Yamaha 5-disc CD changers incorporate proprietary technology that gives you much greater convenience at the same time it actually helps improve your sound. Yamahas PlayXchange system uses separate trays to hold the disk in use and the four awaiting play. This means you can easily replace any of the non-playing titles even while the music keeps on going. And because PlayXchange isolates the disc in use, resonance and vibration don't have an opportunity to degrade your musical signal. Question: How is Yamaha PlayXchange different from all other 5-disc changers that allow you to change discs while a disc remains playing? The answer is: Transport design. Yamaha makes the only 5-disc CD Changer that combines the convenience of a changer with the performance of a single disc player. And the story of the development of PlayXchange begins here.... A few years ago during a product meeting with Yamaha Audio engineers, the subject of carousel changers came up. These meetings, held annually, are intended to discuss and design the products of the future. At this particular meeting, 5-disc CD changers were new on the market, and Yamaha didn’t make one yet. Well, our competitors did, and they were gaining market share in this category. So the topic of changers was red hot! Unfortunately, the engineers didn’t share the same enthusiasm for 5-disc changers as the sales and marketing staff. In fact, the engineers were steadfast in their opinion that the 5-disc carousel changer was the worst thing to happen to the compact disc since its development! The reason was simple: A CD carousel changer has a large tray or drawer that slides in and out to hold all 5 compact discs. It is also subject to a lot of resonance and vibration that seriously degrades the performance of the player. Although not identical, the problem is similar to acoustic feedback in a phonograph player. Well, it seems that the product meeting ended with no hope of a CD carousel changer in the near future. The sales and marketing staff and the engineering staff were at an impasse. But it turns out that the engineers took the request seriously and immediately went to work on designing a CD changer that had the convenience of a changer with the audio performance and specs of a single disc player. The result: Yamaha PlayXchange. At first, everyone thought that the most important feature was the ability to change four discs while the fifth disc plays. And most people think that all changers that have this feature are the same. But when you dig a little deeper you learn that PlayXchange is a by-product of a more important feature—the isolation of the playing disc. When you examine a Yamaha CD Changer more closely you discover that the superior isolation characteristics of the PlayXchange design make it perform like a top notch single player with the specs to prove it. The key difference between the Yamaha design and others is the way that the playing disc is isolated from the tray and drawer. In the Yamaha design the CD transport is mechanically separated from the rest of the chassis so that vibration and resonance do not affect playback. The playing disc is lifted off of the tray with a magnetic clamp, literally suspended while playing. In fact, the transport is so isolated from the rest of the chassis as to be almost a separate component. In other designs, the transport is connected directly to the drawer and subject to the slightest vibration. This is also why many changers can only change two or three discs while in play mode, not four. The Yamaha PlayXchange design is so unique that a patent has been granted for the design. So, the real benefit is hidden from view. It says PlayXchange on the front panel, but it's really a high performance single disc player.
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