Yamaha PDX-30 iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock Review & Specs

The Yamaha PDX-30 iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock is a high-quality, small-footprint, great sounding docking station that charges your USB Apple products while they play without having to switch to airplane mode. The dual 3.25-inch woofers, coupled with Yamaha digital amplifiers, produce warm, rich and accurate reproduction so your music and videos sound their best. The minimalist design mirrors the Apple iPod and Apple iPhone design, with simple buttons, rounded edges and value added features. In this case the notable feature is the inclusion of a recessed top panel, perfect for keeping your keys, earbuds and other small items in one place. The unit is available in four colors to match your decor and personality: black, blue, gray or pink.

Yamaha Speakers & Amplifiers

Let’s start with the most important aspect of the PDX-30 — sound. Whether you’re listening to jazz on Sunday morning, your favorite podcast at lunch, rock during your workout or a soothing soundtrack before bed, the Yamaha PDX-30 delivers as expected. Rich bass, crisp treble, plenty of separation in the midtones. Yamaha is known for their amazing musical products, and the PDX-30 is sure to be a crowd pleaser for special gift occasions like birthdays, Christmas, going back to school, of just a treat for yourself. Regardless of the “why” you’ll be glad you trusted Yamaha with your music.

Yamaha Design, Meet Apple Design

Everybody knows Apple has set the bar extremely high with their minimalist yet edgy designs. Well, Yamaha has taken notice and implemented similar features into the PDX-30: rounded edges, premium fabrics and metals, simple layout, minimal buttons, and a focus on user-friendly experience. In short, the Yamaha PDX-30 speaker dock plays your iPod/iPhone based music with minimal hassle and maximum visual appeal. As mentioned above, the unit is available in four colors: black with black top and fabric grille, white with pink top and fabric grille, white with blue top and fabric grille, white with gray top and fabric grille.

Take (Remote) Control of Your Music

The PDX-30 comes with an infrared remote control so you can adjust volume, skip tracks and make other adjustments without having to undock your player or physically interact with the speaker dock. The buttons and their functions are mapped to your iPod so you can start enjoying your music without having to spend hours reading a users manual. But if you’re close to the unit you can still adjust volume using the up/down buttons, and LEDs let you know if your iPod/iPhone is connected and charging.

PDX-30 Specifications

Apple Hardware & Remote

  • Supported iPods: iPhone, iPod touch, iPod (Click Wheel including iPod Classic), iPod Nano and iPod Mini
  • iPod Charging: Yes
  • Remote Control: Yes, card type

Speakers & Sound

  • Frequency response: 60Hz – 20kHz
  • Speaker type: bass reflex
  • Woofer: dual 3.25″ full range cone
  • Power: 30 watts (15W + 15W)

Weights & Measurements

  • Dimensions: 13-3/4″ x 4-1/4″ x 4-7/8″
  • Weight: 3.7 pounds
  • Shipping dimensions: 15-5/8″ x 7-1/8″ x 6-3/4″
  • Shipping weight: 5.5 pounds
  • U.S. model power: 120V AC 60Hz (no battery)

Your Electronic Warehouse is only permitted to sell and ship products within the United States. Non-U.S. model specs will likely vary and non-U.S. models are not available for sale. To use the U.S. model in different countries you’ll need power converters and adapters, which are available from our sister site 4Luggage.com.

11 comments on “Yamaha PDX-30 iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock Review & Specs

  1. Is this speaker portable with a rechargeable battery?

  2. Electronics Guru on said:

    The speaker can be transported but requires regular AC power.

  3. Brian Dimos on said:

    How is this product powered? Is it 110 volt AC or battery powered? Is it rechargeable?

  4. Electronics Guru on said:


    This unit is powered by regular AC wall power; there is no battery.

  5. Can the product be used overseas on 220 volt AC power?

  6. Is the Yamaha PDX-30 Speaker Dock for iPod and iPhone available for 220V 50Hz? I want to take it to Thailand.

  7. Electronics Guru on said:

    Paul & Joe:

    As noted in the updated article, the PDX-30 we sell is the US model, which is set for 120V AC 60Hz power. We do not sell non-US models, but our sister site 4Luggage.com has power adapters and power converters that will allow the PDX-30 to be used in foreign countries.

  8. Shirley Butcher on said:

    The red light keep flashing – what is wrong with the unit?

  9. Electronics Guru on said:


    Go to page 1 of your owner’s manual there is a section called “Controls and Functions.” There is a table that explains what the flashing lights mean.

    If the LED light lights up green first, then flashes red for just 2 seconds you are using an unsupported iPod.

    If the LED light lights up green first, then flashes red continuously the connection has failed (try connecting again.)

    If the LED light is flashing red (without having first gone green) then the protection circuitry has been activated. Disconnect the AC adapter and retry in a few minutes.

    I hope that helps. As always, feel free to call and talk to one of our salesmen at 1-866-224-6171.

  10. I have had the Yamaha PDX-30 for 3 weeks. For the first two weeks the unit worked find. Then I noticed there was a delay (roughly 20-30 seconds) before the speaker would work and music could be heard.

    In the last few days however, the unit is apparently now thinking my 2nd Gen iPod touch is unsupported.

    When I place my iPod touch in the dock, I hear a beep and receive the green LED light and the iPod battery indicator shows that it is charging, then I immediately receive 4 quick flashes of the red LED light and the battery indicator of the iPod shows that it is no longer charging. The LED light then changes back to green but no sound is produced by the speaker and the iPod battery reverts to running on its own charge.

    Again, the unit worked fine the first two weeks with the same iPod touch.

    Please advise. Thank You.

  11. Electronics Guru on said:

    Rick (10):

    I would advise contacting Yamaha. There may be an issue with the unit. It’s also possible that software updates to your iPod made the sync not work properly. Just to make sure, double check the connection for debris that might be blocking the dock’s metal contacts.

    Here is a link for contacting Yamaha: http://www.yamaha.com/yec/customer/reachus.html?CTID=5010110

    There are FAQ links, tech support email and tech support phone numbers.

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