FAQ about Bose® Lifestyle® T20, V25, V35 Systems

Bose® has launched three new Lifestyle® systems — the Lifestyle® T20 Home Theater System, Lifestyle® v25 Home Entertainment System and Lifestyle® V35 Home Entertainment System – that feature digital 5.1 surround sound (including HD audio), Unify™ Technology, ADAPTiQ® audio calibration, 6 high-definition (HD) inputs including 4 HDMI, video upscaling and many other impressive features. The new Lifestyle® systems feature a sleek, low-profile control console with convenient front panel access and either Direct/Reflecting® or Jewel Cube® speaker arrays. Keep reading to find our more details and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the new Lifestyle® systems!


1. What sets the Bose® Lifestyle® T20, Bose® Lifestyle® V25 and Bose® Lifestyle® V35 home theater systems apart from other home entertainment systems?

  • T-Class™ and V-Class® systems deliver amazing sound in an easy-to-use, fully-integrated system. Your movies, video games, sports, music and favorite TV shows will look better and sound better than ever – but without the hassle of traditional home theater systems. In fact, the setup and use of your new Bose® Lifestyle® system is so easy you may not even need the instruction manual! Never before has a home theater system been so simple to set up and use, with visual and audible cues to make the process faster and less confusing, and similar ease of use if you wish to add or remove components later. And with 6 high definition (HD) input sources, you’ll be hard pressed to run out of connections.

2. How are the new Bose® Lifestyle® systems different from each other? How are they the same?





Remote Control

Media Console

Perfect for


Jewel Cube®

AM/FM tuner, iPod/iPhone dock, Bose® Link

Advanced, 2-line LCD display

Low-profile, dark color

Movie and music lovers who want the smallest, most advanced speakers; who upgrade to new technology when available; want easy setup and use



AM/FM tuner, iPod/iPhone dock, Bose® Link

Advanced, 2-line LCD display

Low-profile, dark color

Movie and music lovers who frequently update technology and want easy setup and use



Bose® Link


Low-profile, light color

Movie lovers who frequently update technology and want easy setup and use

  • All three systems feature the new Bose® Unify™ Technology, which helps make setup and use much easier than other complete home theater systems. All three systems also feature ADAPTiQ®, a built-in audio calibration program that allows the system to tune itself to maximize performance based on your room’s acoustic properties. Finally, the three systems all offer Videostage® 5 decoding circuitry, video upscaling (even to 1080p over HDMI), Digital Dynamic Range® compression circuitry and active stabilization.

3. What is the Bose® Unify™ intelligent integration system and how does it work?

  • Put simply, Unify™ Technology is a built-in assistant that guides you through the setup and use of your new Lifestyle® home entertainment system. It helps you decide which connections to use, what to call them, assists in selecting audio and video sources, and even programs remotes! Unify™ will sense new connections and help you make sure they’re connected properly, and if you remove a component it will detect that too and remove that source from the on-screen menu. Unify™ also determines remote control codes by deciphering the unique “signature” of your remotes, then uses its internal database to tell the main Bose® remote control what it will be controlling.

4. Why doesn’t the Lifestyle® T20 have a radio or iPod/iPhone dock?

  • The T20 is designed to be a home theater system, whereas the V25 and V35 are home entertainment systems. The Bose® Lifestyle® T20 system is meant for people who want to just watch movies or other A/V devices like satellite, cable boxes, etc. The Bose® Lifestyle® V25/V35 are meant to provide all possible sources and connections, enabling single-room or whole-house audio. The iPod/iPhone dock is only available for the V25 and V35 systems. So if you’re big into movies but not radio, the T20 is a good choice. But if your iPhone never leaves your side and you enjoy listening to the local news, the V25 and V35 systems are a better choice.

5. Will my iPod model work with my new Bose® Lifestyle® V25 or Bose® Lifestyle® V35?

  • The included iPod dock is “Made for iPod” certified. If your iPod can play video it will work with your new system.

6. Will my iPhone model work with my new Bose® Lifestyle® V25 or Bose® Lifestyle® V35?

  • Yes. The included iPhone dock is being tested to become “Works with iPhone” to avoid the prompt for airplane mode to further enhance the experience.

