The Bose® Lifestyle VS-2 Video Enhancer® is A Must for All Lifestyle Owners

Bose® Lifestyle® Home Entertainment Systems are world renowned for their superior technology, top-quality sound and simplicity. With the introduction of the Bose Lifestyle® VS-2 Video Enhancer , Bose Lifestyle® Systems will also be known as some of the most versatile home theater systems on the market. The VS-2 gives Lifestyle® owners 2 HDMI connections, Automatic Video Upscaling capability and One-Button remote control simplicity.

The addition of the Bose Lifestyle® VS-2 Video Enhancer takes Lifestyle® Home Entertainment Systems into the next generation of High Definition Home Theater. When connected to the VS-2, the Lifestyle® has the ability to control both the Audio and Video inputs rather than just the audio. This feature makes the Lifestyle® act more like a traditional home theater receiver. The VS-2 Video Enhancer works seamlessly with all Lifestyle® DVD home entertainment systems except for Lifestyle® 18, 28 and 35 Series I systems.

HDMI Inputs

Two HDMI inputs have been added to the VS-2 Video Enhancer to give the user the option of connecting a High Definition Cable/Satellite Box, Blu-Ray Disc player or any other component that uses HDMI to your Lifestyle® Home Entertainment System. HDMI gives you high definition video and digital audio all in one cable. HDMI is the future of high definition and will give you the best possible viewing and listening experience.

*If your cable or satellite picture is there some days and gone others, you are probably experiencing DRM (Digital Rights Management) problems. In this case, use Component for the CBL/SAT Input, it will still be upscaled to HDMI through the output.

Automatic Video Upscaling

Another great feature the VS-2 provides is the ability to automatically upscale a video signal to the next highest format or resolution over HDMI. A composite video connection will be upscaled to S-Video format and S-Video is upscaled to component video format. This is also the case with high definition signals, for instance: a 1080i signal will be upgraded to 1080p format over HDMI. This feature allows you to get the full potential from all of your components.

One-Button Simplicity

Since the VS-2 allows your Lifestyle® to manage all video and audio sources together, it only takes the push of a button to get them to work together. If you press the CBL/SAT button on your Lifestyle® Remote you will get audio and video without having to change the input on your TV. This feature makes your home theater experience a lot less complicated.

The Bose VS-2 Video Enhancer allows you to upgrade your Lifestyle® Home Entertainment System for the ultimate high definition experience. Even if you don’t use high definition the one button simplicity and video upscaling are great tools by themselves and will still give you a better overall experience. The VS-2 Video Enhancer is also very easy to install. You simply run the update disc which takes about 5 minutes (don’t eject until the system says update complete), connect to the Lifestyle® Home Entertainment System and make your video connections from your components to the VS-2.

Bose is a company that makes their products last and the VS-2 is a testament to that. With the Lifestyle® VS-2 Video Enhancer connected to your Lifestyle® System, you will be ready for the high definition experience of your choice.

*please note, the HDMI video out only transmits video — a separate audio connection is required.

171 comments on “The Bose® Lifestyle VS-2 Video Enhancer® is A Must for All Lifestyle Owners

  1. Electronics Guru on said:

    David D (149, 150):

    Bose has done away with the VS-2 because they have integrated full HDMI support into their new home theater systems. The new V-series and T-series systems have many inputs/outputs, including HDMI that transmits both sound and audio.

    I can tell you for a fact that if you have FIOS it will perform much better if it’s connected directly to your TV. Also, Blu-ray players don’t need to have their signals enhanced, so they can be directly connected. Those sources’ audio can be pumped out the fiber optic from the TV to the Lifestyle system.

    The PS-2 and Xbox can and should be run through the VS-2 to maximize their video quality. Audio can be connected from the VS-2 to the Lifestyle. Many games have simulated surround, so you won’t lose much by connecting analog instead of digital. The problem will be how many HDMI inputs you have on your TV.

    I would advise calling us at 1-866-224-6171 to discuss your options and get real-time help. We can provide you with advice and products if you need adapters or splitters, and there are upgrade options for some Bose Lifestyle systems.

