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Must Have Headphones - Studio Beats by Dr. Dre

Similar to the Solo HD Beats by Dr. Dre, the Studio Beats are the over-the-ear, bigger version in the Beats By Dre lineup. These headphones provide extremely high quality sound, incredible noise cancellation, and great bass reproduction. Although there are pros and cons to these headphones, they are an incredible piece of technology for any musician, traveler, or music lover. Included in the box of the Studio Beats is the actual headphones, a high-quality Monster headphone cable which does not tangle, a 1/8” to ¼” adapter (a great addition for musicians), a touring case, two AAA batteries, a Monster Clean Cloth with advanced Aegis Microbe Shield technology, and  the Monster iSoniTalk cable--for the iPhone, Blackberry and other music phones.  Also included in the box is the instruction manual on how to use the headphones. The touring case is extremely easy to transport.  Made of hard shell plastic, it protects your Studio Beats from impairment during travel. Another nice feature of the headphones is the three spongy pads--two located on the ear cups and one on the headband for added comfort. Overall, the construction of the headphones is superior to other standard headphones. The Studio Beats are mainly made of plastic material, but have a luxury, high-quality feel. There are a few drawbacks to the Studio Beats, including the requirement for two AAA batteries, fingerprint-prone finish, and the sound leakage. The Studio headphones require AAA batteries to work, and the estimated battery life ranges anywhere from two to three weeks. The shiny finish is fingerprint prone, but Monster took this into consideration when making the headphones. They have included a cleaning cloth for an easy dusting.  If the cleaning cloth doesn't satisfy your needs, you can purchase the Monster HDTV cleaning kit to help the headphones recapture their brand new look. The sound leakage is a con shared by nearly every headphone on the market.  Most people are annoyed when they are able to hear somebody else’s music. A quick fix to this is to not use them in public or don’t have your volume maxed out. A few bonus features of the Studio Beats headphones are the detachable cable, the mute button, and the extreme comfort. The detachable cable allows you to move around--whether working or playing--without worrying about your cord getting caught on something and yanking the headphones off your head. You don’t want to risk breaking these (although there are warranty options if the headphones happen to malfunction or break--read below)!  The mute button on the right ear cup is a great feature.  With this feature, you don’t have to search around for your iPod/MP3 player to stop the music to talk to somebody.  Simply push the mute button and the music is muted!  The extreme comfort of the Studio headphones is perfect for the music lovers who like to listen to music for hours at a time. . The super plush ear cups stay comfortable, as does the cushion on the headband. There will never be a need to stop your enjoyment because your headphones start to give you ear pain. There are also six new limited edition colors which are available to Your Electronic Warehouse to sell on November 16, 2011. The new colors include pink, orange, purple, green (not available to Your Electronic Warehouse), blue, and silver. The selling price for each pair of headphones is $299. The price for the Silver headphones are $349. The Studio Beats are a Limited Edition headphone for Holiday 2011, make sure you get yours quick! These headphones are a must have for the audiophile and are a great investment! These headphones have a one year limited warranty, which includes a one time replacement of the headset.

Do You Host Outdoor Parties?

Experience the benefits of outdoor speaker systems. Summer is in full swing with humid heat waves, barbeques and backyard get-togethers. A music playlist can make or break a good party, help set the party tone with beautiful soundscapes. One of the most popular home improvement projects today is the installation of an outdoor speaker system. Speakers are a long term investment and can last for years. Whether placed within the surrounds of your home, or via wires and connections that run through your roof or the grounds, or via wireless technology so that the speaker connects to the main stereo system. You can start with a pair of speakers or set up channels, like rear surrounds and a subwoofer. Take a glance at the benefits of outdoor speaker systems: Make your party a musical party. Portable speakers lose their resonance once you move a few or more meters away. Outdoor sound is great for work and for play. An outdoor speaker system lets you enjoy and enhance the experience of your outdoor activities, whether it be working the yard or playing poolside with the kids. Outdoor speaker systems also enhance the value of your property. Outdoor speakers or “rock speakers” are great for creating the perfect outdoor sound system. Rock speakers blend into your garden, front porch, or backyard. They can conceal any unnatural-looking components. Also, their high-quality sound combined with the look and color of natural rock that comes in a variety of finishes. Another plus is that outdoor speakers are durable. These all-weather speakers are designed specifically for outdoor use. Their construction includes exotic materials and specially designed components to resist corrosion, withstand extreme temperatures and survive exposure to UV rays. Likewise they are water-resistant, to curb future maintenance costs and repair expenses. Even better, Niles Audio offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all loudspeakers. So, you can feel totally confident about your loudspeaker purchase. Soundscapes Tips for Outdoor Entertaining When choosing speakers consider size, focus on sound not price and listen for differences. It’s perfectly OK to bring your own music to sample at the store. Grab a few CDs or your portable music player and play some familiar pieces of music. Speakers will sound different at home because of your room size, shape, and furnishings. Sometimes, a retailer like us will allow a home trial. Your Electronic Warehouse carries a wide range of amplifiers and waterproof volume controls. If you play music loudly, make sure that your receiver is rated to handle the impedance of the front speaker pair. The SR5006 receiver by Marantz delivers high-performance, convenience and flexibility. It features innovative advancements for building an expanded home entertainment networks. You can stream iTunes from your Mac or PC, as well music stored on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with Apple’s AirPlay®. Niles has some great soundscape design tips! #1 A general guideline is to position loudspeakers 12 to 15 feet of the listening area. You provide quality sound for the listeners at comfortable volume levels, without huge amount of amplifier power. Outdoor loudspeakers can also be designed to mount on walls, in corners, and under eaves. #2 More loudspeakers are better than more power – especially if you have an oversize or a particularly large outdoor area, it’s always better to add more loudspeaker than more power. You don’t want to blast the ears of listeners on the deck. #3 Provide volume controls for each listening area. Ideally, each listening area should have the option to adjust the volume. You want people sitting at the table to be able to adjust their music to a comfortable level, while allowing the swimmers in the pool to enjoy their music at their preferred volume level. When you create multiple listening zones, make sure you have enough power for all loudspeakers. Fortunately, YEW has a few system recommendations; we believe will hit the sweet spot between sound quality and convenience.  If you'd like to learn how to program your iPhone to control the volume remotely, please contact 1-866-224-6171 for expert advice. These speakers will do nicely for an afternoon hazing in the sun with friends. Everyone’s happy and the party rocks!

