New Bose SoundDock 10, SoundLink and Bluetooth Dock Available for Purchase

Bose® recently launched several new products to get the most from your Apple iPhone/iPod and iTunes music library: SoundDock® 10 Digital Music System a speaker dock that plays music and transmits video from tethered devices, SoundLink® Wireless Music System which plays streamed music from computers and the SoundDock® 10 Bluetooth Dock, which allows Bluetooth enabled devices to transmit music wirelessly to the SoundDock 10. If you love music and have a computer and digital music device then you need to check out these new products from Bose. Product descriptions and main features listed below, with links to product pages where you can buy online and receive free shipping!

SoundDock® 10 Digital Music System

  • Twiddlers® drivers combine mid-range and tweeter functions into a single speaker, producing crisp highs and rich middle tones while saving space and weight
  • Subwoofer is built-in and utilizes waveguide technology, the porting acoustical amplification system found in the Wave® systems that create a feel and sound of a much larger stereo system for powerful listening from an unassuming source
  • Auxiliary input allows other non-iPod/iPhone devices to be connected, such as disc players and other digital devices
  • Video output takes your video from the small screen to your big screen
  • Built-in dock charges and works with remote for effortless use

SoundLink® Wireless Music System

  • USB key plugs into your computer’s USB port and streams music wirelessly to the speaker — no software or setup required
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides hours of hassle-free listening
  • Remote control adjusts volume, play/pause and skip functions without having to interface with the computer
  • Auxiliary input for a wide range of devices
  • Built-in handle means you can easily take the party anywhere

SoundDock® 10 Bluetooth Dock

  • Dock inserts into the SoundDock 10 and receives Bluetooth signals from phones and devices
  • Allows for untethered playing of music so you can remain truly mobile
  • Sleek design and new technology offers excellent visual appeal and incredible technical performance

These new products from Bose are a radical departure from under-powered, bulky, unattractive speaker docks of other brands. Bose literally brings decades of acoustic excellence to your tabletop, providing a rich listening experience with unmistakable visual appeal through continuous innovation and adoption of technological standards. Plus, the Bose interface is simple, providing ease of use and virtually no need to re-learn remotes or buttons — just turn it on, plug in your device, and enjoy your music.

2 comments on “New Bose SoundDock 10, SoundLink and Bluetooth Dock Available for Purchase

  1. Beth Goldfarb on said:

    I have the Acoustimass 5 speakers system and want to know if I can convert this to a wireless system? The cords around the room are a pain.

  2. Electronics Guru on said:


    We sell the Bose SL2 Wireless Surround Link that enables your AM-5 system’s surround sound speakers to be wireless. At this point in time Bose does not offer a wireless solution to the main speakers up front.

    If you’re tired of messing with wires I would suggest having a custom installation performed where the wires are run inside your walls. While this doesn’t eliminate wires, it keeps them off the floors and walls — out of sight, out of mind! — so your room looks neat, clutter free and there’s no cords to mess with or trip over.

    I suggest calling us and talk to one of our specialists. 1-866-224-6171. They are friendly guys who have been designing and installing solutions like yours for decades. If nothing else, they may have some useful tips for minimizing the pain those cords are causing you.

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