New Niles Audio Infrared IR Sensors: High Fidelity Wideband Amplifier and Universal Noise Suppression

Niles Audio recently launched upgraded infrared (IR) sensors and IR kits. The new sensors feature some cosmetic changes but more importantly major technology upgrades. The performance bump means wider compatibility, fewer problems resulting from IR interference from other devices, and backwards compatibility with older Niles Audio IR components.

More Compatibility

  • The new Niles Audio IR sensors have been redesigned to make them compatible with a new generation of IR code formats found on many new high definition, multimedia source devices.
  • The new Niles Audio IR sensors have a high-fidelity wideband amplifier that accurately passes a much wider range of IR codes and code formats, including the new Philips RCMM codes.

More Reliability

  • The new Niles Audio IR sensors employ patent-pending Universal Noise Suppression technology. The UNS effectively eliminates IR interference from plasmas, LCDs, and CFL lighting while maintaining signal integrity.
  • UNS is a two-stage technology, combining an optical noise filter with a “smart” electronic circuit to provide consistent, reliable control. The result is more consistent performance with fewer transmission errors.

More Freedom

  • The new Niles Audio IR sensors are backward compatible, meaning they will work with older Niles IR system and IR system components. So upgrading individual components won’t be an issue, nor will expanding your current system or creating a new system with mixed product lines.

More Power

  • The Niles Audio IR sensors and IR kits empower the user and custom installer, allowing for application-specific systems that are fine-tuned to the particular room/environment. Expanded kit options mean even more flexibility and choice, which ultimately means more power for the end-user. After all, Niles Audio is committed to helping you get the most from your A/V systems.

Ingenious IR Sensors

  • MS220 Surface Mount Sensor
  • MS120 Flush Mount Sensor
  • WS120 Wall Mount Sensor
  • CS120 Ceiling Mount Sensor
  • TS120 Tabletop Sensor

Infrared Extender Systems

  • RCA-HT2 Remote Control Anywhere!® Kit for Home Theater Applications
  • RCA-SM2 Remote Control Anywhere!® Kit with Surface Mount Sensor
  • RCA-TT2 Remote Control Anywhere!® Kit with Tabletop Sensor

The new Niles Audio infrared sensors will make a great addition to existing systems or new systems. Check out our Whole House A/V System Design Center for ideas, products, and expert assistance. We also have other many other blog articles relating to IR systems, including the popular “how-to” of setting up IR repeater/extender systems. As always, if you have questions or would like to purchase the Niles Audio IR components — or any of our products or services — call us toll free at 1-866-224-6171 to speak with our friendly and knowledgable staff. We look forward to working with you!

2 comments on “New Niles Audio Infrared IR Sensors: High Fidelity Wideband Amplifier and Universal Noise Suppression

  1. Gene Gill on said:

    I had the Niles AV IR system installed several years ago when I had a plasma TV. Now I have an LCD, and the remote light stays on when the TV is on and will not work. I was told I need a new receiver to work with the LCD TV — is this true, and if so, which receiver do I need? Thanks.

  2. Electronics Guru on said:


    If you don’t have a Niles MSU-140 and/or MSU-250 hub you will need a new system, specifically the MS-220 and MF-1′s. Please call 1-866-224-6171 and talk to one of our reps — they can walk you through what needs to be done and help answer any questions you might have.

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