Connecting your Apple iPhone to the Bose® Sounddock® Speaker System

The Bose Sounddock works as an iPhoneTM speaker dock to listen to the music on your iPhone. A few notes about connecting your iPhone to the Bose Sounddock:

  • Dock Inserts
    The iPhone does not ship with an Apple universal dock insert. The iPhone does fit into the large dock insert that is included with the Bose Sounddock. Apple also sells an accessory kit called ‘iPhone Universal Dock Adapter 3-Pack’. This will enable the iPhone to connect to the iPod Universal Dock and other products that use the Universal Dock system.
  • Docking the iPhone and Bose Sounddock
    When docking the iPhone with the Bose Sound Dock, the iPhone will display the following message: This accessory is not made to work with iPhone. Would you like to turn on Airplane Mode to reduce audio interference? Either way, the audio or control of the iPhone via the Sounddock will work as normal. Users may also experience a brief bout of audio feedback while docking the iPhone.

    • Airplane Mode
      When in airplane mode, the iPhone will not access any data source that requires an Internet connection or make or receive any telephone calls. Airplane Mode is designed to prevent any possible interference including audio feedback during an incoming telephone call. All iPod functionality of the iPhone will work.
    • Standard Mode
      If “No” is selected when prompted to go into Airplane Mode, all features of the iPhone will function normally, including receiving phone calls and data access. When receiving an incoming phone call, the user will experience some minimal audio feedback from the Sounddock. When an incoming phone call comes in while listening to music via the iPod function, the iPhone will automatically turn down and pause the music to allow for the phone to ring and be heard. The iPhone will then prompt the user to “Decline” or “Answer” the incoming call. If the phone call is declined, the iPhone will automatically un-pause the music and turn itself back up to the previous listening volume.
  • Sounddock Remote Usage
    All buttons, except the OFF button, on the Bose Sounddock remote will function normally. Since the iPhone requires simultaneous pressing of two buttons to power down completely, when it’s docked, the Sounddock remote OFF button will act as PLAY/PAUSE.
  • Charging the iPhone
    The iPhone will charge while docked in the Bose Sounddock including during music playback.
  • iPhone Speakerphone Functionality
    The current iPhone does not support speakerphone capabilities via the docking interface, so phone calls will not be broadcast through the dock connector output to the Bose Sounddock.

If you have any additional questions about using your Apple iPhone with the Bose Sounddock, please give us a call.

53 comments on “Connecting your Apple iPhone to the Bose® Sounddock® Speaker System

  1. Garrit Anderson on said:

    I have a bose soundock portable and my iphone works perfectly on it but ive always had to take off the case on the iphone for it to work. personally id rather have a case on it at all times but it doesnt work on the sounddock. i recently bought a bumper but that doesnt work either.i was wondering if there is anything i can do to keep the case on the iphone 4 while still playing music or if u know of any other case that the sounddock is compatible with?

  2. Eelctronics Guru on said:


    Sorry, I don’t know of any case that you can leave on the iPhone and still have it seat in the Bose SoundDock properly. You can call Bose at 1-800-999-2673 to see if they have any recommendations for a case.

  3. hosting on said:

    good thing is that iPhone now has ample of applications to solve the problems

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