FAQ about Bose® Lifestyle® T20, V25, V35 Systems

Bose® has launched three new Lifestyle® systems -- the Lifestyle® T20 Home Theater System, Lifestyle® v25 Home Entertainment System and Lifestyle® V35 Home Entertainment System -- that feature digital 5.1 surround sound (including HD audio), Unify™ Technology, ADAPTiQ® audio calibration, 6 high-definition (HD) inputs including 4 HDMI, video upscaling and many other impressive features. The new Lifestyle® systems feature a sleek, low-profile control console with convenient front panel access and either Direct/Reflecting® or Jewel Cube® speaker arrays. Keep reading to find our more details and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the new Lifestyle® systems!   1. What sets the Bose® Lifestyle® T20, Bose® Lifestyle® V25 and Bose® Lifestyle® V35 home theater systems apart from other home entertainment systems? T-Class™ and V-Class® systems deliver amazing sound in an easy-to-use, fully-integrated system. Your movies, video games, sports, music and favorite TV shows will look better and sound better than ever - but without the hassle of traditional home theater systems. In fact, the setup and use of your new Bose® Lifestyle® system is so easy you may not even need the instruction manual! Never before has a home theater system been so simple to set up and use, with visual and audible cues to make the process faster and less confusing, and similar ease of use if you wish to add or remove components later. And with 6 high definition (HD) input sources, you'll be hard pressed to run out of connections. 2. How are the new Bose® Lifestyle® systems different from each other? How are they the same?     Speakers Music Remote Control Media Console Perfect for V35 Jewel Cube® AM/FM tuner, iPod/iPhone dock, Bose® Link Advanced, 2-line LCD display Low-profile, dark color Movie and music lovers who want the smallest, most advanced speakers; who upgrade to new technology when available; want easy setup and use V25 Direct/Reflecting® AM/FM tuner, iPod/iPhone dock, Bose® Link Advanced, 2-line LCD display Low-profile, dark color Movie and music lovers who frequently update technology and want easy setup and use T20 Direct/Reflecting® Bose® Link Basic Low-profile, light color Movie lovers who frequently update technology and want easy setup and use All three systems feature the new Bose® Unify™ Technology, which helps make setup and use much easier than other complete home theater systems. All three systems also feature ADAPTiQ®, a built-in audio calibration program that allows the system to tune itself to maximize performance based on your room's acoustic properties. Finally, the three systems all offer Videostage® 5 decoding circuitry, video upscaling (even to 1080p over HDMI), Digital Dynamic Range® compression circuitry and active stabilization. 3. What is the Bose® Unify™ intelligent integration system and how does it work? Put simply, Unify™ Technology is a built-in assistant that guides you through the setup and use of your new Lifestyle® home entertainment system. It helps you decide which connections to use, what to call them, assists in selecting audio and video sources, and even programs remotes! Unify™ will sense new connections and help you make sure they're connected properly, and if you remove a component it will detect that too and remove that source from the on-screen menu. Unify™ also determines remote control codes by deciphering the unique "signature" of your remotes, then uses its internal database to tell the main Bose® remote control what it will be controlling. 4. Why doesn't the Lifestyle® T20 have a radio or iPod/iPhone dock? The T20 is designed to be a home theater system, whereas the V25 and V35 are home entertainment systems. The Bose® Lifestyle® T20 system is meant for people who want to just watch movies or other A/V devices like satellite, cable boxes, etc. The Bose® Lifestyle® V25/V35 are meant to provide all possible sources and connections, enabling single-room or whole-house audio. The iPod/iPhone dock is only available for the V25 and V35 systems. So if you're big into movies but not radio, the T20 is a good choice. But if your iPhone never leaves your side and you enjoy listening to the local news, the V25 and V35 systems are a better choice. 5. Will my iPod model work with my new Bose® Lifestyle® V25 or Bose® Lifestyle® V35? The included iPod dock is "Made for iPod" certified. If your iPod can play video it will work with your new system. 6. Will my iPhone model work with my new Bose® Lifestyle® V25 or Bose® Lifestyle® V35? Yes. The included iPhone dock is being tested to become "Works with iPhone" to avoid the prompt for airplane mode to further enhance the experience. 