Monster Vision Max 3D Universal RF Shutter Glasses Coming Soon!

Monster Cable announced they are releasing a “universal 3D eyewear shutter system” called MonsterVISION MAX3D that uses RF (radio frequency) signals instead of IR (infrared) or white light synchronization. According to Monster, there will be three ways to go 3D: a full set that includes glasses and transmitter kit for $249, a single pair of glasses for $169, or just the transmitter for $59. Keep reading for more details!

Monster Vision Max 3D Universal RF Shutter Glasses

The 3D solutions from Monster Cable, MonsterVISION MAX3D, are scheduled for release at the end of summer and will feature a RF transmitter and 3D glasses that will work with any 3D HDTV! The glasses are a lightweight, glossy black design that can be worn all day, including over prescription glasses.Monster Vision Max 3D Universal RF Glasses

RF vs IR

Monster used RF because radio frequency systems can operate without line-of-sight, and are unaffected by common household issues such as CFL bulbs, sunlight and IR interference. What does this mean to you? With traditional IR glasses, the sync will be broken if you move around while watching 3D content because the IR signal will likely be broken temporarily. Only when you face the emitter again will the glasses and TV re-sync. With RF glasses you can move around, such as to grab a snack from a nearby table or maybe to switch seats — all in perfect sync because radio waves pass through objects such as furniture, people and electronics.

Pricing and Availability

  • Full Kit (transmitter and glasses): $249
  • Pair of RF Glasses: $169
  • RF Transmitter: $59

The Monster Vision Max 3D products are slated for release in September.

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4 comments on “Monster Vision Max 3D Universal RF Shutter Glasses Coming Soon!

  1. Jim Knight on said:

    I heard that the new Panasonic 3-D DVD player will work with the Mitsubishi 3-D TV’s without the use of a converter because they already put out the checkerboard format pattern needed, is that true?

  2. Electronics Guru on said:

    Jim Knight:

    If the 3D source outputs checkerboard format then you do NOT need an adapter. The adapters are used to convert non-checkerboard formats, such as frame packing and side-by-side, into the checkerboard format.

  3. will these 3d glasses work as extra glasses. i have a mitsubishi 3dc1000 kit that came with 2 pair of 3d glasses, (( i would like to buy 2 extra pair of glasses,but i dont know witch glasses will work n sinc)). right now only 2 people can watch a 3d movie at a time. i would like 4 people watching at the same time. ((HELP PLEASE))

  4. Eelctronics Guru on said:


    It may be possible these will work with your existing glasses. As more information comes out on the glasses we will be able to answer the question.

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