7. Where is the front display on my media console?

  • The Bose® Lifestyle® V25, Bose® Lifestyle® V35 and Bose® Lifestyle® T20 no longer have their own displays because they transmit the information to your HDTV as an on-screen display. Thus, your TV becomes the central point to make adjustments, modify settings, select sources and otherwise interact with the Bose® Lifestyle® systems. And since you don’t have to see the front of the console for control, they can be hidden or placed in A/V furniture.

8. Can I use my Bose® Lifestyle® V35, V25 or T20 for multi-zone or whole-house audio? Can I use my Bose® Personal® Music Center II Remote Control with the V25/V35?

  • The Bose® Lifestyle® V25 and Bose® Lifestyle® V35 home entertainment systems can be used with or without Bose® Lifestyle® 48/38 systems for expanded audio. However, the Bose® Lifestyle® T20 must be connected to a Bose® Lifestyle® 48/38 system using a Bose® Link cable connection. The PCM II Remote Control will not work with the new Bose® Lifestyle® systems. Only the included remote or the optional RC-35S Zone II Remote Control will work.

9. Do the Bose® Lifestyle® systems support high definition (HD) audio from Blu-ray Discs?

  • Yes. The consoles can decode Dolby Digital TrueHD and uncompressed multichannel PCM from Blu-ray Disc Players. DTS-MA (master audio) contains only the 5.1 “core.” It is recommended that you set your Blu-ray player to output PCM for both Dolby TruHD and DTS-MA to maximize the audio signal.

10. Can the Bose® Lifestyle® V25/V35/T20 upscale video?

  • Yes. When using HDMI cables, video signals can be upscaled to full 1080p.

11. Why are there USB ports on the consoles?

  • The USB jacks are for viewing pictures from a USB stick (also called a thumb drive or jump drive) and allow the unit’s software to be updated using the USB stick provided with the system. The updates are downloaded from the internet, transferred to the USB stick, then installed in the Bose® Lifestyle® system.

12. Do the new Bose® Lifestyle® systems have ethernet jacks so I can connect them to the internet?

  • No. None of the new Bose® Lifestyle® systems feature an ethernet port (RJ-45), but there are many third-party (non-Bose®) devices that can interface with the system to enable streaming content from the internet or files stored in your computer to be played through your Bose® Lifestyle® system.

13. Can I order the speakers in colors other than black?

  • No. The speakers for all three systems are black.

14. Can the media consoles, subwoofer and speaker arrays be switched to make my own custom system?

  • No. The consoles, Acoustimass® subwoofer and speakers are designed as complete units. This means that each system is meant to operate at its optimum performance with the pre-packaged components. Mixing other speakers, subwoofers or components is not recommended and will likely void the product’s warranty.

36 comments on “FAQ about Bose® Lifestyle® T20, V25, V35 Systems

  1. Andy on said:


    Does the V35 system also works in the Netherlands, due to different power connections and perhaps other connection? I can use the system here in the states, but when I move back next year, it would be nice to take it with me.

    Best regards,

  2. Electronics Guru on said:


    The units we sell are spec’d and marketed for the U.S., and we can only sell the units here in America.

    We just got the units and have never used them overseas, so saying for sure is impossible. As with other electronics, there are power adapters and converters available. The problem I see is with the A/V connections — the US models have standard US jacks: RCA, HDMI, optical, etc. — that might not be compatible with European standards.

    Typically manufacturers put hardware and software inside based where they’re being shipped. I worry that if you buy a US model it won’t work…or won’t perform optimally…in Europe. I would suggest calling Bose technical support before making your purchase.

  3. Michael Burdi on said:

    I have a new Panasonic HD 3D TV and 3D Blu-ray player. There are 2 different connection options based on whether or not the amplifier/receiver is 3D compatible. This isn’t mentioned up above. IS THE BOSE LIFESTYLE V35 3D COMPATIBLE?….meaning that I can run the final HDMI cable out of the BOSE console instead of separately.

