some days and gone others, you are probably experiencing DRM (Digital Rights Management) problems. In this case, use Component for the CBL/SAT Input, it will still be upscaled to HDMI through the output. Automatic Video Upscaling Another great feature the VS-2 provides is the ability to automatically upscale a video signal to the next highest format or resolution over HDMI. A composite video connection will be upscaled to S-Video format and S-Video is upscaled to component video format. This is also the case with high definition signals, for instance: a 1080i signal will be upgraded to 1080p format over HDMI. This feature allows you to get the full potential from all of your components. One-Button Simplicity Since the VS-2 allows your Lifestyle® to manage all video and audio sources together, it only takes the push of a button to get them to work together. If you press the CBL/SAT button on your Lifestyle® Remote you will get audio and video without having to change the input on your TV. This feature makes your home theater experience a lot less complicated. The Bose VS-2 Video Enhancer allows you to upgrade your Lifestyle® Home Entertainment System for the ultimate high definition experience. Even if you don't use high definition the one button simplicity and video upscaling are great tools by themselves and will still give you a better overall experience. The VS-2 Video Enhancer is also very easy to install. You simply run the update disc which takes about 5 minutes (don't eject until the system says update complete), connect to the Lifestyle® Home Entertainment System and make your video connections from your components to the VS-2. Bose is a company that makes their products last and the VS-2 is a testament to that. With the Lifestyle® VS-2 Video Enhancer connected to your Lifestyle® System, you will be ready for the high definition experience of your choice. *please note, the HDMI video out only transmits video -- a separate audio connection is required.

Bose® Introduces its Lifestyle® V20 and V30 Home Theater Systems

The Bose Corporation has unveiled their brand new home theater systems the Bose Lifestyle® V20 and Lifestyle® V30 . Bose created the new Lifestyle® systems for consumers with existing DVD players other components like: Blu Ray or HD-DVD Players, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, HD Cable/Satellite boxes and iPod Docks. The Lifestyle® V20 and V30 share most of the same features as the Lifestyle® 48, 38, 35 and 28 systems with a few major upgrades. Inputs One of the biggest changes from the traditional Lifestyle® Systems is the addition of two HDMI inputs that are able to accept a full 1080p High Definition signal. The Lifestyle® V20 and V30 have a total of 4 total video inputs all with the option of using Composite Video , S-Video and Component Video along with the two that can use HDMI . With this setup, users will have the option of viewing High Definition on all four video inputs (if component and HDMI are used in each). Bose has also included 5 audio inputs all with the ability to use Analog Audio and Fiber Optic Audio , with one input that can use a Digital Coaxial connection. The additions of HDMI and more fiber optic inputs will give users the ability to maximize their home theater experience with extremely sharp 5.1 digital surround sound and High Definition Video. Appearance The appearance of the Bose Lifestyle® V20 and V30 are significantly different from the original Lifestyle® systems as well. The media console is very sleek and much smaller than the typical bulky home theater receiver. It is also able to be hidden away due to the addition of an elegant Digital Display Panel. The Digital Display Panel is 3 inches high and just under 9 inches wide which allows the user to set it on a shelf or on top of an Entertainment Cabinet. The tiny display allows you to store the rest of your home theater system and its components out of sight because the remote control works through the display not the media console itself. The way Bose has set up the actual display on the display panel is very similar to the way you see it on current Lifestyle® models. One Button Simplicity The Lifestyle® V20 and V30 systems act as more traditional receivers because they have both audio and now video inputs on the back panel. This gives the V20 and V30 the ability to control both video and audio inputs as one unit with a single remote control. Once you have your other components programed into your Lifestyle® Remote, all it takes is the touch of a button to get the right video and audio sources to play together. This eliminates the need to use several remotes or to change the TV input to match your audio source. Video Upscaling This is another great feature of the V20 and V30 Home Theater Systems. The Lifestyle® V20 and V30 will also upscale the video quality of your components to the highest resolution that your TV can display, all the way up to 1080p. This feature will drastically improve the users viewing experience. Vintage Bose Bose still utilizes many of its patented technologies in the new V20 and V30 Home Theater Systems. Here are some of the well known Bose technologies and electronics devices that they have incorporated: AdaptIQ BoseLink Jewell Cube Speakers (Lifestyle V30) Direct Reflecting Speakers (Lifestyle V20) Acoustimass Module AM/FM Stereo TV Power Sensor One Year Limited Warranty The Bose Lifestyle® V30 and V20 systems give the consumer a user friendly, customizable home theater system with amazing theater quality sound and picture. You can enjoy a complete high definition experience that is second to none and not have to worry about how it looks in the room because it can be stored out of sight. Bose really hit one out of the park on this one, this system has all the capabilities of a high-end receiver but can automatically maximize the picture and sound by itself giving you one incredible home theater experience.

