The Bose® Lifestyle VS-2 Video Enhancer® is A Must for All Lifestyle Owners

Bose® Lifestyle® Home Entertainment Systems are world renowned for their superior technology, top-quality sound and simplicity. With the introduction of the Bose Lifestyle® VS-2 Video Enhancer , Bose Lifestyle® Systems will also be known as some of the most versatile home theater systems on the market. The VS-2 gives Lifestyle® owners 2 HDMI connections, Automatic Video Upscaling capability and One-Button remote control simplicity.

The addition of the Bose Lifestyle® VS-2 Video Enhancer takes Lifestyle® Home Entertainment Systems into the next generation of High Definition Home Theater. When connected to the VS-2, the Lifestyle® has the ability to control both the Audio and Video inputs rather than just the audio. This feature makes the Lifestyle® act more like a traditional home theater receiver. The VS-2 Video Enhancer works seamlessly with all Lifestyle® DVD home entertainment systems except for Lifestyle® 18, 28 and 35 Series I systems.

HDMI Inputs

Two HDMI inputs have been added to the VS-2 Video Enhancer to give the user the option of connecting a High Definition Cable/Satellite Box, Blu-Ray Disc player or any other component that uses HDMI to your Lifestyle® Home Entertainment System. HDMI gives you high definition video and digital audio all in one cable. HDMI is the future of high definition and will give you the best possible viewing and listening experience.

*If your cable or satellite picture is there some days and gone others, you are probably experiencing DRM (Digital Rights Management) problems. In this case, use Component for the CBL/SAT Input, it will still be upscaled to HDMI through the output.

Automatic Video Upscaling

Another great feature the VS-2 provides is the ability to automatically upscale a video signal to the next highest format or resolution over HDMI. A composite video connection will be upscaled to S-Video format and S-Video is upscaled to component video format. This is also the case with high definition signals, for instance: a 1080i signal will be upgraded to 1080p format over HDMI. This feature allows you to get the full potential from all of your components.

One-Button Simplicity

Since the VS-2 allows your Lifestyle® to manage all video and audio sources together, it only takes the push of a button to get them to work together. If you press the CBL/SAT button on your Lifestyle® Remote you will get audio and video without having to change the input on your TV. This feature makes your home theater experience a lot less complicated.

The Bose VS-2 Video Enhancer allows you to upgrade your Lifestyle® Home Entertainment System for the ultimate high definition experience. Even if you don’t use high definition the one button simplicity and video upscaling are great tools by themselves and will still give you a better overall experience. The VS-2 Video Enhancer is also very easy to install. You simply run the update disc which takes about 5 minutes (don’t eject until the system says update complete), connect to the Lifestyle® Home Entertainment System and make your video connections from your components to the VS-2.

Bose is a company that makes their products last and the VS-2 is a testament to that. With the Lifestyle® VS-2 Video Enhancer connected to your Lifestyle® System, you will be ready for the high definition experience of your choice.

*please note, the HDMI video out only transmits video — a separate audio connection is required.

171 comments on “The Bose® Lifestyle VS-2 Video Enhancer® is A Must for All Lifestyle Owners

  1. I am interested in purchasing this upgrade. I have the lifestyle 48 series I, I heard that this VS-2 doesn’t work with series I like one of the poster mentioned who has a lifestyle 25 series I.

  2. I have a Lifestyle 28 (hopefully series II or greater and I’ll check on that later) and just got an HDTV – 1080i and component (no HDMI) inputs. I see the benefit of the VS-2 but have a few questions.

    1) Why are the S video and Composite yellow connected to the Lifestyle unit?
    2) are the component signals analog or digital?
    3) Can I attach a RCA Composite video VCR “IN” on the VS-2 and have it fed to the TV via the component cables?

    What will the output signal be up-converted to?

    The TV I just bought (used) has very poor video with diagonal lines on all analog 480i signals. I’ve tried 4 input devices and all S-Video, Composite, and Antenna inputs to the device. However, when I connect my PS3 via Component at 1080i, the picture is crystal clear. I am assuming the 480i up-converter on the TV is bad. I’ll find out today when I connect my 720p AppleTV and my 480p Wii – both via component connections. If the 480p, 720p work as good as the 1080i does now, then if the VS-2 up-converts to 480p and above, then it sounds like just the ticket to keep the simplicity of one touch video and sound. I know this is a little off topic of the VS-2, but any comments and opinions about my concerns and situation would be appreciated, since it sounds like you have much more experience and knowledge than I do.


