Placing Your Bose® Home Theater Systems and Speakers

The following guide gives you some suggestions for creating the audio atmosphere of a Bose® home theater system . This guide will help you properly place, setup and connect your Bose Lifestyle® or Bose Acoustimass® system in your room. We recommend that you experiment with the orientation and placement of the Bose speaker cubes to experience the sound most pleasing to you. Exact placement of Bose Lifestyle® speakers is not as important because the Bose ADAPTIQ process will calibrate your Lifestyle® System to give optimum performance in virtually any room. For a more detailed explanation of how to set up your product, please refer to your owner’s guide.

Lifestyle Media Center

You need to place your media center somewhere near your other components (TV, Cable Box, VCR) so cable connections are easier. Be sure of the length of your cables before you pick a permanent spot for your Media Center and components. Make sure that you do not block the front of the Media Center because the IR Emitter will not properly communicate with other components, also leave enough room to open the front door on the Media Center.

Bose Cube Speakers

Follow these guidelines to help you select the locations for your speakers in your Bose system. Trying alternate arrangements of the speakers will take advantage of the unique sound characteristics of your space.

Left and right front speakers

The sound from the left and right front speakers should seem to come from the edge of the picture, so that the acoustic image is close to the size of the visual image.

  1. Place the cubes so that they line up with the vertical center of the TV screen.
  2. Place them up to 3 feet (1 m) from the edge of the television. We recommend a maximum distance of 3 feet (1 m) so that the sound does not become separated from the picture. The Bose speaker cubes should also be at least 6 feet (2 m) apart from each other. You may wish to vary this distance based on room conditions and personal preference.
  3. If your Bose Home Entertainment System features cube speaker arrays, direct one speaker cube of each array forward. Direct the other speaker cube toward the wall or in a different direction to reflect the sound. For a system featuring single cube speakers, direct each cube toward the wall or in a different direction to reflect the sound.
  4. The front speaker cables included with your Bose system allow the cube speakers to be placed up to 20 feet (6.1 m) from the Acoustimass® module.

Note: Bose cube speakers are magnetically shielded so you can place them close to the TV will not affect the picture quality.

Center channel speaker

The sound from the center channel speaker should appear to come directly from the center of the picture.

  1. Place the center speaker or cube array directly above or below the center of the TV screen, or at the closest convenient location.
  2. Align the speaker or array with the front of the TV screen (not pushed to the back of the TV).
  3. For a single speaker, direct the cube facing forward. For a Bose speaker cube array, direct each of the speaker cubes slightly away from center, to create a wider area of direct sound.
  4. The center speaker cable included with your Bose system allows up to 20 feet (6.1 m) distance from the Bose Acoustimass module.

Note: If you put the Bose speakers in a bookcase, be sure to place them on the front edge of the shelf. Placing speakers in an enclosed space can change the tonal quality of the sound. This effect is minimized if the shelves are filled with books.

Surround speakers

The surround (rear) speakers create an area of sound around the listener.

  1. Place the surround speakers in the back half of your room.
  2. Position the speakers so that they are at the listeners’ seated ear height or higher. The speaker cube should be directed slightly away from the listeners so that you cannot pinpoint the exact location of the sound source.
  3. The surround speaker cables included with your Bose system allow up to 50 feet (15.2 m) distance from the Bose Acoustimass module.
  4. If you are unable to run wires to your surround speakers, you can use the Bose SL2 Wireless Surround Link to send the signal wirelessly to your surround speakers.

Acoustimass module

The Bose Acoustimass module provides the deep, low frequency sound for your music and movies. The Acoustimass module also powers the rest of the speaker cubes in the system so all the wires from the rest of the speaker cubes will be run to the Acoustimass module.

  1. Place the Bose Acoustimass module along the same wall or close to the same end of the room as the TV monitor.
  2. Select a convenient location—under a table or behind a sofa, for example. Do not allow furniture or drapes to block the ventilation openings of the module. Be sure there is a gap of at least 2 inches (5 cm) between any surface and the front opening or the grille on the bottom.
  3. Place the Acoustimass module within reach of the audio input cable, speaker cables and an AC power (mains) outlet.
  4. Select a position for the Acoustimass module. For proper ventilation, place it on the long edge, with the connectors facing the floor. An alternate position is on its largest side, with the bass and treble controls facing up. Do not place the module on either end.
  5. Once you have selected a position for the module, place the four self-adhesive rubber feet near the corners of the bottom surface. The rubber feet provide increased stability and protection from scratches.
  6. Aim the Acoustimass port (the round or rectangular opening) into a corner for more bass or aim the port into the room or along the wall for less bass. Avoid blocking the air flow by allowing a gap of at least 2 inches (5 cm).
  7. For best low-frequency performance, do not place the Acoustimass module at equal distances from any two walls or from a wall and the ceiling.