Bose® Releases its New SoundDock® Portable Digital Music System

Within the past week, Bose Corporation released its second generation SoundDock, the Bose, SoundDock, Portable Digital Music System. This portable SoundDock features all the technology of the original SoundDock with some added convenience features that make it even more versatile than before. The SoundDock Portable can either be plugged into an outlet or can run on a lithium-ion battery that allows you to take it wherever you like. The new portable SoundDock is also smaller than the original SoundDock so it is easier to travel with. An additional SoundDock Portable Battery and a SoundDock Portable Travel Case are also available for purchase. Other nice features of the portable SoundDock include a rotating dock that slides into the main enclosure and a handle located in the back to make it easier to travel with. One of the best features on the SoundDock Portable is the auxiliary input located on the back which allows external devices to plug into it. Bose has also upgraded the sound system on the SoundDock Portable by using an integrated system of speakers, amplifiers and equalizers. The SoundDock Portable's system allows for better acoustic performance and provides consistent acoustic quality without the worry or inconvenience of complex component adjustments. The Bose SoundDock Portable is also fully compatible with the Apple iPhone. The SoundDock Portable is designed to work with the iPhone so that the iPhone will not ask to go into airplane mode when docking with the SoundDock Portable. You can simply plug and play any iPhone with no compatibility issues.   <br />

Monster’s Acclaimed Line of PowerCenters Now Feature “Empowered” Control Technology

Monster, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end cables, accessories and power conditioning products, is proud to announce that it will be featuring its line of “Empowered” PowerCenters at CES 2007. Monster’s line of PowerCenters with Empowered IR control and distribution technology enables remote controls to work even when AV components are hidden in cabinets or in remote racks. “Today’s consumer wants as much of their AV components hidden as possible to both free up space as well as not detract from the aesthetic appeal of their home theater room…but that may come at a price,” explained Noel Lee, the Head Monster. “By doing so, most remote controls won’t work because there is no ‘line of sight’ for the remote’s infrared beam to access the component’s IR receiver. Monster’s Empowered control technology has eliminated this issue so one can utilize Monster’s vast array of power conditioning products wherever they need to be installed.” Monster Empowered control technology enables remotes to work even when AV components are hidden, so no "line of sight" is required. Empowered PowerCenter features include: IR control and distribution technology to ensure remote control signals reach visible and hidden AV components T2™ automatic disconnect/reconnect protection circuitry Tri-Mode™ circuitry with audible alarm and auto disconnect Digital AC Line Voltage Meter monitors incoming voltage Coaxial Connectors for TV, cable and satellite protection Network Connectors (RJ45) for satellite receiver, digital video recorder, and network protection Phone Connectors (RJ11) for satellite receiver, digital video recorder, and phone protection 24k Gold Plated Contacts for maximum power transfer and corrosion resistance Rack Mountable with removable rack ears included Color Coded Outlets with matching labels Extra Long 8 ft. Monster PowerLine® 100 Cable with Blue LED Power Flow Indicator Five (5) Year Connected Equipment Warranty and Five (5) Year Product Warranty Includes one IR receiver module for use when consumers want to hide components; also includes two dual head and one single head IR emitters to ensure IR signals reach AV components

Klipsch Unveils the CS-700 and RoomGroove as a New Line of Multi-Room Entertaiment Products