  3. James on said:

    I have a Lifestyle 28 with VS-2 and I’m thinking about adding a Blu-ray player. Can I connect it to the VCR port on the VS-2 with a HDMI cable as the AUX port has no HDMI input?

  4. loksher on said:

    I recently purchased an Iomega Multimedia Screenplay HD media player that has HDMI and component outputs. When I tried connecting the HDMI output of the media player to the HDMI input of the VCR in the Video Enhancer, it says no video signal. But when I connect the HDMI input directly to my Sharp Aquos 65″ HDTV, I get both audio and video. What could be the problem?

  5. Voltaire on said:

    Can I connect a Blu-ray player directly to the TV with HDMI and get an audio connection from the Blu-ray to Lifestyle 38 using either VCR or AUX audio inputs?

  6. Vivian Leong on said:

    Hi, I have Bose Lifestyle Home Theater, been using it almost 5 months. Now the Bose box keeps indicating HDCP is not supported by your TV. Can you tell me why is this happening? Thanks.

  7. Hi, I have the Lifestyle 35 but have no idea if version I, II, or III. I would like the VS2 VIDEO ENHANCER. Can you help?

  8. I have a Lifestyle 28 and love it. I’m thinking of getting an HD Camcorder and want to burn the video to DVD. From looking at the posts, I know that the Lifestyle will not play HD formats, so I will have to get another player. What is your recommendation for a Blu-ray players, and will the VS-2 help with the hookup?

  9. Jackson on said:

    I have a Lifestyle system and a VS-2 converter. When the VS-2 converter is installed, there is a loud buzzing noise as if something is not grounded. When I connect everything without the VS-2, the noise is gone. What can I do to fix this or is there just something wrong with the VS-2?

  10. 1. I have a lifestyle 35 system purchased 7-8 years ago. I don’t know what version it is; how do I tell if it’s Series I, II or III?

    2. What are my upgrade options using HDMI? I need to be able to connect a Blu-ray, cable DVR receiver, LCD TV and Wii.

    3. Can I use the VS-2, and if so, what is the best way to hook everything up?

  11. Electronics Guru on said:


    1. There should be a product information tag affixed to the back or bottom of the unit, displaying the unit’s model number and series number. If not, or if the information is unclear, call Bose. They can lookup the unit’s serial number so you know for sure.

    3. The VS-2 can only be used on Series II or III units.

    2. Depending on your unit’s type, the resulting video and audio connections will depend on available A/V jacks and desired quality. Run the Blu-ray and DVR using HDMI. If that’s not an option, use component. For audio use fiber optic or digital coax cable. The Wii is not HD, so basic connections will suffice.

  12. Leo Pope on said:

    I have a Lifestyle 38 III that has been upgraded with a VS-2. I have an LG Blu-Ray which works fine. The Bose DVD works fine. I have Verizon FIOS that causes problems for the Bose. It generally works with an SD signal but HD signals sometimes do not show. I have to go back to a SD signal, go into Bose settings, go to Video and then change the resolution to either fixed or variable. It doesn’t seem to matter which one is currently set, just the action of changing it causes the signal to be processed and I can then watch HD stations.

    Also, when I do get an HD signal processed and showing the whole picture does not show. It is cut off on each side.

    When the system is turned off and then back on again this issue starts all over.

    Any ideas?

  13. I checked my lifestyle 35 system and found out that it is series 1 and VS-2 is not an option for me. I called bose about upgrade options and they could not provide any. In order to get best performance with my LCD, blue ray and DVR (all are newer ones with HDMI and other connection options), what are my options?

    1. Is there any other recommended receiver I can buy and hook up the existing Bose speakers to it or are those proprietary and can not use with other receivers?
    2. If I use the existing LS35 media center as it is, what is the preferred way to run the connections from the three pieces of equipment?
    Thank you very much for your help. This is a great educational forum.