195 comments on “Placing Your Bose® Home Theater Systems and Speakers

  1. My house was wired with 16 gauge speaker wire when it was built. I have a Bose Lifestyle 48 series III with a VS-2. Since my Jewel speakers have a factory prong connection I can’t splice my Monster cable into them. Can I cut my Bose wires and splice them into my Monster cable then splice the other end to go into the Acoustimass module? If so, should the Bose factory wire be as short as possible for better sound? Thanks.

  2. Electronics Guru on said:


    Actually Bose sells an adapter for custom installs, the AC-2 Bare Speaker Wire Adapter ( It can take up to 14 gauge wire and should solve your problem. Plus you can keep the original cables as backups or if you eventually change the system and want the original cables.

  3. Electronics Guru on said:


    In order to connect the two devices digitally you will have to purchase a fiber optic-coax converter. The converter allows the SPDIF/TOSLINK to be transmitted via digital coaxial cable or vice versa. Please note that converters are usually directional, meaning you’ll need to buy the converter for the right direction (eg: f.o. to coax) or go with a bi-directional converter.

  4. Orlando on said:

    I accidentally set my Bose 321 system to video format PAL and can’t set back to NTSC: the TV displays unsupported format and will not display menu. I’ve unplugged the media center, press system setting, right arrow twice and down arrow five times and the press the enter key without success. How can I get the factory default settings restored? Thanks.

  5. Robert on said:

    I have a Bose 321 GS and a problem. In my house there is a built-in fireplace encased in marble with a mantle. To the right is a 5 foot wide and 3 foot deep crevice where I’m building a built-in bookcase. There will be a cabinet at the bottom with bookshelves above.

    Here’s the problem. I don’t want to have a bass module under the cabinet. The vibration would rattle everything. So I wanted to move the bass unit to the back of the room, which is 20 feet away. However, the cable that Bose makes is 25 feet. I have to hide the cable and I can’t do it in the foot molding (or shoe molding). I was going to install crown molding and go up the 10 foot wall and down the other side, but then I would require a lot more cable than the Bose 25ft cable.

    So what can I do? Is there a way to cut open the cable, solder more wires together and extend it? Is there a wall outlet that I can buy to plug in the bass unit and run it to another outlet and plug that into the media control? Thanks.

  6. Elbert on said:

    I recently switched to a Lifestyle 38 from the Lifestyle 18. I get audio fine but my video is in black and white. I’ve checked the cables and the yellow composite cable is tightly in the proper jack and the setting is NTSC America. What is wrong? Thanks.

  7. I have an earlier Lifestyle 48 and would like to update the receiver to an Onkyo. Is there an adapter I can purchase to go from the bass module to the new receiver? Currently one end has a plug with pins that plug into the Bose 48 and the other end has what looks like an ethernet plug.

    Thank you

  8. I have the Acoustimass 6 Bose system and have unfortunately lost some of the speakers while moving. I was wondering if you know where I could get replacement speakers. I am also trying to figure out if there is a setting that produces the “surround” feel without a full set of speakers.

  9. I have a Lifestyle system and was wondering what my options are for placing the bass module in a built-in entertainment center. I was thinking I could place the module in the cabinet and drill some port hole(s) in the top of the built in entertainment center. How big of an opening(s) do I need?

  10. I have a Bose Lifestyle 38 system and I am happy with the system. Do you think I can further improve the sound (especially voices) coming from the center speaker?

  11. Electronics Guru on said:


    In the setup menu you can adjust the levels of each speaker. Adjusting the other speakers down and the center speaker up will place more emphasis on voice and center-channel sound. There is also a setting called “Range Compression” that highlights vocals automatically. As always, I recommend running the ADAPTiQ calibration to ensure the system is aware of speaker position and room acoustics.

  12. How do I reset to the factory default settings of the speakers on my Bose lifestyle 28?

  13. Electronics Guru on said:


    In the “System” menu there is an option to restore factory defaults called “Restore Settings.”

  14. Farhan on said:

    I purchased the system and now have changed plans to connect it to my television. Would the system be good to be placed in a room only to hear music? Thanks for your advice.