7. Where is the front display on my media console? The Bose® Lifestyle® V25, Bose® Lifestyle® V35 and Bose® Lifestyle® T20 no longer have their own displays because they transmit the information to your HDTV as an on-screen display. Thus, your TV becomes the central point to make adjustments, modify settings, select sources and otherwise interact with the Bose® Lifestyle® systems. And since you don't have to see the front of the console for control, they can be hidden or placed in A/V furniture. 8. Can I use my Bose® Lifestyle® V35, V25 or T20 for multi-zone or whole-house audio? Can I use my Bose® Personal® Music Center II Remote Control with the V25/V35? The Bose® Lifestyle® V25 and Bose® Lifestyle® V35 home entertainment systems can be used with or without Bose® Lifestyle® 48/38 systems for expanded audio. However, the Bose® Lifestyle® T20 must be connected to a Bose® Lifestyle® 48/38 system using a Bose® Link cable connection. The PCM II Remote Control will not work with the new Bose® Lifestyle® systems. Only the included remote or the optional RC-35S Zone II Remote Control will work. 9. Do the Bose® Lifestyle® systems support high definition (HD) audio from Blu-ray Discs? Yes. The consoles can decode Dolby Digital TrueHD and uncompressed multichannel PCM from Blu-ray Disc Players. DTS-MA (master audio) contains only the 5.1 "core." It is recommended that you set your Blu-ray player to output PCM for both Dolby TruHD and DTS-MA to maximize the audio signal. 10. Can the Bose® Lifestyle® V25/V35/T20 upscale video? Yes. When using HDMI cables, video signals can be upscaled to full 1080p. 11. Why are there USB ports on the consoles? The USB jacks are for viewing pictures from a USB stick (also called a thumb drive or jump drive) and allow the unit's software to be updated using the USB stick provided with the system. The updates are downloaded from the internet, transferred to the USB stick, then installed in the Bose® Lifestyle® system. 12. Do the new Bose® Lifestyle® systems have ethernet jacks so I can connect them to the internet? No. None of the new Bose® Lifestyle® systems feature an ethernet port (RJ-45), but there are many third-party (non-Bose®) devices that can interface with the system to enable streaming content from the internet or files stored in your computer to be played through your Bose® Lifestyle® system. 13. Can I order the speakers in colors other than black? No. The speakers for all three systems are black. 14. Can the media consoles, subwoofer and speaker arrays be switched to make my own custom system? No. The consoles, Acoustimass® subwoofer and speakers are designed as complete units. This means that each system is meant to operate at its optimum performance with the pre-packaged components. Mixing other speakers, subwoofers or components is not recommended and will likely void the product's warranty.

Add Boston Acoustics Wireless Subwoofers for More Bass

As we spend more time at home watching on-demand movies, Blu-ray and enjoying internet content through our home theaters, people want more bass. But adding additional subwoofers means running cables -- expensive cables that look bad, trip you if not installed right, or may have to be installed inside your walls! But there is a new and better way to enjoy more bass: Boston Acoustic Wireless Subwoofers. Keep reading for details about how easy it is to add more bass by using wireless subwoofers. Boston Acoustics Wireless Subwoofers There are three models of subwoofers to choose from, all of which use the same wireless transmitter. The wireless transmitter hooks up to your home theater receiver and can control up to four (4!) subwoofers. The subwoofers simply plug into an AC outlet, so placement is convenient and setup is a breeze. Boston Acoustics WT-50 Wireless Transmitter Boston Acoustics CPS-8WI (8 inch, 350 watt powered sub) Boston Acoustics CPS-10WI (10 inch, 650 watt powered sub) Boston Acoustics CPS-12WI (12 inch, 800 watt powered sub) Uses 2.4GHz radio for wireless  The wireless subwoofer system uses 2.4GHz radio, a reliable industry standard widely use in home theatre and computing applications. What matters most is that the subwoofers can be placed up to 50ft. from the transmitter, allowing you to place the subs in spots that produce the best bass response but would otherwise be difficult or impossible to install with traditional wire connections; Boston Acoustics wireless subs can truly be "out of sight, out of mind". Make your home theater sound and feel like the cinema with wireless subwoofers from Boston Acoustics. Need help deciding? Questions? Call 1-866-224-6171 and talk with one of our Boston Acoustic custom installation experts. They have decades of custom install experience and can guide you through the purchase and setup process, and can even dispatch technicians to do the job for you! They can also assist with finding accessories and main components for your home theater system, whole house audio and other electronics needs.