  14. Martin Sepp on said:

    I have a Lifestyle 48 with VS-2 and a Samsung TV series 8. I use this system for several years without problem on older LCD TV. After I upgraded to Samsung TV, the VS-2 will not switch on the Video source input, when selected on Bose. On the TV, there is a message “No signal” (it is a HDMI source input). I must press the Settings button on the Bose remote, it will then show the blue Settings page and after I exit this Settings, then I get the right picture.

  15. Electronics Guru on said:


    Part of the advancement of technology is the leaving behind of old standards. Unfortunately the jump from analog to digital can come with a high sticker price — at least initially. The advantages are clear, though: better picture, better sound, more options, user-centered experience and future compatibility. The main game changer is HDMI.

    Here are my thoughts…

    You can cut the Bose speaker wires and run them into a new HDMI receiver, yes, but the Bose speakers are designed to work with Bose receivers (Media Centers) and are specially tuned to Bose processing outputs. The Bose V20 and V30 offer HDMI connectivity, and the new Lifestyle work with VS-2′s.

    If you want to keep the 35 then run video, via HDMI, directly to your HDTV. Then run fiber optic out from the TV to your Lifestyle 35. You’ll get full surround sound but not the 6.1/7.1/HD audio available from a single, direct HDMI connection. If that configuration isn’t available, use component video with fiber optic. If fiber optic isn’t an option, use digital coax cable. If that’s not an option, you’ll have to resort to standard L-R audio with artificial surround.

  16. I have a Lifestyle 32 with VS2 connected with HDMI cables to my PS3 and the problem is that I have image but I don’t have sound.

  17. Electronics Guru on said:


    The VS-2 Video Enhancer is primarily a video connection and upscaling device. You can adjust settings so the audio coming via HDMI will be passed directly to the TV (see Bose’s help topic on passing audio) but then you won’t have surround sound. If you want surround sound that can (1) run a fiber optic cable from the TV to your Lifestyle or (2) run fiber optic from the PS3 directly to the Lifestyle.

    Keep in mind the HDMI cable, when used with the VS-2, is for video. Therefore the HDMI cable should always be used for maximum picture quality.

  18. I have a Lifestyle II with VS-2 and was hoping you could help as I have experienced some problem over the last few months.

    I have a 1080p Samsung Series 6 HDTV, a PS3, Nintendo Wii and a cable box. When I connect the PS3 to the video input on the VS-2 I get a lighter band on both sides of the screen approx 6 inches wide. It also seems that when I use any of the HDMI connections on the VS-2 the TV struggles to know what input to switch to.

    I was going to connect all devices directly to the TV using HDMI and run an optical cable from the TV into the Bose optical input. Would this work? I understand that I wouldn’t be getting the benefit of the VS-2, but it does seem to cause confusion for the Samsung TV.

    Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.

  19. Re question 118

    I have a lifestyle 28 II


  20. Electronics Guru on said:


    What Lifestyle system do you have? The VS-2 is only compatible with certain Lifestyle systems.

    Here are my thoughts/suggestions:

    1. Make sure the VS-2 and Bose system are turned on first, followed by the other devices and lastly the TV. This will help the digital “handshakes” to go smoother — each device has to communicate with the other, and turning on in sequence minimizes problems.

    2. There are settings for the VS-2 that affect aspect ratio and display resolution. Consult your owners manual for specifics. But since you have an HDTV you want the aspect ratio of the VS-2 to be set to 16:9 (widescreen) and display resolution of 1920×1080 (1080p).

    3. TVs also have the option of changing their aspect ratio, often called “picture size” or “picture shape” or similar. Some models also put bars over the incoming video source, so again, consult your owners manual to make sure the TV is set to receive and display HD content via HDMI.

    4. Running optical from the TV is an option if you’re sourcing content from HDMI cables. The problem is that TVs are limited in what audio formats they can decode, and you miss out on the VS-2′s image enhancement benefits.

    Finally, have you checked your cables and connections? I recommend Monster HDMI cables because they’re guaranteed to work and are “future-proof”. They’re also certified for the latest HDMI protocols, including 1.3 and the brand-new 1.4. If your cables are inferior then you may encounter performance issues. And of course if the connections aren’t secure you’ll have problems.