  15. Electronics Guru on said:


    The systems will sound great whether they’re connected to a TV or playing music. In fact, the Bose systems are designed to perform great regardless of the audio source.

  16. I’m installing a Bose Acoustimass 10 Series IV in my living room; it has a vaulted ceiling. On one end of the room there is a wall below the vaulted ceiling but the other end has no wall. Can I install the speakers in the outside four corners of the vaulted ceiling with success? The room is about 18×24 feet, with wall unit on long end.

  17. Electronics Guru on said:


    The biggest concern I have is that placing speakers into each corner separates the channels more than usual. In a typical home theater setup, the center and L/R speakers are placed in a cluster by the TV, with the subwoofer and surround speakers placed for sound and convenience. That setup works because the soundtracks from movies and TV shows are modified stereo, with supporting surround tracks to “fill” the rest of the room or parts of the room, such as in 5.1 surround. It creates a spacious feeling.

    Now, if you’re just listening to music it shouldn’t be as big an issue because the reflected/spacious attributes of the Acoustimas system will make music sound even better, especially with your vaulted ceilings. So the placement is determined by the primary source of music — radio, stereo tracks, surround tracks, movies with surround sound, etc. But you also have to consider sound volume: the farther the speakers from the listener the weaker the volume, which means the volume will have to be turned up higher.

    If you have to place the speakers in the corners, or if that’s where you want them, then put them there and then adjust the speakers into a direct or reflect orientation: the speakers can be twisted to concentrate or disperse sound.

  18. After first power on of my new V20, I accidentally picked german instead of english. How do I reset so I can start over?

  19. Electronics Guru on said:


    Rest easy knowing that selecting the wrong language is a common issue. Fortunately it’s pretty easy to change. The first step is to press the “system” on your remote control. Next, navigate on-screen (your TV has to be on since the setup is on the screen) to the “console” list, which is represented by an icon that looks like your V20 unit. From there you scroll to the language option — which is the second or third from the top I think — and select English.

  20. I am going to install a Lifestyle 38 in a new house for a relative. They would like to have the equipment in a basement closet with the surround sound upstairs. Is this possible with an IR repeater to control or would it be easier to talk them into leaving it upstairs. We are also adding in 4 Bose Link for music in other rooms.

  21. Electronics Guru on said:


    I don’t know your relatives so I’m not sure if it would be easy or not! But installing A/V equipment in other rooms and on different floors is not difficult and keeps things clean and orderly in the viewing/listening area. It is possible to control the Bose system and other A/V components using an IR system, so you’re on the right track. Just remember that the more you hide and the more links along the way, you have more points of failure or frustrations — so keep your IR setup and system cabling as simple and direct as possible. It may take a bit more time and cost a little more up front, but you’ll (they) be happier in the long run.

  22. I have a Bose Cinemate System and was wondering if there is anything that can be done to try to achieve more bass from the subwoofer. Is there any kind of filter or amplifier that can be placed inline with the input or output?

  23. Electronics Guru on said:


    No filter or amplifier, and unfortunately no quick-fix settings either. But I can recommend placing the subwoofer in a corner, turn it around to face the nearest wall, or move it closer to where you listen.

    Placing the sub in a corner will help maximize vibration pickup by the walls and floor, which may produce increased bass or at least a greater bass presence. Turning the sub around to face the wall can achieve the same effect, as the bass encounters structural elements more than open air. Moving the sub might improve your experience simply by being physically closer to the source.

    Hope one of these ideas works for you!

  24. Stefan Muller on said:

    HI I have a Bose Acoustimass 25 system and a Lifestyle 20. The CD and receiver of the Lifestyle does not work anymore. Can you please tell me what Bose receiver is compatible with the Acoustimass system and uses the same plugs and cables? I want to buy a Bose receiver and hook it up to the existing speaker system Acoustimass 25.

  25. Electronics Guru on said:


    Bose does not make a stand-alone receiver, just speaker sets and complete systems. Also, new systems are created so each component is matched to the others. You can get your unit repaired by Bose for a couple hundred dollars or so, and it will be updated and given a fresh warranty. Sometimes companies are known to do a full replacement with a current model.

    I would also you encourage to check out — as another option — a completely new system. This is a great time of the year to buy since most models are on sale for the holidays, but they won’t last for long and are few and far between.