Sonos Wireless Multi-Room/Whole-House Music System

Visit our showroom to see the Sonos Multi-Room Music System powered by SonosNet 2.0 wireless mesh network technology. The revolutionary Sonos system is a true wireless system, with each main system component only requiring a power cord. Browse your iTunes library, skip tracks on Pandora, and stream thousands of songs quickly and easily with touchscreen remote controls, the free iPhone/iPod Touch app, or the free desktop manager. The more ZonePlayers and Bridges you add the better your system gets, enabling independent source, track and volume controls; the zones can also be linked together for seamless audio playback throughout your home or venue. Wireless Mesh Network Every ZonePlayer serves as a repeater that pushes your music to where ever your system components are located: bedroom, kitchen, basement, backyard -- if there's a signal you've got music. The mesh network uses sophisticated MIMO technology and multiple antennas and radios to boost signals, and unlike simpler access points, the mesh network will route data to the best node to ensure inteference-free performance. And since the mesh network uses its own AES encrypted peer-to-peer network, your internet bandwidth is not disturbed regardless of your Sonos system's size or complexity: once the data gets into the mesh network it uses the Sonos system, not your broadband connection. But don't worry, each system component automatically configures itself, meaning no manual setup or networking know-how is needed. Sonos ZonePlayers The heart of the system is the ZonePlayer. The ZP90, ZP120 and S5 are ZonePlayers. Each is designed to make listening to music easier and more enjoyable: the Sonos system is all about freedom and control. S5: is a high-performance wireless music system with 5 speakers powered by 5 dedicated digital amplifiers for crystal-clear, room-filling sound. Just plug it in wherever you want music. ZP90: connects directly to your home theater receiver, stereo system and more, so you can instantly add music to the audio equipment you already own. ZP120: has a built-in 55W per channel digital amplifier. Just add speakers to bring superior audio quality to any room. Sonos ZoneBridge and Sonos Controller Having access to your iTunes library and virtually unlimited choice of streaming internet music is useless unless you can harness that power with control. And what if you want to have wireless signals in a particular room but not necessarily audio? Sonos has you covered there, too: ZoneBridge: is a wireless product that can be used instead of a ZonePlayer to set up your wireless Sonos system. If your house doesn't have Ethernet wiring or your router is in a room where you don't want music, connect the ZoneBridge to your router to instantly activate the SonosNet wireless mesh network. The ZoneBridge can also be used as a wireless extender to increase the range of your system and expand the Controller's wireless coverage. Touchscreen Controller: a wireless, handheld Controller with a 3.5" full-color VGA display and ultra-responsive touch screen. Pick it up or touch the screen and it's instantly on, ready to play your music. You can quickly find and play all your music and control all your ZonePlayers with the touch of a finger. And dedicated Mute, Volume and Zones buttons get you to the functions you use most. Sonos Controllers are not tied to a specific ZonePlayer, so you can use any Controller to control the music - and the volume - in every room of the house. The Sonos Controller 200 provides instant access to your personal music library stored on your computer, plus thousands of Internet radio stations and the most popular online music services. And, it comes with a Charging Cradle so it's always ready to go and easy to find. Desktop Controller (installed on a computer): for Mac or PC is free software that's included with every ZonePlayer. It offers almost all of the functionality as the handheld Sonos Controllers, and allows you to control your entire system from any desktop or laptop computer in your house. iPhone/iPod Touch app: a free application that turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a full-fledged Sonos Controller. Plus, it fits in your pocket so you can carry it with you all over the house. Music Sources You've got the system, you've got the party going, now all you need are the tunes! Sonos can access your personal music files on your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, computer, NAS (network attached strorage) device, internet radio stations, and can play a variety of free and paid music services. Wow! Personal Library: MP3 (compressed), WMA (compressed), AAC (MPEG4), iTunes, Ogg Vorbis, Audible (format 4), Apple Lossless, Flac (lossless), WAV (uncompressed), AIFF (uncompressed). Internet Radio: access thousands of free internet radio stations, ranging from the softest classical music to the hardest rock, with news, sports, talk and everything else between. Search for specific stations or browse the genres with ease. Music Services: AmazonMP3, Audible, Classical.com, eMusic, iTunes, Last.fm, LiveDownloads.com, Napster, Pandora, Rhapsody, SIRIUS Internet Radio, Walmart and Zune Marketplace. System Setup and Quality If all of this sounds like a nightmare of complexity, rest assured that setup is a breeze -- and it sounds great, too! You'll probably have more trouble setting up your DVD player than this amazing wireless music system. That's because all you need is a high-speed broadband internet connection, a router and two fingers: 1. Connect one ZoneBridge or ZonePlayer to your broadband router. 2. Add more ZonePlayers wirelessly. Wherever you want music. 3. Wirelessly control all your music and all your rooms from the palm of your hand. As I mentioned earlier, each component configures itself automatically, so there's no SSID's to memorize, no passwords to write down, no frustrating channels to set -- just plug in, push the two buttons, and hit play. And if you're wondering about sound quality and performance, just think about traditional radio and your modern broadband connection: radio signals are powerful, capable of going through walls and floors, and the incredible speeds and reliability of wireless technology means high-quality music comes through without skips, echoes, buffering and other frustrating symptoms of old technology. Plus, the SonosNet mesh technology network is AES encrypted, keeping problems out and the music on. So if you want to have a true wireless audio system, the Sonos system is the only way to go. By choosing Sonos you can stop worrying about your iPod dying because it can stay in its dock and you can control music from the other side of the house. You can stream Pandora or catch up on the latest news and sports without having to log into your computer or run upstairs to the TV. Nice night? Grab the S5 and head outside. All without having to run expensive speaker cables, extension cords for tables full of equipment, and gives you the power to decide what zones gets which music at what volume level. Stop standing around tiny iPod docks, stop having your buddy run inside to change a scratched CD, just "go Sonos" and live life wirelessly.