  2. Hello, I have a Bose AV18 Media Center…is the VS2 Video Enhancer compatible with it?

  3. Electronics Guru on said:

    Greg (152):

    The VS-2 is compatible works seamlessly with all Lifestyle® DVD home entertainment systems except Lifestyle® 18, 28 and 35 Series I systems. So if you have a Series II or III or higher you should be fine. You can always call Bose tech support to be sure.

  4. Cyrille on said:

    I have a LIFESTYLE 38 MEDIA CENTER bought on the 31 may 2005 and I connected the VS-2. The TV HDMI, TV component or TV S-VIDEO doesn’t work. The connection is good and the Tv can ‘t find the signal. Now in your ad above you talk about : “You simply run the update disc which takes about 5 minutes”. Where can I find this Disc which can be the solution to my problem?
    Thank you

  5. Electronics Guru on said:


    You have to obtain the disc directly from Bose. They can be reached at 1-800-278-1281.

  6. Martin Sepp on said:

    Once more, could you help me please? It is very inconvenient…
    I have a Lifestyle 48 with VS-2 and a Samsung TV series 8. I use this system for several years without problem on older LCD TV. After I upgraded to Samsung TV, the VS-2 will not switch on the Video source input, when selected on Bose. On the TV, there is a message “No signal” (it is a HDMI source input). I must press the Settings button on the Bose remote, it will then show the blue Settings page and after I exit this Settings, then I get the right picture.

  7. Electronics Guru on said:

    Martin Sepp (156):

    Sorry we missed you the first time. For the quickest and most in-depth level of service we suggest calling Bose technical support. They can diagnose your problem over the phone and, if necessary, arrange for service. They can be reached at 1-877-210-3782 or .

  8. Lost in Bose's world on said:

    We are totally lost. We don’t have the VS-2, all we are trying to do is to get the Bose to play the sound from our Samsung Plasma TV Series 8. We connected the optical cable from the TV (out) to the Media Center (in) but it does not work, and reading the instructions we now know that we have to adjust the settings. To do so we are simply connected the video composite (coaxial – yellow ends) out at the Media Center, to “in” on the HDTV. It would be nice to see the blue screen and be able to actually change the Bose’s settings to optical and see our music library. Instead so far no luck. Did anybody encounter the same problem? any suggestion?

    Do we need the component cable instead? we are a bit confused from the Bose’s manual it seems that the Bose is just passing the signal meaning we need to use both component video adapaters one to go from the TV to the component video out, and the other to connect the other component to the component video in on the media center. But what if we don’t have another component and all we are trying to achieve here is to get a dvd playing from the Bose to the HDTV? can we use just one component connection cable? and would that make any difference with respect to the composite?

  9. Electronics Guru on said:


    I’m totally confused. If you want to play audio from the Bose to your TV the optical connection will not work (TVs only transmit audio out from optical). If you want to play audio from the TV to your Bose you have to select the audio out on the TV.

    If you want to to both then you can leave the optical connected (for “TV to Bose” audio) AND you’ll need a regular stereo connection (L/R RCA) from the Bose to the TV.

    The composite connection is meant to provide a visual aid when initially setting up the Bose systems; higher quality connections such as component, S-video or even HDMI are preferred over composite video connections.

    As far as playing discs goes, make sure they’re compatible and you have the right inputs and outputs selected. And remember that component cables only transmit video, so if you want video and audio you have to connect video and audio cables using the same input/ouput (like “video 1″).

    If you’re still confused please call in and talk to one of our customer service reps. You can also call Bose support.

  10. my lifestyle 38 series II is connected to a vs-2 which is connected to a sharp aquos full-HD TV; problem is that the lifestyle has 720p as its default video resolution even with an original bose HDMI cable – a rather disappointing HD resolution. what can be the reason behind this? how can i get a better picture quality?

  11. Electronics Guru on said:

    Leo (160):

    The VS-2 was released to the public 3 years ago, which means R&D was done even longer ago. At that time 720p was still a major contender, and since the unit is designed to improve non-HD video, making the jump all the way to 1080 would mean more processing and therefore lower image quality.