  26. Sam Hunt on said:

    I have a Bose MC1 Media Center and a PS 18 Series III Acoustimass with 5 cube speakers. I think that I accidentally selected European instead of US in the System setup displayed on the TV. It worked but the TV screen is locked in oversized widescreen. Then I tried to go back to change the settings: pressed System on the Silver Face Bose Remote and all I see now when I select System is green and other distorted colors displayed on the TV Screen. But after looking closely I can see the Bose Setup just barely behind all of these displayed distorted colors but not enough to see what I have to choose. How can I get back the original System setup for the Bose System TV display to restore or reset it? I also had issues with my remote not operating my TV, so I set the remote code to all zeroes. How do I get the remote to control my TV (46” Sony LCD)?

  27. Electronics Guru on said:


    You have a lot going on! Because of the weird display stuff and the remote issues I suggest calling Bose service directly. They’re friendly and helpful and should be able to get your system working again.

  28. I recently purchased a Bose V30 and would like to get even more bass from the system. Any ideas?

  29. Electronics Guru on said:


    Yes, there are several things you can do that might increase bass.

    1. Check the sub for optimal placement. Some users have experienced better performance by turning the bass module around so the ports fire against a wall or into a corner. You can also experiment with different placement locations since some areas may weaken or strengthen the vibrations. For example, there is a “sweet spot” in my living room that’s about 3-ft. square — for some reason I get the best bass from that spot. Other locations are OK but not as great.

    2. Did you run AdaptIQ? The system listens and will adjust itself to the room. If you’ve done this already then the system has made changes based on the acoustic properties of your room and the listening positions you chose. If you’ve made any changes (eg: speaker placement, new sources, etc.) you should run the calibration again. If you have NOT run the calibration, do so.

    3. Modify system settings. There are a few settings related to the tonal qualities that can be changed, such as bass and treble, but also individual speaker volume. You might try turning some of the speakers down, which will run the system at a higher volume level, thereby pumping more bass from the module. This is not ideal, though, since it places greater continual strain on the system and may create distortion in the audio. But it shouldn’t hurt to try and see.

    4. If you’re feeling adventurous: there is a full-range audio out (RCA L/R) that can be connected to a subwoofer. If the sub has a crossover then you can filter out certain frequencies — you decide what the sub plays. Note that this is not a Bose recommendation and may not work as well as intentioned, if at all. It depends on the sub, system settings, etc.

    Hope these ideas help!

  30. CROOMIEST on said:

    Is the Bose SL-2 compatible with the Bose 3-2-1 system?

  31. Electronics Guru on said:

    No, the SL-2 is for Lifestyle systems and receivers with pre-amp outs.

  32. We have a Lifestyle 35. We tried to connect a Wii (with the supplied cable) directly to the Media Center but got sound with no image. We then connect to the VS-2 with a composite cable (that we bought), and we get image but no sound. We have an Epson projector with the Lifestyle — so how can we hook up our Wii to get sound and image?

  33. Hi, I was wondering what the difference is between the Acoustimass 10 series IV and the series III. Is it only the look of the center speaker?

  34. Have a Bose 321 system and now it plays music CDs fine but on every DVD it has a long reading time and then says “unsupported format!” I have reset the machine by unplugging it as well as resetting it using the settings menu. What else can I do? Can you tell me what is wrong with my machine?

  35. I just purchased a Lifestyle V30. After the DVD, Cable Box DVR, and TV took up the three HDMI ports available there is no HDMI port to connect the PS3. What do you suggest for the PS3 connection to get optimum performance?

  36. Electronics Guru on said:


    Is your DVD player standard definition or high definition (regular DVD or Blu-ray)? I’m assuming it’s not HD since you’d use the PS3 as your Blu-ray player and gaming console. If that’s the case, run the DVD player using these connections (from best to worst): component, S-video, composite.

    You can also swap the cable box connection from HDMI to component. Keep in mind that a source like the PS3 Blu-ray passes much more data than the cable box or DVD player. That is, downgrading from HDMI to component on a compressed-signal cable box DVR or standard-definition DVD will not compromise performance.

    Since the PS3 is potentially the highest-quality machine in the bunch it should definitely be run using HDMI. Of course there has to be HDMI out to the TV, so sacrifice the DVD or cable box. Pick the lesser quality machine and run an analog cable.

  37. Electronics Guru on said:


    We no longer sell the Acoustimass Series III system (it’s discontinued). The new Series IV system has upgraded the center speaker as you mention but also reduced the size of the bass module and speakers. Plus, the overall quality of the system has been improved through technological (technical, inside-parts stuff) and physical (structural and design) elements.