New Bose SoundDock 10, SoundLink and Bluetooth Dock Available for Purchase

Bose® recently launched several new products to get the most from your Apple iPhone/iPod and iTunes music library: SoundDock® 10 Digital Music System a speaker dock that plays music and transmits video from tethered devices, SoundLink® Wireless Music System which plays streamed music from computers and the SoundDock® 10 Bluetooth Dock, which allows Bluetooth enabled devices to transmit music wirelessly to the SoundDock 10. If you love music and have a computer and digital music device then you need to check out these new products from Bose. Product descriptions and main features listed below, with links to product pages where you can buy online and receive free shipping! SoundDock® 10 Digital Music System Twiddlers® drivers combine mid-range and tweeter functions into a single speaker, producing crisp highs and rich middle tones while saving space and weight Subwoofer is built-in and utilizes waveguide technology, the porting acoustical amplification system found in the Wave® systems that create a feel and sound of a much larger stereo system for powerful listening from an unassuming source Auxiliary input allows other non-iPod/iPhone devices to be connected, such as disc players and other digital devices Video output takes your video from the small screen to your big screen Built-in dock charges and works with remote for effortless use SoundLink® Wireless Music System USB key plugs into your computer's USB port and streams music wirelessly to the speaker -- no software or setup required Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides hours of hassle-free listening Remote control adjusts volume, play/pause and skip functions without having to interface with the computer Auxiliary input for a wide range of devices Built-in handle means you can easily take the party anywhere SoundDock® 10 Bluetooth Dock Dock inserts into the SoundDock 10 and receives Bluetooth signals from phones and devices Allows for untethered playing of music so you can remain truly mobile Sleek design and new technology offers excellent visual appeal and incredible technical performance These new products from Bose are a radical departure from under-powered, bulky, unattractive speaker docks of other brands. Bose literally brings decades of acoustic excellence to your tabletop, providing a rich listening experience with unmistakable visual appeal through continuous innovation and adoption of technological standards. Plus, the Bose interface is simple, providing ease of use and virtually no need to re-learn remotes or buttons -- just turn it on, plug in your device, and enjoy your music.

