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June 20th, 2006
Many people don't realize that adding sound in other rooms can be a very simple process. Creating a whole house audio system using your existing audio system is easier than you thought. Follow these simple steps to have multi room audio running throughout your home. Determine if speaker wire can easily be run to other areas of your house One essential element to adding additional speakers throughout your home will be the ability to run speaker wires to the areas you are wanting the sound. Being able to get the speaker wires from the main system to each specific area will ultimately be the determining factor in adding a whole house audio system to your home. Now that you have determined that you can get speaker wires to each room, you need to look at your equipment to see exactly how you are going to get a whole house sound system. Depending on what type of audio receiver you have will determine what additional equipment, if any, must be added to the system to get this to work properly. Add 1 additional room of sound using just your audio receiver (Easiest) The first step is to check to see if your audio receiver has both speakers A and B and if they can be ran at the same time. If this is possible, then you can hook up one additional pair of speakers to the B channel and you are done. This is by far the easiest. However, you will be limited to adding only one additional room. Add multi room audio using a speaker selector (Good) If you determined that your receiver will not run both speakers A and B concurrently, then you will need to install a Niles SS-4 four way speaker selector box or a Niles SS-6 six way speaker box (depending on how many rooms of sound you are adding) to your existing audio receiver. The speaker selector box will be hooked-up as follows:
  • The output of speakers A on the receiver will be connected to the input on the speaker selector box.
  • The speakers in the main room will be hooked up to the first output on the selector box.
  • Each additional room will be hooked up to the remaining speaker outputs on the selector box – each output can be labeled to minimize confusion.
When hooking up more than 2 pairs of speakers you will need to make sure that the protection circuit built into the speaker selector is on. The owner’s manual will outline the proper protection needed for the number of speakers you are hooking up. Add a whole house audio system using a speaker selector with volume control (Better) This solution is very similar to the last one, but will give you a little more control over the speakers in the other rooms. By using a Niles SSVC-4 or Niles SSVC-6, which are four or six way speaker selector boxes with built in volume control, you can regulate the volume of rooms independently from the rest of your whole house audio system. This system will hook-up exactly the same way as the system above. The volume controls for each room will be located in the main room in speaker selector box. Add multiple rooms of sound using a speaker selector and individual volume controls in each room (Best) The best way create a multi room audio system using your existing equipment would be to use a speaker selector box at the main unit along with a table top or in-wall volume control in every room where speakers are installed. This will give you independent control of volume levels in those rooms.
  • The most popular volume control would be the Niles VCS 100R.
  • You must be able to get speaker wire into your walls where you are planning on mounting the in-wall volume control. If speaker wire can not be installed in the walls, then you can use the Niles TV-1, which is a table/counter top volume control.
  • In an outdoor speaker application, you would need to use a weather proof WVC-100E volume control to control the outdoor speaker volume.
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