  38. Electronics Guru on said:


    The Wii uses a proprietary AV multi-out port, so I’m confused about how you used your own composite cable. Keep in mind that a composite cable only passes one part of the signal, so if the yellow plug is connected to video it can only pass video signals. This is why there are 3 cables: yellow for video, red and white for audio.

    You got sound from the Media Center because the sound cables were probably connected, but if you’re using the VS-2 then the video signal was probably coming from that (the VS-2) and not from the Media Center to the TV. Hence the sound but no image. I’m assuming that when you connected to the VS-2 you either (a) didn’t connect the audio or (b) there is an audio setting problem or “handshake” problem between the VS-2 and the TV.

    One possible solution is to use the supplied cable from Nintendo and connect the cables where they produce sound and video since you were able to get one each before. Running the video and audio cables to separate devices is a pain but would be a quick fix.

    I’m not familiar with Epson projectors and I lack any details about the system setup, room setup, etc. If you can provide some specifics I can probably offer better assistance.

  39. Electronics Guru on said:


    A few questions…

    1. Which series 321 do you own?
    2. What format are the DVDs?
    3. Where is the unit being used?

    I ask because each question can affect playback. There are three systems: GS Series II, GS Series III and GSX Series. Each system typically has “official” and “unofficial” supported formats. Consult your owners manual for the official list. Generally any DVD that has been created using a computer creates more issues than those purchased as movies.

    If you’re using the Bose unit outside of the US then you’re having problems because of the region codes. I don’t know where you purchased the unit from or where you’re using it, but if you’re using DVDs that have different region codes or are special formats like DVD+R DL, SVCD or Picture DVD they probably won’t work.

    General things to consider: are the DVDs clean and unscratched? is the unit hot? is the DVD placed in the tray correctly? If you seem to be doing everything right you should call Bose at 1-800-278-1281. They are knowledgeable and helpful — and can pull up specific information about your exact unit based on the serial number.

  40. I have a V30. While in the “system” function I must have pressed something and now the TV screen goes blank every time I go to the system’s function and I’m unable to make any changes. Is there a hard reset function to bring the unit back to factory settings? Thanks.

  41. Kevin M on said:

    Hi, I installed a Bose AV-48 w/Vs-2. I was fine until I upgraded to a new DirecTV HD-DVR. I had an HD box to a new LED LCD Samsung TV, all working fine. So I installed the new DirecTV box and a new Pioneer BD player, neither work via the VS-2 now. Yet, direct to the TV they do. I continually get a “No signal” on the front of the main unit. Never before. The VS-2 seems very temperamental. If you just use what Bose provides it is fine, meaning my additional room amps/speakers work the AUX for my XM Satellite, works, uMusic and of course the main unit DVD works. Any reason this would be just the two additional HDMI ports on the VS-2? I am using Monster HDMI cables from the components to the VS-2 and one Monster HDMI to the TV that always carries signal. Yesterday I had a black and white picture, no sound, today I have color and sound from Bose DVD, now the components are not working with the VS-2. The last attempt, I went through the on screen Bose system menu’s checking all selections for an adjustment, no luck. Any help is very appreciated. Kevin.

  42. Electronics Guru on said:


    I assume you’ve checked on all connections for proper fit and type. If not, please do so. Next, consider if you want to use HDMI as an incoming source. Since the audio is run directly to the Lifestyle unit, you can use component from your video sources to the VS-2, then run HDMI from the VS-2 to the TV. This will eliminate the multiple handshake problems associated with HDCP (security stuff to protect against copyright violations).

    You can also try resetting the VS-2 — turn off, wait 30sec, unplug, replug, turn on — to see if that helps jog the signals. Remember that the sources should be turned on BEFORE the VS-2, so if you’re watching satellite TV turn it on and the TV, then the Lifestyle/VS-2.

    Another option is to try a different video mode: fixed or adjustable. Finally, if you’re not having any luck you should call Bose directly at 1-800-278-1281. They can walk you through step-by-step for your particular setup and may replace your VS-2 if it’s defective.

  43. sandro on said:

    I have two questions:

    1) I had the Geeksquad from Best Buy install my V20. They used their own wires hook to all the speakers, not the ones provided with the Bose system. Does that matter or should they have used the Bose wires for better sound quality?

    2) Every time I play a DVD/Blu-ray on my Samsung, the Bose system defaults to PCM. I’m not sure why it’s doing this. I’m definitely not enjoying the surround sound when I watch a DVD. My system is hooked up like this: COAX from Cable HD receiver to the Bose. HDMI from Bose to TV. The other two HDMI hook-ups go to the DVD player and XBOX 360.

