Monster Wins Five 2007 Innovation Awards Including Two Best Of Innovations Honors

Monster is proud to announce that it has received five 2007 Innovations Awards for new products with groundbreaking designs. This year’s five honorees include two Best of Innovations Awards. The award winning products are:

Monster Central® Home Theater and Lighting Controller 300
MCC AVL300-S was selected as an Innovations 2007 honoree in the Home Theater Accessories category. It was honored as the Best of Innovations 2007 in that category!

Monster Central AVL300 Remote Control and IlluminEssence™ Lighting Products

The Monster Central AVL300 Home Theater and Lighting Controller and
IlluminEssence™ remote controlled light stations, dimmers and switches, are re-defining
whole home audio, video, and lighting control. Combining unmatched control with
simple web-based setup and personalization, the Monster AVL300 Controller can master
even the most sophisticated home entertainment systems, yet is friendly enough for the
entire family to use. Additionally, the AVL300 along with IlluminEssense Lighting
System products make it possible to control lighting throughout the entire house, as well
as seamlessly combining lighting and home theatre experiences with a single touch.

Imagine pressing just one button to set the TV, audio/video receiver, and other home
theater components to the correct inputs. How about dimming the lights and start playing
a DVD? Or what about pressing a button to turn lighting in different rooms on or off
remotely? Costing thousands less and offering more than other complex systems
requiring additional hardware, dedicated programmers, and costly installation, Monster
Central AVL300 and IlluminEssence Lighting System products can simply be taken
home and put to use immediately.

Monster iCarPlay™ Wireless 200
A IP FM-CH200 was selected as an Innovations 2007 honoree in the Mobile Audio category. It. Was honored as the Best of Innovations 2007 in that category!

The Monster iCarplay Wireless 200 allows iPod® and iPod nano users to play stored
music wirelessly through virtually any FM station on their car radios while
simultaneously charging their iPods. It features exclusive AutoScan technology that
automatically finds the clearest FM frequency so the user doesn’t have to manually
search for the best station.

With other FM transmitters, finding an FM frequency clear enough to enjoy an iPod can
be time consuming and distracting—especially while driving. The Monster iCarPlay
Wireless 200 incorporates exclusive Monster AutoScan technology that automatically
seeks out and tunes in the clearest FM frequency available. Now it is possible to find the
best station to enjoy tunes with one touch of a button. In addition, iCarPlay Wireless 200
clearly displays all essential information on the iPod’s screen and features easy three button
control to directly access features and settings.

Other features include three programmable “favorite station” presets, international modes
that allow use in North America, Europe and Japan, intuitive three-button control and
ultra-low profile power adapter to minimize dashboard clutter.

Monster Game® PLAYSTATION 3 Component Video & Fiber Optic Digital Audio
AV Kit

PS3 CV/F10 was selected as an Innovations 2007 honoree in the Electronic
Gaming category.

Monster GameLink™ Component Video & Fiber Optic Digital Audio Cable Kit special
high-performance pack elevates PS3 gaming and Blu-ray Disc movie experience and
includes all the cables needed for 720p/1080i high-definition video and digital surround
sound. Enjoy today’s hottest game platform even more. It features 24k Gold Contact
Turbine® and PS3 Multi-AV Connectors which provides greater contact pressure for
maximum signal transfer and improved conductivity. Nitrogen Gas-Injected Dielectric
Insulators maximizes video signal strength for the best possible picture. Silver-Content
Solder Connections provide high-conductivity connections for optimum transfer of
delicate low-level signals The PS CV/.F10 features precision-Polished Fiber Optic
Terminations. Extra Low-Loss Optical Fiber reduces digital “jitter” for clearer, more
accurate game and movie sound.

PerfectView™ 450S FlatScreen PowerMount

FS MP450-SA was selected as an Innovations 2007 honoree in the Video Accessories category.

The PerfectView 450S Flatscreen Mount is the integrated, all-in-one mount and
power solution for today’s discriminating flatscreen buyer. It’s intended to be sold as
LCD TV attachment. It is specifically designed for consumers who want to mount and
adjust their flatscreen for optimum viewing and style in virtually any room, while
maximizing picture and sound.

Mounting a flatscreen TV and protecting it from harmful power surges and AC power
pollution used to be complicated and problematic. It typically required the help of a
customer installer. Adjustable Monster Flatscreen™ PowerMounts with built-in
Monster Power® technology enable consumers do it themselves and do it in style.
With its powerful articulating Z-Fold™ swing arms and heavy-duty Tri-Hinge™
construction, the PerfectView 450S enables consumers to safely extend their TV off the
wall up to 16″ for optimum freedom of adjustment. Plus, it features convenient Monster
SurgeGuard AC outlets and coax connections, preventing sudden power fluctuations
from damaging their TV’s sensitive electronics. Best of all, Clean Power™ circuitry
filters power line noise and interference for clearer picture and sound from their TV.

Outlets To Go 4

MP OTG400 WH was selected as an Innovations 2007 honoree in the Portable Power category.

Monster Power, an industry leader in AC power products, has a wonderful new stocking
stuffer for the holidays—Outlets To Go. This is a handy solution for those frequent
travelers who need to plug in more than one electronic device when there never seems to
be enough AC power outlets.

Outlets To Go is small, light, and compact and features a Monsterous patent pending road
warrior design. It is superflat and features a built-in travel cord management system.
Ultra wide spaced outlets fit bulky AC chargers without covering other outlets. It tucks
neatly into a briefcase, purse, or other small spaces. The dual-side design provides for
maximum number of outlets in a minimum of space. The lighted FlatProfile™ Plug and
FlatWrap™ super-flexible power cord provides added convenience. The blue LED
indicator light in the plug shows the outlets are receiving power. The built-in, resettable
circuit breaker enhances hotel room safety by preventing dangerous overloads.

2 comments on “Monster Wins Five 2007 Innovation Awards Including Two Best Of Innovations Honors

  1. i bought the high definition cable for x box 360 i connect the cables but i can hear no sound

  2. Your Electronic Warehouse on said:

    If you bought the cable shown on this page (The Monster Gamelink 360 Component Video and Fiber Optic Audio A/V Kit)then I’m almost positive I know what your problem is. When you use fiber optic audio, you usually have to change the audio setting on your receiver, TV, etc. to use fiber optic audio. I’m not quite sure what component you have it hooked into, but you should look at your owners manual to see how to adjust the audio inputs on the device you have the fiber optic cable plugged into.

    If this is not the problem then check for minor things like: is it plugged into the correct input, or did you take the rubber tip off the fiber optic sensor. If you bought this cable from us, feel free to call in and talk to one of our customer service people at 1-866-224-6171, e-mail:, or write another post giving us more details about your setup.

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