    Hope this helps!

  21. I have a Lifestyle 38 Series II and just got a VS-2 enhancer from my brother. He cannot find the update CD, so can I still use this or do I need the CD in order to make it work for me? If I need the CD where can I get one?

  22. I am planning to purchase a Lifestyle 48 from your site, but my issue is that I will be moving to India within 4 months where I have to use 220 V and PAL video. Is there anyway you can provide information how can I use this same 48 system there?

  23. Electronics Guru on said:

    The CD is used to update the Lifestyle unit so it will recognize and work with the VS-2. It is the first step in the VS-2 installation process (others being power cycling, moving cables, etc.). I recommend calling Bose directly at 1-800-278-1281 to get a replacement CD.

  24. Electronics Guru on said:


    Here is what I know:

    1. The owners manual lists voltage for US and international, but since we don’t have 220 to test the unit with we can’t be sure. If the unit is dual voltage it should automatically swtich. If the unit is not dual voltage you will need voltage adapters.

    2. The power outlets in India are different than the outlets in the US, meaning the power cords that ship with the unit will need adapters in order to work in India.

    3. The PAL video system should work fine. There is a setting in the system menu for this if the unit doesn’t switch automatically.

    4. Call us and talk to one of our sales reps — they can discuss the Lifestyle system in detail and answer your specific questions and help you with any accessories you might need or want.

    You can also call Bose directly at 1-800-278-1281 to find out for sure if the system will work in India.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

  25. Where can I download software update, firmware and uMusic database for Lifestyle 48 Series IV. Thanks.

  26. Electronics Guru on said:


    You can’t download updates online. Registered owners are supposed to receive CD/DVD directly from Bose if they make changes. If you need a disc or want to verify the status of your system, contact Bose directly at 1-800-278-1281.

  27. I have a Lifestyle 38 Series II and am considering buying the VS-2 enhancer to connect my Samsung 52″ HDLED TV set, my Panasonic BluRay player DMP-BD60 and my DVR provided by AT&T Uverse. The HDLED TV is mounted over the fireplace with three HDMI cables embedded in the wall. One of these is connected to the DVR, another is connected to the BluRay player and the third one would be available for the Bose Lifestyle. How would I need to connect everything to get surround sound when playing DVDs and/or BluRay disks, or watching movies through Uverse? I cannot connect any other cable to the TV because it would be visible. And I do not want to cut into the wall again to hide cables (I just did finish the repair of the drywall and repainting the wall). Does the VS-2 make sense for me, or should I consider another alternative?

  28. Electronics Guru on said:


    You would probably be ok with running HDMI cables for video from the players and DVR to the TV, then use audio cables (fiber optic) to for sound from the players and DVR to the Bose. This will produce the best picture and sound without having to run additional cables, buy additional items or modify your existing construction.

  29. Johnson on said:

    I have an external Hard disk 250 GB mostly downloaded MP3 songs, I need to know how to get the USB drive directly connected to my Bose Lifestyle 48. Could you also recommended an interface, sound processor which can decode the MP3 audio file when can be passed through the Bose Lifestyle Media Center?

  30. Electronics Guru on said:


    Unfortunately there’s currently no way to directly connect an external drive to the Lifestyle 48. But you do have a couple options:

    1. Connect the drive to your computer, connect the computer to a Lifestyle aux input using the headphone out jack on your computer, then you can play the music through your Lifestyle.

    2. Connect the drive to your computer and burn the files to a disc, then import that music to the Lifestyle’s built-in hard drive using Umusic.

  31. Johnson on said:

    Thanks for your reply. Connecting through computer even after using a sound card, the MP3 audio files, sound output quality is not up to the sweet sound you get from LS48. Do you know of any Music streamer or an digital sound processor which can be connected as an interface to the LS48 Media center?


  32. Electronics Guru on said:


    As I noted in my initial reply (post #130, above) there is currently no method of connecting such a device to the Lifestyle 48 system. The LS48 has a built-in harddrive where you can store and listen to music through Bose’s Umusic, also built-in. But you have to copy the files to the LS48 to do so.