    Your help is much appreciated! :)

  44. Electronics Guru on said:


    Thanks for your questions.

    1. Without knowing what kind of wires Geeksquad used I can’t comment on the quality, and without knowing the setup (placement, room size, etc.) I can’t say whether the Bose cables would’ve been the only or best option. That being said, the Bose cables are designed specifically for the system, and I’m guessing Geeksquad charged extra for cables when they hopefully could have used the ones supplied by Bose. Again, without knowing specifics I can’t be sure. But I hope they used a quality wire and opted against the Bose ones for good reason.

    2. What aren’t you enjoying about the surround sound? Have you used ADAPTiQ to calibrate your system? Are you on 5-speaker mode? Do you select different audio settings in the DVD menu (the player will select the best your system is setup for)? How is your audio getting to the Bose…what kind of cable is running from your Blu-ray and DVD player into the Bose — or are you running optical out from the TV to the Bose for sound? I ask because any of those can affect sound. There’s nothing wrong with PCM, and in fact it’s the standard way of receivers to process audio. Check your disc player’s audio settings to see what they are outputting.

    As always you can call and talk to one of our specialists here in the store. They would be able to help you over the phone much faster than I can over this forum.

  45. 1. I will call Geeksquad and find out the wires they used, probably a good start there. :) The room is 15 x 16. I have the mid speaker below the TV and the one on the left and right. The back speakers are behind the room left and right. Typical set up.

    2. I am on a 5 speaker mode and I set up the DVD the same, but as soon as the DVD is played it switches to PCM. It sounds like all the sounds are coming equally from all speakers versus having that affect where sounds are coming from different angles and so on. I’m running and HDMI from the DVD to the BOSE receiver. I haven’t tried teh ADAPTiq, is it an effective tool?

  46. Electronics Guru on said:


    1. If the system has been installed and works then I probably wouldn’t worry about it. I imagine they would use similar wiring. The supplied cables are just setup for easy setup by the consumer; custom installers typically use their own gear…

    2. The ADAPTiQ is used for calibrating the system: a microphone measures test tones which the computer analyzes and uses to make adjustments to the way the system sounds. It will NOT modify or correct settings that would be related to stereo/surround configuration. PCM supports surround sound and is widely used by receivers. It sounds like the audio tracks are either (1) being sent from the players in stereo and being sent to all speakers or (2) being sent in surround and are being mixed to play the same in each speaker.

    Call and talk with one of our specialists at 1-866-224-6171. You’ll get Frank, Tim or Nathan; each one can help you.

  47. How do I reset my 18 series to factory settings?

  48. Electronics Guru on said:


    Resetting your system and restoring factory default settings are actually two different actions with different outcomes. So you have them, I have provided instructions for both. Please note that these instructions are in your owners/user manual if you find yourself without internet access.

    Perform a Lifestyle® system reset by following these steps:

    1. Turn the system off. Wait 30 seconds
    2. Unplug the media center power cord from the power outlet
    3. Unplug the audio input cable from the media center
    4. Unplug the Acoustimass® module power cord from the power outlet
    5. Unplug the audio input cable from the Acoustimass module. Wait 30 seconds
    6. Reconnect the audio input cable to the Acoustimass module
    7. Reconnect the audio input cable to the media center
    8. Reconnect the Acoustimass module power cord
    9. Reconnect the media center power cord
    10. Wait for the words “Bose Lifestyle” to appear and disappear from the display before turning the system back on
    11. Retest the system

    To restore factory defaults, follow these steps:

    1. Press the System button on the remote. Be sure the correct TV input is selected
    2. Select the Media Center icon and press the Enter button
    3. Press the down arrow to scroll to “Restore Settings” and press Enter
    4. Press the up arrow to scroll to “Yes” and press Enter. The display asks: “Have you been instructed to do this?”
    5. Press the left arrow to scroll to “Yes” and press Enter
    6. Press the Exit button to leave the menu

  49. I can’t see anything on the TV; I can only hear sound. So I need to learn how to do the reset to clear my mistake. Do you have any ideas of how to bring my picture back?

  50. Electronics Guru on said:


    There’s a workaround that will hopefully work.

    1. Power off the system.
    2. Unplug the component video cables.
    3. Plug in a composite video cable and run it to the TV.
    4. Turn the system back on.

    This should bypass the internal setup so you can view the menu screen. Then you can make the changes I outline post #148. If it doesn’t work please call us at 1-866-224-6171. We can try and help you out or connect you with Bose customer support.

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