  4. Electronics Guru on said:

    Michael Burdi (3):

    Unless the “middleman” component is a version of HDMI 1.4 — 3D compatible — it won’t pass all the required information. If you plan on using a 3D Adapter (converter box) you can run your incoming 3D sources into your receiver, using it as a switch, with the final HDMI out to a 3D adapter which will make the necessary conversions.

    So in short, to my knowledge you will not be able to run the HDMI from your 3D Blu-ray through the Bose. It will likely have to be run directly to the TV. Unfortunately Bose doesn’t disclose some technical information, so I’d recommend calling Bose technical support for a definitive answer.

  5. Elizabeth on said:

    I recently purchased a Bose V25 and I am having trouble setting up my comcast remote to work with the new system’s remote control. It tells me it cannot connect and that I might need a system update, but I have not been able to find anything that would help me. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  6. Electronics Guru on said:

    Elizabeth (5):

    This is the webpage you need to go to for updates. If you install the software you can easily update your system using the supplied USB drive. Also, there is an option for email notification — I recommend signing up for them because you will be emailed when new updates are available. Bose says the update should take about 15 minutes.


    Follow the on-screen prompts after your select your operating system.

    You can also call Bose tech support at 1-800-278-1281.

  7. I recently purchased a Bose V35 and My Acoustimass printed: Acoustimass® 100-120/220-240V 50/60 Hz 350W. How can I change voltage? Is it have switch to change voltage? I will carry back to use in my country (220 V).

  8. Electronics Guru on said:

    Perb (7):

    Bose products are country/region specific, meaning Bose units sold in the US are meant to be used in the US on 110 service. We only sell US versions, so if you purchased your unit in the States then — as far as I know — you will need a converter. There is no voltage switch on the units. I would suggest contacting Bose for specific information regarding power requirements when used in other countries.

  9. My Acoustimass printed: Acoustimass® 100-120/220-240V 50/60 Hz 350W. It mean that My bose can use dual voltage. Why I need a converter?

  10. Electronics Guru on said:

    Perb (9):

    Please contact Bose technical support at 1-800-278-1281 for questions concerning your system.

  11. I have a Bose Acoustimass 10 speaker system. I would like to upgrade my system to a V35 Home Entertainment System. Will I be able to purchase the rest of the components of a V35 beside the speakers?

  12. Electronics Guru on said:

    Jec (11):

    No, the systems are sold as complete units. If you buy separates they will not be from Bose, likely used units for sale from individuals.

  13. I recently purchased a bose t20 system and a ps3 with a samsung 3d tv. Unfortunetly when i try and get the 3d on the ps3 through the t20 unit the screen goes blank and tells me the device is not supported, just interested to know if you have a solution? any help is apreciated

  14. Electronics Guru on said:

    Richard (13):

    First, the PS3 should be connected directly to the Samsung 3D TV. Second, have you updated your PS3 so it can do 3D? Recent software updates address 3D capability. Third, does your TV support the 3D format coming from your PS3?

    You’ll probably have to run an audio cable from the TV back to the Bose for sound.

  15. I have an older 5:1 lifestyle system. I would like to upgrade the system but I would like to just by a T20 Console, display and remote. Is this possible?

  16. Electronics Guru on said:


    Unfortunately that’s not possible. Your best choice will be to go to a local electronics store and check our their display model. You’ll be able to get a feel for the system and experience the Unify technology.

    Speaking personally, I think the changes between the old 5.1 Lifestyle systems and the new systems with Unify are huge. In fact, the ease of use and the use of integrated HDMI makes the new systems current and much more competitive. The new systems are designed to be the center of your home media world!

  17. I am considering purchasing a Lifestyle V25 system. As for the multi room capability, do I have to buy a seperate amplifier for each set of speakers? That seems a bit much to add 4 amplifiers for 3 bedrooms and a patio. And do they have to be bose speakers for additional rooms?

  18. Eelctronics Guru on said:


    You do not have to get a Bose amp to run the second zone. You can use a 3rd party amp and then set the Bose Remote to Room O. You also do not have to use Bose Speakers. Give us a call at 1-866-224-6171, and we can design a system that will work with your 4 extra rooms.