    Keep in mind that MP3 files are vastly inferior to music played directly from discs like purchased CDs and even worse when compared to DVD soundtracks. Typical digital music files are heavily compressed and toss out certain portions of the audio to save space — but the consequence is a muddied and boring sound.

    My suggestion would be to copy the files to your LS48 and use Umusic or continue to use your computer but modify the sound with built-in equalizers from your music program on your computer. If your computer has the right output you can use fiber optic cable (with an adapter) to get better performance over a traditional RCA-type connection…which I assume you’re using.

  33. Johnson on said:

    How about Bose SoundLink — can I connect my USB External Hard Drive and play the audio MP3 files? Can it be connected to the media center?

  34. Electronics Guru on said:


    The Bose SoundLink is a wireless device, meaning it receives the audio signals from the USB dongle that is plugged into your computer. So yes, you can play audio files from an external drive as long as its plugged into your computer.

    The Bose SoundLink does NOT have any inputs except for a single aux, so an external drive cannot be directly connected to the SoundLink. If you want to connect the SoundLink to the Lifestyle you would have to convert the Boselink cable to RCA and buy a PMC-II or RC-18 (remote controls) to control the SoundLink.

    The easiest setup is the manufacturer’s suggested one: play music through your computer — from any program or source — and stream it wirelessly to the SoundLink using the USB dongle.

  35. Ronny on said:

    Can the Bose Lifestyle 12 series II system work with the VS-2 Video Enhancer?

  36. Electronics Guru on said:


    According to Bose the VS-2 is “compatible with all Lifestyle® DVD systems (except Lifestyle® 35, 28 and 18 Series I systems). For assistance identifying your system, call us at 1-800-999-2673.”

    Since yours is not on the list it should work. The 800 number listed is Bose if you want to verify.

  37. Chris on said:

    I have a Bose Lifestyle 48 and FIOS for cable. When I turn on the The system it flashes DUI and then the Bose says no video signal. Have to turn the Bose on and off several times to get a picture. I use HDMI for connections.

  38. Electronics Guru on said:


    Unfortunately I’m not going to be any help — I have never seen the “DUI” message. I would test it out on my Lifestyle system but I have satellite (no FIOS in my area). I asked our installers and tech guys and none of them have ever seen the “DUI” message, and like me have no access to FIOS to try and replicate the problem in order to find a solution.

    Therefore I can only recommend contacting Bose technical support at 1-800-278-1281.

    There are a few things I can suggest trying:

    1. Make sure to turn the FIOS system on first, then the Bose components, finally the TV. This should help with the HDMI “handshakes” when they figure out each other’s specs and negotiate the HDCP.

    2. Try using different connection setups to see if a port or cable is bad. You may also discover loose connections in the process.

    3. Does the Lifestyle unit play DVDs and display video from other non-FIOS sources? If it does then it’s probably a FIOS issue; if there’s no video from any source then there’s likely a problem with the Bose unit or cables.

    Our thinking is that the odd (to us anyway) flashing message indicates a processing problem of the FIOS signals or a malfunctioning Bose unit. So again, I’d say contact Bose technical support. For better service have your system info ready and the error messages and symptoms. Hopefully they can get you up and running!

  39. Andy on said:

    I’ve got a Lifestyle 28 IV with a VS-2, it works a treat but now I’ve decided to buy a Samsung 3D TV & Blu-Ray player (UE46C8000 & BD-C6900). Am preparing for delivery and it seems Samsung recommend a High-Speed HDMI cable to ensure the “Full 3D HD experience”. So here’s my question: will the VS-2 bus be able to handle the I/O required for a 1080p resolution + 3D Full HD if I use 2 x High-Speed HDMI cables one from the Blu-Ray to VS-2 and other from VS-2 to 3D TV?


  40. Electronics Guru on said:

    Andy (Q 139):

    Your particular non-3D setup has components manufactured before the rollout of 3D and the 3D standards. Thus, it is probable that you will have to run the HDMI directly from the Blu-ray player to the TV/3D adapter and audio through the Bose as before.

    Now, the 3D spec rides on HDMI 1.4, but in reality high speed 1.3 cables have the bandwidth to transmit the 3D signals. As with most of the 3D topics, it’s not certain what will work with certain components. Only until the 3D components hit the market will it become clear how well the new technology will work with old technology.