Brand New KlipschCast Technology in the CS-700 Home Theater System and the RoomGroove Satellite Speaker with iPod Dock will Revolutionize Home Audio Indianapolis, Indiana (1/08/07) – Klipsch has introduced a new line of home entertainment products that use KlipschCast technology to deliver their famous high performance sound wirelessly. The new KlipschCast products will help save a lot of headaches for homeowners who want a great multi-room sound system but don’t want the hassle of re-wiring their entire house. The CS-700 Home Theater System paired with the RoomGroove satellite speaker (sold separately) make quite the one-two punch by wirelessly communicating a CD quality signal to different rooms of the house. This means that you can enjoy a movie in full surround sound in the living room, while someone else listens to the AM/FM radio on the RoomGroove in the bedroom upstairs. Not only does the CS-700 transmit to remote RoomGrooves in different locations, it also transmits to its wireless subwoofer that can be hidden away virtually anywhere in the listening area. “With unmatched wireless competency and dynamic sound performance, our KlipschCast products fill the market gap for a high-quality multi-room audio system that’s easy to install and simple to operate,” said president of Klipsch Audio Technologies Mike Klipsch. “This platform allows users to easily expand their Klipsch sound from room-to-room without being tripped up or tied down.” KlipschCast™ Basics Simply, through its KlipschCast™ Technology, the CS-700 sends a wireless CD-quality audio signal to one or more RoomGroove systems. This signal can be the same one playing on the CS-700 or something entirely different: The CS-700 is capable of playing up to two separate sources at the same time. For example, the CS-700 can play a DVD movie in the living room, while the RoomGroove broadcasts the CS-700’s AM/FM tuner in the kitchen. The RoomGroove can also play music locally utilizing its retractable iPod dock, or through its auxiliary input for other MP3 players. Since the RoomGroove is a transceiver, it can transmit as well as receive, allowing it to send this MP3 music signal to other RoomGroove units throughout the house. In fact, users could create a multi-room music system with just RoomGroove units if they desire. The robust 2.4gHz wireless technology found in these products offers CS-700 DVD Entertainment System This unobtrusive entertainment system uses digital processing circuitry to simulate the effect of a larger, five-speaker system with only two satellites, a subwoofer and an A/V center. Each satellite employs dual magnetically shielded 3-inch woofers and a 0.75-inch magnetically shielded tweeter mated to an exclusive Tractrix® Horn, a design that delivers genuine lifelike sound as well as produces more output using less energy. Klipsch is the only speaker manufacturer to utilize horn technology in all of its product lines. In fact, the cutting-edge research that drives the development of the company’s leading movie cinema speakers is also applied in the CS-700. The subwoofer utilizes an 8-inch down-firing woofer and 200 watts of amplifier power to generate hard-hitting bass response. Due to its compact size and wireless capability, this subwoofer can easily be hidden away while still delivering dramatic low-end effects. The A/V center features Dolby® Virtual Speaker technology along with a progressive scan DVD player, AM/FM tuner and three auxiliary inputs, including High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI). The CS-700 also features an HDMI output for passing digital signals to a TV. An easy-to-use universal IR remote control directs all system functions as well as those of the TV and other entertainment devices. Available in a black finish, this system offers a clean, modern design that fits comfortably into any living environment. Essentially plug-and-play, the CS-700 can be operating in as little as 10 minutes. All it takes is hooking the satellites and TV up to the A/V center using the color-coded wiring and then plugging in the power cord. A step-by-step set up guide is included to walk users through the process. The CS-700 is already being recognized by winning a 2007 Consumer Electronics Show Innovations Award for being among the best designed products for 2007. RoomGroove Music Center A true two-way design, this music system utilizes dual 2.5-inch high-output woofers in a ported enclosure, premium crossover networks and dual MicroTractrix™ Horn-loaded tweeters. While the RoomGroove’s hidden dock accepts and charges all iPods with 30-pin connectors, it also comes with all current Apple universal well inserts to accommodate multiple iPod sizes. The dock opens and closes via the Klipsch logo touch sensor that’s located on the front of the unit. The RoomGroove is also compatible with other MP3 players via an auxiliary input. Available in a black finish, the RoomGroove is ready to perform as soon as you plug it in and dock an iPod. Additionally, its shallow enclosure depth allows for low-profile wall mounting using the included hardware. A simple IR remote control lets users select different KlipschCast sources. Both the CS-700 and RoomGroove satellite speaker are expected to hit the market sometime in April. ###

Klipsch Unveils New CS-500 DVD Entertainment System

Two Speaker System Gives a Full Surround Sound With Less Hassle Indianapolis, Indiana (1/08/07) – Klipsch seems to have solved the equation for a hassle-free home theater system unveiling its new CS-500 DVD Entertainment System. The CS-500 gives off a high quality sound with the use of only two sattelite speakers, a subwoofer and an A/V station. Though the system is compact, Klipsch technology allows the CS-500 to rival the sound of most five speaker home theater systems. The satellite speakers boast dual magnetically shielded 2.5-inch high output woofers and a 0.75-inch magnetically shielded tweeter connected to a Klipsch Tractrix® Horn which allows the speaker to produce more output with less energy. The compact 6.5 inch down firing subwoofer is powered by 100 watts and can be easily hidden while still producing quality low-end effects. “The cinematic depth of this little system is so great, you’ll find yourself scanning the room for the hidden center channel and rear speakers,” said Tony Ostrom, director of product planning. Both the speakers and the subwoofer connect to a sleek A/V center which is capable of High-Definition output and progressive scan DVD. The CS-500 also has three auxiliary outputs, an AM/FM tuner and includes a universal IR remote that allows the user to easily navigate the entire system. Installation is also easy with a color coded guide that allows the CS-500 to be installed in roughly 10 minutes. The Klipsch CS-500 DVD Entertainment System is set to be commercially sold sometime in the month of April. ###

Klipsch Unveils its New iGroove SXT MP3 Docking Station

The iGroove SXT Hopes to Make a Profound Impact on the Digital Music World Indianapolis, Indiana (1/08/07) – Klipsch has the digital music market buzzing with the announcement of their new iPod speaker system the iGroove SXT. This new version of the iGroove has received radical changes from the original in both looks and technology. The speakers used by the iGroove SXT include dual 2.5-inch woofers in a ported enclosure, with premium crossovers and dual 1-inch MicroTractrix™ Horn-loaded tweeters that combine to produce a signature Klipsch sound. The iGroove SXT charges all iPods that have a 30 prong connector, the charging dock also features universal inserts that allow the different versions of the iPod to fit firmly in place. There are also separate input plugs for the iPod Shuffle and other digital devices, as well as an S-Video output which will allow the user to view videos on a separate monitior. Klipsch not only upgraded the speakers and charging device, it also gave the iGroove SXT a different look. It is now slimmer to adapt to a wall-mounting bracket (sold separately) and features a unique black cloth speaker cover to compliment the black finish. The iGroove SXT will be available for purchase sometime in the month of April. ###
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