Congress passes S. 352 “DTV Delay Act”, postponing DTV transition to June 12, 2009

The House on February 4, 2009, passed “DTV Delay Act” or “S. 352″, legislation that extends the DTV transition process. The act postpones mandatory switching for TV stations and extends the converter coupon program. The bill, previously passed by the Senate, makes the official DTV transition date Friday, June 12, 2009. Keep reading for details.

The “DTV Delay Act” or “S. 352″ authorizes the government to issue replacement coupons to households that had previously applied for and received coupons that weren’t used before they expired. The act extends the coupon program to July 31, 2009; additional funding is expected. If you don’t have a converter box coupon you are urged put your name on the waiting list .

We carry digital-to-analgog converter boxes and a full line of high-quality plasma , LCD , and DLP high definition televisions. Keep in mind that TV stations have the option of switching anytime between February and June. I recommend contacting your local stations to find out when they will be switching from analog to digital.

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