    You can always call Bose and ask, or since your stuff is already on the way, try using your setup through the VS-2. If it doesn’t work reconfigure and run direct. I know that’s probably frustrating, but it’s a consequence of adopting new technology.

  41. oscar on said:

    i need the software for the vs-2, were i can download?

  42. Electronics Guru on said:

    oscar (141):

    Software downloads are not available online, but rather by disc. Registered owners receive updates automatically. If you need one, contact Bose at 1-800-278-1281.

  43. I have a Bose VS-2 that has been working perfectly fine up till now. However, I just got a new Blu-ray player and Bose isn’t giving any sound. I get picture quality, but nothing I have tried gives even the remotest sound. I’ve also plugged the Blu-ray into the TV itself and can get both picture and sound, so I know it doesn’t have anything to do with the Blu-ray system.

  44. Electronics Guru on said:

    Josh (143):

    The VS-2 does not pass audio, only video. You have to run audio connections directly to the Lifestyle. The audio and video is synced up in the main media console. You will be better off going directly into the TV with your Blu-ray HDMI since the signal will already be the best it can be and because you have to run audio (assuming you aren’t running fiber optic out of your TV to the Lifestyle).

  45. Josh on said:

    So basically I spent $3000 for a Surround Sound that can’t be hooked up to anything? All I’m able to get is 2 speaker audio.

  46. Electronics Guru on said:

    Josh (145):

    Quite the contrary. The Lifestyle systems have many audio inputs and outputs, and when combined with the VS-2 you get optimum performance regardless of the connected components. You can run your video through the VS-2 and the audio through the Lifestyle, thereby having full surround.

    Many devices such as DVD players, satellite boxes, even old CD players have digital audio outs that will provide surround sound. You just have to hook them up right using the necessary cables. For instance, an RCA (left/right) connection won’t provide digital surround, but a fiber optic or digital coax will.

    The purpose of the VS-2, as explained on the product page and the related blog articles, is to enhance video. The VS-2 is a product released several years ago, at the start of the HD rollout. Since then HDMI-with-audio is standard on Lifestyle products, meaning separate audio and video connections are unnecessary.

    If you don’t have the audio and video sourced through one cable (ie: HDMI) you will likely have to tell the components to split the signals and/or look for incoming split signals. For example, disc players will have options to output video over HDMI and digital surround over fiber optic, but it’s not the default setting if an HDMI cable is plugged in.

  47. Vinay Kumar on said:

    I have a FIOS setup connected to a Bose 35 lifestyle system connected to a video enhancer on CBL/SAT through HDMI and connected to a Samsung LED TV on HDMI2. I keep getting a ‘NO VIDEO SIGNAL” from time to time and its irritating since I have to power down all components and start it again. I have no issues with the Satellite dish connected on VCR to the Bose system. Please make some suggestions.

  48. Electronics Guru on said:

    Vinay Kumar (147):

    Many Bose owners who have FIOS experience problems. In fact, many users of FIOS experience problems in general. We all have satellite so we don’t have direct experience with troubleshooting FIOS issues. Here is a link to Bose with common problems and suggested fixes:

    You can also call Bose directly at 1-800-278-1281 for technical support.

  49. David D on said:

    I currently have Lifestyle 38. I did not use the VS-2 because I use the audio inputs on the Media Center for a cassette player and turntable. Video connections from Blue Ray, Xbox, PS-2 use HDMI and composite connections to TV. My sound comes through the Optical connection from the TV to the media center! The media center optical connection is mapped as TV for source in settings. I to install the PS-2, Xbox into the VS-2. The blue ray, and any other video source including FIOS can use separate HDMI input to TV as they currently do. If I install the VS-2 , will this combination still work and sound passed to lifestyle?

  50. David D on said:

    Also, I do currently have to select different video sources, but not audio as everything passes through the TV optical connection to Lifestyle. This is a small trade off for the functionality of all things working through and with the Lifestyle.

    Will there be a future VS model that encompasses audio and video, and possibly with more inputs. I also still use a Reel to Reel player and would love to be able to use it through the Lifestyle as well!

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