iPod, iPhone, iPad Accessories

Accessories for the Apple iPod, iPhone and the iPod Touch, sometimes called the iTouch, include a wide variety of items including speakers, docks, chargers, FM transmitters, cases and more. Speakers include Bose® SoundDock®, Yamaha PDX-30 and Boston Acoustics Horizon line, among others. Docks and cables connect your digital musive player to larger stereos and other digital components, such as Yamaha docks for connecting to home theater receivers and Monster cables for splitting audio to headphones or cables to computers. We also carry chargers and cases to keep your iPod, iPhone and iTouch charged, safe from accidental drops and spills, and always ready to play.


If you've got an iTunes library, an iPhone, or enjoy listening to music on your computer or even watching movies at home then you need quality headphones. Music, movies, audiobooks, phone conversations -- you need to hear them, and more people are choosing headphones, be they in-ear (earbuds), on-ear, or over/around-ear or clip-on, for their listening experience. Headphones make listening personal again, creating private concerts from your favorite artists, readings by your favorite authors or the latest news from podcasts and updates from the boss via your smartphone. Audio powerhouses Bose®, Monster, Shure, Sennheiser, Denon and others offer a wide selection of headphones, from the smallest earbuds for iPods to studio reference monitors for producing music, and a whole range of consumer headphones for music, movies, audiobooks and any other audio.


Big ones, small ones, complete systems – we have it all. We carry a full range of home theater speakers, center channel speakers, surround sound speakers, bookshelf speakers and even complete boxed sets ready to plug-and-play. We sell only brand new speakers direct from the manufacturer so we can pass the savings on to you, and as an authorized dealer of all the brands we sell the warranties are valid and our salesman are trained and knowledgeable. We also carry outdoor speakers, tower speakers and wireless speakers. Some of our brands include Bose, Boston Acoustics, Niles Audio, Yamaha and Pinnacle.


Receivers can do many things: decode Dolby Digital and dts audio signals, pass high definition video via HDMI, upgrade iPod/iPhone audio, transmit computer streams and organize A/V sources such as cable and satellite. We carry receivers that can do 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 7.2, 10.2, 11.1 and 2-channel stereo. Some are specialized digital home theater receivers and others are multizone receivers for commerical and custom applications. With brands like Yamaha, Pioneer Elite, TEAC, Denon and more, you're sure to find exactly what you need to get the most from your A/V components.

Home Theater Systems

If you're watching DVD or Blu-ray Disc HD movies without surround sound you're missing half the experience. Home theater systems immerse you in high quality sound, bringing out the nuances in music and movies, while producing room shaking bass. Home theater systems can decode Dolby Digital and dts sources, producing 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 surround sound. Whether it's the Bose® Lifestyle®, Boston Acoustics SoundWare system, Yamaha or Denon systems you'll be amazed at the auditory experience. If you have a receiver then choose a speaker system. If you need everything choose a home theater in a box. If you want a minimalist appearance or are tight on space, choose soundbar speaker arrays.

Custom Installation

Our custom installation experts have decades of experience with transforming your new construction or existing property into an A/V paradise. Let us help you design a whole-house audio system or run in-wall cables to reduce clutter and improve performance. We can even setup your new home theater system and calibrate your TV and audio receiver for the best sound and video. Our custom installation department carries bulk cabling and bulk wire, tools such as crimpers and cutters, cable connectors and splitters, multi-zone amplifiers, speaker enclosures, baluns and much more. We offer these products from brands such as Niles Audio, Monster Cable, Sanus, Bose, Jobsite, Boston Acoustics and more.

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