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August 28th, 2007

Monster Cable is once again revolutionizing the HDMI experience by offering different HDMI cables for different High Definition speeds. How will this help High Definition owners you might ask? The new HDMI cables from Monster (Monster Cable 500HD, Monster Cable 700HD and Monster Cable 1000HD) give you the exact speed needed for different High Def capable products like TV's, Cable/Satellite Receivers or DVD players. The great thing about these cables is that you know for a fact that you aren't getting any less or any more performance than you need for the components you have. This isn't just Monster making their own claims, Simplay Labs, the leader in HDMI Testing, has speed certified each one of these cables.

The new HDMI cables are designed to work with the different levels of HDMI offered by the electronics equipment of both today and tomorrow. Standard SpeedStandard Speed HDMI Cables - Progressive Scan video from components like progressive scan DVD players, first generation HDTV's and Cable/Satellite Receivers. The Monster Cable 500HD HDMI cable is set to handle standard speed (720p-1080i) equipment like the ones mentioned above. This cable will give you the best picture for the lowest price available.

High Speed HDMI Cables - New generation DVD players, HDTV's and Cable/Satellite Receivers. The Monster Cable 700HD HDMI cable is the right one for any of these components and can handle a 1080p signal. This cable is meant to handle a signal that carries high speed signals that give off immersive sound and vivid color.

Ultra High SpeedUltra High Speed HDMI Cables - Advanced projectors, larger HDTVs and high definition AV sources. These components require the fastest High Definition Signal to operate correctly. The Monster Cable 1000HD HDMI Cable is the cable that should be used for next generation HD equipment.

Live Forever - Full Lifetime Warranty - Not only do Monster's new cables match up with the correct speed, they also come with the Monster Live for Ever full lifetime warranty which is definitely the best warranty in the business. Monster is offering this warranty because they have the confidence that their cables will not wear down or break no matter how much they are used. They are also able to hold up when run through walls or floors, places where normal HDMI cables may not last as long.

Monster continues to be the industry leader in performance cables that allow our electronics equipment to maximize their potential. Their new set of HDMI cables offer a solution for every HD enthusiast whether you have a basic High Def home theater system or the best money can buy. These HDMI cables offer a completely customizable HD experience that you can't get from any other brand.

The Monster 500HD, Monster 700HD and Monster 1000HD are now available for pre-order and should ship approximately the first week of September 2007.
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