    Many shows and movies are broadcast in 720p by companies like ABC and ESPN. Why? 720p provides high definition resolution but doesn’t require as much bandwidth, and with its higher frame rate action and panning sequences are much smoother. And unless you have a really large HDTV (like 50″+) and are sitting close, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between 720 and 1080 resolution.

    But I understand your frustration, and believe me — Bose has received and continues to receive a lot of negative feedback because of the choice to default to 720p. But the good news is that you can select a higher resolution, and even if it transmits 720 resolution the TV will finish the job and take it to 1080 (assuming your TV is full-HD). Current Lifestyle systems provide full HDMI support: 1080p, audio, etc. so the VS-2 is no longer needed and is not shipped with the Lifestyle systems.

    So the VS-2 is primarily for owners of older Lifestyle systems who want to connect HDMI components, or for those who have non-HD components but want better video quality. There is no update that provides 1080 resolution by default for the VS-2 (some people ask).

  12. So you are telling me that the VS-2 is old and BOSE has put it out to pasture? My question is this: do I hook my BOSE speakers directly to BOSE lifestyle system, and how is this done?

  13. Electronics Guru on said:

    PSZACK (162):

    The VS-2 still serves a relevant purpose for some Lifestyle owners. For those buying new Lifestyle systems, or for owners who will connect their HD sources directly to their TV, the VS-2 is not as useful.

    Bose speakers are connected to Lifestyle media consoles through the Acoustimass module (subwoofer). The VS-2 was designed to improve the look of non-HD sources and make hooking up HDMI components possible (since older Lifestyle systems didn’t include HDMI connections).

  14. I am having trouble with my new Bose Lifestyle 48 and VS-2. I have a new Samsung 37″ HD LED TV connected to the VS-@ with and HDMI cable but it is not receiving a video signal. I called Bose tech support, they seem to think the cable connecting the media center to the VS-2 is faulty and are sending me a replacement. I suspect that the problem is the connection from the cable box to the VS-2. What is the correct way to connect the cable box to the VS-2 and what type of cable is needed?

  15. Eelctronics Guru on said:


    You can use either a HDMI or Component Video cable from the cable box to the VS-2. With using the HDMI Cable you maybe getting a “Handshake” issue that is giving you the no video problem. Try using a Component Video cable and see if that works. If it does then you know the HDMI from the VS-2 to the TV is not the problem. Let us know what you find out…

  16. I have a Lifestyle 48 and use a 42″ Panasonic commercial display (enhanced definition-720p and no HDMI). I want to get Apple TV but it only has an HDMI port. Will the VS-2 work for this?

  17. Eelctronics Guru on said:


    Yes, you can use the Bose VS-2 to use HDMI in and use a Componet video out to the TV.

  18. Raymond Chae on said:

    I am trying to connect my Mac Mini (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz processor, 8GB of DDR 3 RAM and a 120GB hard drive) purchased in mid 2009 to Bose Lifestyle 48. The Bose system has a VS-2 Video Enhancer and it has 2 HDMI input, which are already taken by my Blu-ray player and Sat-Cable. Thus, HDMI option is out. So, what I did was purchase a DVI to S-Video cable for the Mac Mini and connected it to my Bose system. However, when I turn the Bose system on, I get a “No Video Signal” message on the Bose display. I tested the S-Video cable and it isn’t the problem. Is there a setting that I’m missing? I changed the setting on my Mac Mini to 720 and nothing.

    What am I missing?

  19. Eelctronics Guru on said:

    Raymond Chae,

    Have you tried to connect the S-vide directly to the TV? This would let you know you are getting video out to the TV first. and then we can troubleshoot more from there.

  20. Kelvin on said:

    I purchased an apple tv today, connected it to the bose lifestyle V30 system. Menus, previews etc is displayed, but when I rented a movie from iTunes, got the error, ” the device does not support HDCP”. I called bose technical assistance and after troubleshooting, reseting the apple Tv did the trick. They also made me change the video resolution to fix from adjustable in the bose system settings under video.
    The apple tv does not wake up from sleep mode, has to be reset every-time. I therefore disabled sleep mode on the device. I hope this info help whosoever is having similar problems.

  21. Eelctronics Guru on said:


    This is good information!

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