  19. I just got a Bose T20 and the complaint I always got before was too many remotes. I’m down to 2 but how do I get the t20 to operate a ps3 that we use as our blu ray player. Is there an adapter of some kind needed?

  20. Eelctronics Guru on said:


    The problem with the PS3 remote is it uses Bluetooth technology to transmit the signals. There is a third party company that makes a piece that will solve your problem. It is caledl the RE-BL. It has been tested and works with Bose Lifestyle systems.

  21. I am considering purchasing a Bose T20 System. Will I be able to use an existing set of Bose premium jewel speakers with the T20, or does it work only with the direct/reflecting speakers? (I recognize it would ship with the direct/reflecting speakers either way.)

  22. Eelctronics Guru on said:


    I would recommend using the speakers that came with the system. With that being said the Jewel cube speakers would work with the Bose T20 System.

  23. I have an HP laptop with Windows 7 and when I connect it to the T20 using an HDMI cable, I get only video, the audio still plays on the laptop speakers. How do I get the audio to play through the T20 from my laptop using HDMI?

  24. Eelctronics Guru on said:


    You will need to change the settings on your sound card to digital. If left the other way the audio will only play out of the HP Laptop.

  25. I have V30 system and am thinking of getting the V25 system, mainly because of the digital audio formats available in the V25. Will the Bose premium jewel cube speakers from my V30 work with the V25 system (which comes with the direct reflecting speakers? Thanks.

  26. Eelctronics Guru on said:


    I recommend using the speakers that come with the Bose V25 system. With that being said it is possible to use the Bose V30 speakers with the Bose V25.

  27. I just purchased a Bose V35 system and am having trouble programming the Bose to recognize both my Samsung LED TV and DirecTV HD+DVR (both purchased in 2010) controllers. The only other controller I could sync was my Sony DVD/CD changer (purchased in 2002). Is it possible my TV and satellite components are too new?!

    Additionally, when running my DirecTV HD through the Bose V35 with HDMI, the signal clarity is degraded severely (definitely no longer HD). I switched back to running my satellite signal directly to the TV with HDMI, and skipping the Bose component. Am I setting something up incorrectly, or do I need to purchase a higher quality HDMI cable besides the one that came with my Bose system in order to keep the true HD signal? Thanks for the help.

  28. Eelctronics Guru on said:


    I would recommend running the Bose Lifestyle update first and see if this help with any of your problems. If you are still experiencing problems please give us a call at 1-866-224-6171.

  29. Jim Johnson on said:

    Is there are picture of the V25 back panel with a description of what numbered section is. This is not in the hand books with the equipment.

  30. Eelctronics Guru on said:

    Jim Johnson,

    You can see the back of the Bose Lifestyle V25 on our website. You can also click here.

  31. I am debating between the V35 and V25 systems. Is there a real difference between the speakers as in quality of sound or is size the only real difference.

    Thank you,

  32. Eelctronics Guru on said:


    The Bose Lifestyle V35 Jewel Cube speakers do have an advantage over the V25 speakers. They use design innovations such as a nautilus-shaped port and Direct/Reflecting® speaker technology to deliver more open, spacious sound throughout the listening area. If you need help with an order please contact us at 1-866-224-6171.

  33. i have a bose v35 but my tv doesnt have a hdmi connection is there any other way to connect to my tv?

  34. Eelctronics Guru on said:


    With the New Bose V Series Lifestyles you can only use and HDMI connection to your TV. You may be able to purchase a converter box of some sort to convert the HDMI into a format you have.

  35. Michael on said:

    When I power up my new V25 system console it takes several minutes before the Bose remote will control the connected Comcast DVR or my Blu ray player. I have to wait 10 to 15 minutes, then it works fine. All the devices are in a stack in the same cabinet. I have tried placing IR emitters but that does not help. I have updated the the Bose software to the latest version. I have reprogrammed the remote several times. It seems the system needs these minutes to ‘warm up’. Is this normal?

  36. Eelctronics Guru on said:


    It will take the system a couple of minutes to boot up and start working. It should not take 15 min. though. I would call Bose on this problem. They can be reached at 1-800-999-2673.

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