Standing Strong Amongst the Giants

Ranked #2 on a list of 15 e-commerce mobile websites, which includes such giants as Amazon, Best Buy,, Sears, Barnes & Noble, Target, and eight others, is giving Your Electronic Warehouse something to smile about today. For the week starting Oct 18, 2010, only Barnes & Noble had a better score than Your Electronic Warehouse on the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index.

The Mobile Commerce Performance Index, published by Internet Retailer, is a third party index compiled by Keynote Systems, who monitors and reports on Internet website performance as well as Mobile website performance. This index is comprised of selected retailers, chosen by Internet Retailer from their annual Top 500 list, to provide an industry benchmark for mobile site performance. The Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index ranks mobile sites on the average response times, success rates and download speeds to the homepage using three of today’s most popular smartphones and service providers.

Over the past several weeks Your Electronic Warehouse has been hanging out in the middle of the pack, averaging about the 7 spot. A shot up to #2 is a sign of great things to come from Your Electronic Warehouse. Mobile commerce is the future, and to be ahead of the curve is the key. Your Electronic Warehouse is proof that even the little guys can get a chance to shine now and then.

2 comments on “Standing Strong Amongst the Giants

  1. Alisa Mcmillan on said:

    I have come across this site just now. Thanks for posting! I wonder though, does this site have a more interactive feature for new users like me? I think a chat room for users of this site would be helpful so as to provide a quicker access to important information needed to be acquired in less time. Also, word of mouth from interactive chat rooms will really encourage users in this site. Thanks for the information you provided!

    Alisa Mcmillan

  2. Your Electronic Warehouse on said:

    Hi Alisa,

    Glad you asked! We recently added a new Q & A (question and answer) feature on every product page. We greatly appreciate your questions and comments about specific products and try to respond quickly during our business hours or in a timely manner. When you use this feature, providing your email address is optional and confidential, and just another perfect way for us to contact you promptly so you don’t have to re-visit the product page you were originally looking at.

    Thank you and hope you visit our site again soon!

    Your Electronic Warehouse

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