Yamaha PDX-30 iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock Review & Specs

The Yamaha PDX-30 iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock is a high-quality, small-footprint, great sounding docking station that charges your USB Apple products while they play without having to switch to airplane mode. The dual 3.25-inch woofers, coupled with Yamaha digital amplifiers, produce warm, rich and accurate reproduction so your music and videos sound their best. The minimalist design mirrors the Apple iPod and Apple iPhone design, with simple buttons, rounded edges and value added features. In this case the notable feature is the inclusion of a recessed top panel, perfect for keeping your keys, earbuds and other small items in one place. The unit is available in four colors to match your decor and personality: black, blue, gray or pink. Yamaha Speakers & Amplifiers Let's start with the most important aspect of the PDX-30 -- sound. Whether you're listening to jazz on Sunday morning, your favorite podcast at lunch, rock during your workout or a soothing soundtrack before bed, the Yamaha PDX-30 delivers as expected. Rich bass, crisp treble, plenty of separation in the midtones. Yamaha is known for their amazing musical products, and the PDX-30 is sure to be a crowd pleaser for special gift occasions like birthdays, Christmas, going back to school, of just a treat for yourself. Regardless of the "why" you'll be glad you trusted Yamaha with your music. Yamaha Design, Meet Apple Design Everybody knows Apple has set the bar extremely high with their minimalist yet edgy designs. Well, Yamaha has taken notice and implemented similar features into the PDX-30: rounded edges, premium fabrics and metals, simple layout, minimal buttons, and a focus on user-friendly experience. In short, the Yamaha PDX-30 speaker dock plays your iPod/iPhone based music with minimal hassle and maximum visual appeal. As mentioned above, the unit is available in four colors: black with black top and fabric grille, white with pink top and fabric grille, white with blue top and fabric grille, white with gray top and fabric grille. Take (Remote) Control of Your Music The PDX-30 comes with an infrared remote control so you can adjust volume, skip tracks and make other adjustments without having to undock your player or physically interact with the speaker dock. The buttons and their functions are mapped to your iPod so you can start enjoying your music without having to spend hours reading a users manual. But if you're close to the unit you can still adjust volume using the up/down buttons, and LEDs let you know if your iPod/iPhone is connected and charging. PDX-30 Specifications Apple Hardware & Remote Supported iPods: iPhone, iPod touch, iPod (Click Wheel including iPod Classic), iPod Nano and iPod Mini iPod Charging: Yes Remote Control: Yes, card type Speakers & Sound Frequency response: 60Hz - 20kHz Speaker type: bass reflex Woofer: dual 3.25" full range cone Power: 30 watts (15W + 15W) Weights & Measurements Dimensions: 13-3/4" x 4-1/4" x 4-7/8" Weight: 3.7 pounds Shipping dimensions: 15-5/8" x 7-1/8" x 6-3/4" Shipping weight: 5.5 pounds U.S. model power: 120V AC 60Hz (no battery) Your Electronic Warehouse is only permitted to sell and ship products within the United States. Non-U.S. model specs will likely vary and non-U.S. models are not available for sale. To use the U.S. model in different countries you'll need power converters and adapters, which are available from our sister site 4Luggage.com.

Upgrade your audio components to ensure the best listening experience

Have you experienced amazing sound today? Most humans are capable of discerning a vast range of tones, from 20Hz to 20,000Hz - the deepest bass to the most deafening highs. But most speakers and audio systems reproduce a narrow and imprecise frequency range, meaning you're missing valuable portions of your audio experience. Imagine watching your favorite movie on your new HDTV but with half the picture missing; having an inferior sound system is much the same, never letting the artist's musical feel or the director's soundtrack impact you as intended. The recent boom in HDTV sales was not matched with audio investments, meaning many people are not experiencing their audio and video media - just listening to mangled noise from built-in speakers, underpowered receivers, and inferior cabling and connections. Invest in an audio system that complements the music and sound effects and enriches your listening experience. The digital revolution has produced incredible audio/visual devices but the audio experience is lacking. It's really unfortunate that you're not getting the most from your expensive gadgets, but we can help you. Below I discuss why it's more important than ever to have high-quality audio components, why built-ins are inferior, the difference between old and new technology, why "one size fits all" is not true for you're A/V setup, and how to realize and maximize the emotional relationship with your music and sound. New Sources of Audio You might be wondering why you need to upgrade your audio components when it's the "same" music as always. Not so. There are many new devices that support high-quality or HD (high-definition) audio and many sources of audio that stream better audio. Digital music players: devices such as the iPod, Zune, and other personal media players (check out our accessories for PMPs) allow the user to carry their music with them but the speakers used to play the audio don't do the tracks justice, and the included earbuds are uncomfortable and tinny (check out our high-quality headphones and earbuds) Digital TV transition: the picture isn't the only thing getting better - the audio is digital now, too, and sounds better than ever Gaming: PS3, Xbox, and computers offer gamers the chance to immerse themselves in an audio and visual experience, but without the right audio components they won't hear their enemy sneaking up behind them or hear ambient effects that increase the level of reality Satellite: with more customers dumping cable for satellite those same customers have access to superior audio from their favorite programs and awesome sound from the dozens of music channels, but TVs cannot reproduce the frequency range or true surround sound to make it worth the while (check out our surround sound systems) Built-ins are Inferior Did you notice a pattern above? The "free" earbuds or included speakers that come with TVs and other digital devices are low-quality giveaways. They are inferior by design so companies don't go broke including them in the package! The speakers and processing components use cheaper, less durable materials, and rely on software to create "simulated" surround sound; they're intended to provide a basic listening experience - hence the various ports for external audio components! Do yourself a favor and listen to your music and watch your music on a system that is durable enough to last for many years and is capable of reproducing the frequency range of modern audio tracks. New Tech vs. Old Tech The devices and sources have changed but what about the speakers themselves? They've changed, too. Remember those dusty cones that were dry and cracked, or the plastic housings and pot-metal connectors? Choosing better components means you'll get the best materials, including such things as silk domes, titanium tweeters, exotic rubber and composite compounds for voice coils and cones, and neodymium magnets, pure copper wiring, and gold contacts. New tech components have a wider range of connection options and allow the user to precisely adjust the output to match the source, listening environment, and user preference. Ultimately, the better the product the better the listening experience - which includes setup, use, maintenance, and performance. One size does NOT fit all So you've got a new HDTV, game system, movie playerradio, or receiver. You go out and buy a boxed system on sale, hook it up, and turn it on. Much to your dismay the impact is...lacking. That's because the listening environment, intended use, and listener expectations must be considered in addition to cost; the overall value is more important than getting a bargain. Compromise on dish towels, not speakers! Large rooms: tower/floor-standing speakers, larger components, surround systems, heavier gauge wiring, amps/receivers with more power Small rooms: smaller components, medium/small speakers including satellites and bookshelf speakers, simpler 2-channel stereos, and in-wall or in-ceiling speakers and hidden components with lower-gauge wiring Outside: only outdoor speakers can withstand the punishing temperature fluctuations and exposure to moisture, and will have to handle a higher load so music and sound is loud enough to carry over ambient noise and longer distances Multi-room: instead of turning up the volume to uncomfortable levels add additional zones and speakers; match the speaker and source to the room to deliver a seamless and enjoyable listening experience (use our design tool to create a multiroom or whole-house A/V system) Fancy/Specialty rooms: choose in-wall or in-ceiling speakers to reduce visually distracting speakers and wiring Emotional Relationship What matters most is being moved emotionally by your music and feeling like the movie you're watching is actually happening around you. The human emotional response to audio is very strong - but poor reproduction caused by inferior components means the experience is weak. Ask yourself: what sort of relationship do you want with your audio? The answer is probably a consistent, rewarding experience that you can be proud of. Investing in quality components ensures this will happen. No longer will you have to compromise between performance, design, and features. Quality components mean better audio, and better audio means a superior listening experience. After all, isn't the point of listening to music and watching movies to add pleasure to life? The right components will mean an auditory adventure that's more lifelike than artificial, where voices sound like voices, with nuanced effects and tonal differences, deep clean bass and penetrating highs. Stop just listening and start getting the most from your music and movies. Immerse yourself in the world that is better audio. You know you want it, and we can help! Contact our sales representatives at 1-866-224-6171, browse our website, or click on the links provided above. Ask about our special offers, package deals, and services such as installation and calibration of new and add-on components and systems. We can help you love your audio again!

Choose Niles Ceiling-Mount Loudspeakers for your next custom installation

Niles Ceiling-Mount Loudspeakers are specifically engineered to meet demanding applications, audiophile expectations, and contemporary design trends. Since its beginnings in 1978, Niles has focused on creating solutions-based products that cut no corners and spared no expense. Today, Niles is a leading manufacturer of in-wall, ceiling-mount, outdoor, and home theater speakers, but also provides infrared (IR) systems, volume control, and multi-zone systems. Keep reading to learn more about Niles ceiling-mount loudspeakers and their many applications and advantages.  Niles Ceiling-Mount Loudspeakers are available in four distinct categories: multipurpose, performance, high definition, and advanced technology. Each is designed for a wide range of applications and installation requirements: Multipurpose Blending with light-can fixtures Distributed audio Entry-level home theaters Outdoor patios Performance Blending with light-can fixtures Secondary or primary listening rooms Home theaters, family rooms, kitchens, bedrooms High Definition Advanced home theaters Primary listening rooms Locations that require great sound Advanced Technology State-of-the-art home theaters Locations that require audiophile-quality sound Niles in-ceiling loudspeakers are divided into two levels, general ceiling-mount loudspeakers and Directed Soundfield™. DS loudspeakers achieve dramatic results despite architectural challenges associated with off-axis listening, including home theater installations, vaulted or cathedral ceilings, and other applications and locations where speaker placement if fixed but the soundfield is not. CM loudspeakers feature an integrated woofer/baffle design that provides a 15% improvement in woofer cone area, resulting in richer, deeper bass. The bridge-mounted tweeter allows for a sealed woofer cap, making the unit weather-resistant. Directed Soundfield Loudspeakers Patented pivoting woofer assembly pivots up to 20° to direct the sound to the optimum listening location Proprietary bridge-mounted tweeter adjustment mechanism focuses the high frequency sounds up to 20° in any direction without diffraction Weather-resistant construction enables installation in bathrooms, showers, even outdoor patios Patented Twist and Lock™ installation two-piece frame/baffle design reduces installation time and allows easy speaker upgrades Engineered for home theaters DS loudspeakers have specific versions for left/right, center, and surround effects channels MicroPerf™ aluminum grille acoustically transparent cover allows sound pass-through but visually masks the loudspeaker for a clean, discrete installation Limited lifetime warranty Ceiling-Mount Loudspeakers Proprietary bridge-mounted tweeter adjustment mechanism focuses high frequency sounds up to 20° in any direction without diffraction Weather-resistant construction can be installed in locations such as bathrooms, showers, even outdoor patios Integrated woofer/baffle design provides a greater woofer surface area so you get more bass in less space with increased dynamic range MicroPerf™ aluminum grille acoustically transparent cover allows sound pass-through but visually masks the loudspeaker for a clean, discrete installation Tone controls available on select models, tone controls include tweeter level, presence, and dialog enhance to match performance to room acoustics High-impact ABS construction durable plastic casing offers lower resonance for cleaner sound, and the UV additive resists yellowing due to sun exposure Lifetime limited warranty

Table-top radios: Bose Wave vs. Boston Acoustics Horizon Duo-i

st1\:* { BEHAVIOR: url(#ieooui) }Everyone knows the iPod revolutionized the music industry - not to mention the way we experience and think about music - but the same problem remains: how to maximize the listening experience. Many people spend their day with tiny earbuds tinning away, others plug their iPods into large stereos and blast themselves with sound. But what if you also like listening to the radio, or want an alarm clock for your bedstand? Wouldn't it be nice to have a radio that sounds amazing and also accepted your iPod, providing a simple dock-and-play experience that respects the music through quality components and innovative designs? If you want a true music system, one that integrates the iPod, radio, and alarm functions, then I recommend the Boston Acoustics Horizon Duo-i .It's no secret that listening to music is incredibly personal, but there are ways to determine the value of a product. For me the Duo-i represents the epitome of radio-iPod convergence: it's simple, attractive, full of features, and is priced just right. To help convey my enthusiasm I created a comparison between the Duo-i and the Bose Wave Music System. A few quick nudges before you begin...the price of the Duo-i is significantly less, it has a built-in dock, and has more options than the Wave, such as an RCA line-out (L/R) with the option to be fixed or varied. ---- Tabletop Stereo Radio ---- Bose Wave Music System Boston Acoustics Horizon Duo-i Price $499.00 $199.99 iPod Compatible Yes (requires $129.00 dock) Yes (dock built-in; charges iPod) Radio Presets 6 FM / 6 AM 10 FM / 5 AM Auxiliary Input 1 in (on back) 2 in (1/8" front, RCA back) Headphone Jack 1 (back) 1 (front) Video Output No Yes (composite) CD Player Yes No Interface All functions controlled by remote Remote or on-radio knobs Alarm Yes Yes (touch-sensitive outer rim functions as the snooze bar) Primary Use Home/Office Home/Office Weight 8.7 pounds 8.2 pounds Dimensions 4.2 H x 14.6 W x 8.6 D (inches) 5.5 H x 12 7/8 W x 8 D (inches) Color Choices 3 - body 2 - body; 9 - grille Recent Awards n/a iLounge.com 2008 Best of the Year Award iPod Dock  Back Let's crunch some numbers. The Duo-i emerges as the clear winner - there's just no beating its overall value. Even if you just considered the price and iPod compatibility, the Duo-i is comes out on top. But you also have to take into account that the Wave radio dock will be another $129.00, which means your Wave "system" will be $628.00 to the Duo-i cost of just $199.99! So in the end you can save $428.01 by choosing the Boston system! But let's not stop there. The Duo-i has more inputs, more outputs, and offers dual controls (remote and on-radio knobs). This means that you'll be able to get more use out of the Boston system without the hassle of always having to find your remote...and then having it not work because of interference or dead batteries. And perhaps most important, the Duo-i has a built-in dock that charges as you listen. No more fumbling for cables , packing extra docks , or worrying about awkward silences at parties - just enjoy! By now it's pretty obvious that I'm a big fan of the Boston Acoustics Horizon Duo-i . Bose makes great products that sound great (check out some of the products we sell ), but for the person with an iPod the Wave system just doesn't make sense. With money being tight and the holidays just around the corner, the Duo-i is a gift with impact, and one that reflects your effort to make smart choices. Or if you buy one for yourself, you can feel confident that you'll be getting the most out of your music without breaking the bank. One last thing - it sounds great!
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